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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Great Reads for You!

A selection of great summer reads recommended by Pauline Barclay….

Life Class by Gilli Allan

Leaving London and the private clinic she had set up with her partner, Dory returns back to the village where she grew up and where her sister and family still live. Dory wants to leave her shattered relationship behind her and try and start a new life, but Dory's sister, Fran delighted to have her younger sister back in the village not only wants to control, Dory, but enrols them both into the colleges, Friday morning, Life Class. Dory reluctant to join the class soon realises that her own life is far from straight forward and as she looks to find ways to come to terms with being alone again, little does she realise that the weekly Life Class will eventually provide the answers.
Gilli has written a beautiful book filled with real life emotions. The characters are rounded and you feel you not only know them, but are there with them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, there is so much more to Life Class than the Friday morning lesson. For me, without a doubt a 5 star read.

Applause by Madalyn Morgan

A standing ovation! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I felt I was in the streets of London during the blitz, zigzagging my way to the safety and the theatre where the main character works. If you love WW2 drama, then this book is for you. Beautifully written I cannot wait for more from this wonderfully talented author.

My Life in a Nutshell by Tanya J Peterson

Heart-rending, emotional, amusing and heart lifting. This is a beautiful story on how, in silence, a wonderfully gifted man lives his life despite crippling anxiety and panic attacks. There is a key that could help him unlock his mental turmoil. This key comes in the form of a seven year old girl who lives in her own nightmare, but does the key fit and if so can the lock be turned to help both of them? My Life in a Nutshell is truly beautiful. I could not put it down and although I know the time it takes to write such a breath taking page turning book, I cannot wait for more from this amazing author. I have given this 5 stars because that it the maximum on offer, but I would give it 10 if that was possible.
These are just three of the many books I have read this year and I will share more great reads with you soon, so please come back! Oh by the way all of these books are available from ALL Amazon sites!

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