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Monday, 18 August 2014


If you’re packing for your holidays don’t forget to include your summer reading. There’s a great selection to choose from on the Famous Five website. Or, if you haven’t got a holiday planned, why not download one of my novels and travel to the highlands of Scotland and the Norfolk marshes with my engaging characters.


TALL, DARK and KILTED will transport you to the highlands of Scotland where you’ll encounter a sexy, troubled laird - Ruairi Urquhart - and my feisty heroine Fliss. You’ll fall in love all over again as you live their story with them. Can Fliss convince Ruairi that she has no ulterior motives in opening a beauty therapy centre on his estate? Can she overcome the scheming machinations of his two spoiled half-sisters? The hero is the starting place for my novels and if I don’t get him exactly right then the novel doesn’t take off. Believe me, it wasn’t easy saying goodbye to Fliss, the gorgeous laird of Kinloch Mara and all the characters I created, but I had to do it!

BOOT CAMP BRIDE will mean you leaving the highlands of Scotland behind for the haunting marshes of North West Norfolk. Quite a contrast, you might think.  However, the hero I’ve created - Rafael Fonseca-Ffinch - is anything but flat or dull. He’s survived a kidnap attempt in the rain forests of Columbia and thinks life has thrown him every curve ball possible. But he’s WRONG. He meets boisterous, opinionated Charlee Montague, they go on a dangerous undercover mission together and their lives change – for the better. Do they find true love and have a happy ending in this novel? Read Boot Camp Bride and find out. An added advantage when writing this novel is that I got to travel (in my head) along with Rafa and Charlee in their vintage VW Camper van. I’d quite like one myself, if I had £25,000 to spare!

I am currently 63,000 words into my next romantic comedy, but I’m going to tease you and not reveal the title – yet. Suffice to say that in #3 you’ll be travelling with me to the west coast of Scotland where you’ll meet my new hero – BRODIE – an American who’s arrived on remote Eilean na Sgairbh (Cormorant Island) in search of his Celtic roots. But he’s not all that he seems. Intrigued? So is my heroine Ishabel Stuart who finds herself attracted to Brodie but can’t quite bring herself to trust him.  Honestly, the hoops I make my poor characters jump through!
So, dear readers, have a fabulous summer holiday and – if you do go to the beach, take one of my novels with you. They’re available as a paperback or kindle download.  But don’t spill the suntan lotion or pina colada as you turn the pages, will you?

As for me - I’m off to the Isle of Wight to spend two weeks in splendid isolation on in order to get the first draft of #3 finished. I might emerge for the odd cream tea or fish and chip supper eaten on Ventnor seafront, though. So if you see me, tell me to get back indoors and get on with the writing, the clock’s a-ticking!

Boot Camp Bride - Romance and Intrigue on the Norfolk marshes - November 2013

Tall, Dark and Kilted - Notting Hill Meets Monarch of the Glen - 2012

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  1. Many thanks Pauline for turning my words and images into such a fabulous blog post. It has to be my favourite one - ever. Good luck to you and the other members of FFP with their writing today. I'm off to the beach in St Helen's for a break from editing #3.

  2. Two fabulous novels for the beach, Lizzie - I LOVED both of them.
    Can't wait for No 3! How long have I got to wait?