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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Reviewing from the he♥rt

Eileen Schuch talks about Reviewing from the hert

"I'm not eloquent enough..." one reader says. "I'm too shy to offer up a critique," says another. The same sentiment is echoed by a third, "I admire authors so much, they do something I can't do--who am I to review their work?"

Ah, yes, the reasons readers don't post reviews of the books they've read.  But authors have equally good reasons for wanting those reviews, whether or not they are penned to grammatical perfection, free of typos and emotionally moving.

Research shows reviews, good, bad or indifferent, attract readers--something all authors want, of course. Another thing that many readers may not be aware of is that in order for a publisher or author to purchase certain kinds of advertising, the book often has to have a certain number of reviews and a certain *star* rating. Without reviews, many authors are restricted from securing great advertising opportunities. And that's such a shame. Good books ought to be read by many and that won't happen if we can't get the word out about them!

Many people won't post a review of a book they don't like, and others know that. So when my book shows only 5 reviews, potential readers tend to think either it can't be any good if no one is reading it or that people have read it but didn't like it. 

Even negative reviews garner interest. Fifty Shades of Grey got many horrendous reviews, driving up sales because of people's desire to read the thing and see what all the fuss was about. A negative review at least proves people are reading the book and human nature being as it is, that fact encourages others to try it on for size.

So don't be shy, dear readers. Remember, a book review doesn't need to be like a NY Times review or those book reports you did in school. Just saying if you liked the book, why or why not and if you'd recommend it is all that's needed. 

Amazon will accept reviews with as few as twenty-six words.

Let me assure you, neither writers nor potential readers will judge your writing skills. They just want to know if you liked the book. PLEASE tell them, with just a few words from your heart!
DISPASSIONATE LIES What the reviewers say:
 "a story of intrigue, love and lust..."
"the twist at the end brought a smile to my face."
"Certainly worth the read."
"...a beautifully written novel."

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

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