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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Magical, Mystical Nature of Science

Top selling author, Eileen Schuh on the magical, mystical nature of science

If folks from just a generation ago, my great grandparents, or even my grandparents perhaps, were to come back to life in our world, what wonders they would see (and hear and taste and google)!  Yes, indeed. Transportation and communications, education and entertainment. Plazas full of shops brimming with goods and grocery bins piled high. Oranges in December and fresh potatoes year-round.

To our ancestors, we’d appear as magicians. However, we owe it all to science, not to waves of the wand. Its that sense of wonder and the unexpected and the scrumptiousness arising from pure rational thought that drives me to write Science Fiction. 

I remember way back in the mid-60s our teacher asked us to think up some things we’d like to see invented. That was an incredibly hard task. We came up with a bunch of ‘electric’ things, like electric toothbrushes and guitars (which I remember some protested were already invented) but when asked to think outside the electrical box, we fell silent.

None of us thought to invent the internet, Wikipedia, smart phones, microwaves or power steering. Pedometers, treadmills, GPS or genetically modified food. Email. Airbags. Car seats and Fax machines.

Many science fiction writers take off to the far corners of the universe, discovering new worlds inhabited by strange creatures speaking unknown languages.However, I prefer to keep my feet firmly on earth and just slightly tweak things. my first SciFi novella, SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT, I explored what the quantum physics’ Many Worlds Theory might mean to us modern day earthlings in our everyday lives. I wonder though, what that everyday life will look like in twenty years. Where in the world is nanotechnology going to take us? Quantum computing? Metamaterials? Pharmacology?

I hazard a guess at possible techno inventions and their associated triumphs and travesties in my upcoming near-future SciFi, DISPASSIONATE LIES, due out later this summer from WolfSinger Publications.

By the way, I wonder what novellas will look like in 2035...

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