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Friday, 15 August 2014

Getting my Mojo Back

Author, Suzy Turner

I lost my writing mojo earlier this summer. I just couldn't find myself in the right frame of mind to sit down and get any work done. As you can imagine, it was incredibly frustrating. I know I had been busy with the movie I was making but that was no excuse. The filming had wrapped and the hard work was now in the hands of the editor. I, on the other hand, had all this free time to finally do what I usually love to do: write.

But it just wouldn't come. And I just couldn't be bothered. That's when my gorgeous husband and I finally decided to build a summer house in the back garden. It would be my writing retreat. I don't know why but I just had the feeling that I'd be able to write again when it was finished. 

So we built it and we decorated it in a beach house style and then, the piece de resistance - a desk! Michael created it using old scraps of wood he'd kept over the years and I can honestly say I cried when he revealed it to me. It was the most beautiful desk I'd ever seen.

The next day, I took my Mac in there and sat down, put on some tunes and wrote... and wrote... and wrote! I was absolutely delighted. I'd got my mojo back and it was all down to this fabulous little wooden house in our back garden.

I've since completed the first draft of my next book (Looking for Lucy Jo, a Morgan Sisters novel) and am about to start writing my next chick lit novel too. Clearly, I'm over the moon! 

Not just that but we also use the summer house as a chill out place after dinner. We take over a pot of tea (I'm into eucalyptus at the moment), listen to some jazz or some country music and just relax. And we absolutely love it!

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