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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Reviewed: Sometimes It Happens by Pauline Barclay

‘Barclay’s novel is light and fun.’ Says Tanya J Peterson after reviewing Sometimes It Happens…

Life is never predictable. Something that seems logical, predictable, and certain might never happen. And, excitingly, something that seems entirely impossible, far-fetched, and even a bit ridiculous to imagine sometimes does happen. Pauline Barclay, author of “emotional, passionate, beautiful, moving stories” takes readers into that fun, unexpected world with her novel Sometimes it Happens.
In this light-hearted novel, Doreen Wilkinson—a woman who has raised her now-seventeen-year-old daughter in abject poverty, working as a cleaner and barely getting by—unexpectedly finds herself and her daughter at a ritzy, exotic tropical resort/residential community. She is suddenly lavishly and excessively wealthy, for she has won the lottery!

At this resort community known as Villas Bonitas, Doreen encounters quite a cast of characters. She brings to this eclectic mix something some of them have never seen: authenticity. Doreen is simply that: Doreen. Her “poor” mannerisms and speech are met with varying degrees of tolerance, acceptance, or lack thereof. The interactions are often amusing, although thankfully not outlandish and absurd, and this is part of what makes Sometimes it Happens an enjoyable read.

Doreen isn’t the only star of the story. The people with whom she interacts have stories of their own. It was fun to follow each and every one of them, even one who was such a despicable person I would normally ignore. But Barclay makes this woman’s antics amusing to read.

Barclay’s novel is light and fun. The silly and serious things that go on at Villas Bonitas are truly quite believable because, as they say, Sometimes it Happens

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