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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Night Watcher on Air


I’ve just listened to an episode of the Books Rock radio programme on Siren 107.3 fm, described as Lincoln’s first community radio station, and I was delighted to hear J B Johnston talking about the first book in my Dundee Crime Series, Night Watcher. J B Johnston is the first person interviewed by Nicky Wells in this episode, and for those of you who don’t know J B, she publishes the popular book blog Brook Cottage Books, so she is someone who knows all about books, and to have her choose one of mine to talk about was an honour. Here is the link to the page on SirenOnline

In the programme JB starts out by talking about her blog experiences and how surprised she was when the blog took off. She mentions Sheryl Browne’s book Edge of Sanity, which reminded me I have it in my Kindle and must make time to read it. Then she goes on to talk about Night Watcher which she say is a very atmospheric book which will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, and will have you looking over your shoulder. High praise indeed! But it gets even better when she says Night Watcher is professionally written, is well researched and draws the reader in. Her rating was an uneqivocal 5 stars.

So, you can see I’m highly delighted that she shared her view of the book on air, and I’m so glad I listened to the programme. Oh, and if you take time to listen, although JB is the first person interviewed and Night Watcher comes up about 5 minutes into the programme, the rest of the programme is very interesting as well. I certainly listened to the end.


Books Rock is introduced by Nicky Wells, someone who is very knowledgeable about books, therefore her programme is well worth listening to. Click the link for the radio station website


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