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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Five Fab Fun Answers: Madalyn Morgan

Madalyn Morgan author of gripping WWII best sellers shares the answers to five fun questions, take it away Madalyn....

First lines are important in novels. What is the favourite first line you’ve written and from what work is it?

“Look out!  Stop!  Margaret didn’t look.  She didn’t stop until she was pushed into a doorway.” APPLAUSE (2nd book in the Dudley Sisters Quartet)

If someone told you your characters were sitting in the room across the hall, would you walk across to meet them? Why or why not?

I think I would.  I know them and love them, so I can’t see why I wouldn’t want to meet them.  When I was an actress I believed wholeheartedly in the characters I played, eventually (on stage) becoming them.  That way the audience would believe in them too.  I work the same with the characters in my novels.  Gosh, imagine if I met them and I'd got one of them wrong.  The protagonists in my novels are sisters and, although they have very different personalities and characters, they are all very strong women.  If I had got one wrong, I would expect her to tell me.

If you could magically become one of your characters, who would it be?

The next one.  It is always the next one for me.  When I was writing Foxden Acres, it was Bess Dudley.  Writing Applause it was Margot Dudley – and now it’s sister number three, Claire Dudley.  It is always the next lead character that I want to be, and who excites me the most.  I like beginnings, I like starting new things, and I like the unknown.  Claire’s story, China Blue, is set in France with the SOE and French Resistance.  It’s a love story and she’s a heroine. Who wouldn’t want to be Claire?

What day of the week is your favourite for writing?

I’d like to say, Monday.  I would like to say I am disciplined – and that I work on weekdays and spend my weekends relaxing, or visiting interesting places.  The truth is, when I’m writing, I am often woken up in the early hours of the morning with characters, or ideas, running round in my head.  When that happens, I have to get up and write it down, or I forget.  When the creative thoughts and ideas are flowing I write every day, sometimes for weeks.  When they are not flowing, I find it difficult to write a shopping list. 

Compare your novels to a food item or entré.

FOXDEN ACRES (2013), my first novel, is a healthy homemade loaf.   It is made with homegrown ingredients, kneaded with strong capable hands, left to rise in its own time – and then baked with love.

APPLAUSE (2014), my second novel, is a tiered cake-stand full of fancy fairy cakes.  Some with icing, some with chocolate, others with custard, cream, or a cherry on the top.  The higher up the cake-stand you go, the more exiting the cake. 

CHINA BLUE (2015), which I am currently writing, is a Madeleine.       La véritable petite Madeleine de Commercy.

Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed this Q and A session.  It was fun.  Now I’d better write that shopping list. x


  1. Great answers, Madalyn! I especially like the 'healthy homemade loaf" analogy. Sounds like a very cool story. It's interesting that you identify with different characters as your series progresses. I'm so envious of some of my characters when I realize I'm not really them.

    1. Thank you Eileen. Bess is the most academic of the Dudley girls, as well as the most maternal - an unusual combination. I guess it's because she had to look after her younger sisters so much. That job fell to the oldest girl in those days. Bess is the strongest of the Dudley sisters and I feel I know her best. I love Margot's personality, and Claire's courage, but there's something about Bess, her ability to move on after tragedy, that I really admire.

  2. I loved this! Brilliant! I would love to hang out with Margot Dudley from Applause :)

    1. Me too, Nikki. What a whirlwind of a time we'd have. She's a fun loving, cheeky Minx, but she's also innocent and naive in many ways. She doesn't see why she can't have something that she needs, or wants. And, although she's surrounded by it, she cannot see danger at all. x

  3. Infact I want to me Margot Dudley!

  4. Have you got an understanding husband like Bill, Nkki? You'd need one. Poor old Bill has the patience of a Saint. I guess that's love for you! x