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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Introduction to New Fans!

How fellow authors can help to make a difference with promotion. Eileen Schuh shares how one author offered his assistance... "Fellow Science Fiction and Fantasy author, James K Burk, introduced me to his fans with this post on his facebook author page.  I've re-posted it here with his permission. Thank you for your kind words, Jim!"

Eileen Schuh is another writer whose work I'd read before I'd actually met her. In fact, we shared the same publisher, Wolfsinger Publications, and the same cover artist, Mitch Bentley, who created the cover for her first book, a novella titled SCHRODINGER'S CAT. This story combines the theory of an infinite number of possible worlds with the simple possibility of insanity. In a very real sense, it's a psychological suspense based on complex mathematics.


Eileen having been a Canadian writer, I had no opportunity to meet her until I was introduced to her at a MileHiCon by Carol Hightshoe, our mutual editorEileen is a quietly charming lady who seems to have an active interest in almost everything.

She has also written a series of stories, the Back Tracker series, which are for teenagers or parents of teenagers and follow the struggles of a protagonist who is dealing with the consequences of bad decisions.

Eileen's books are not for those who must have their "realities" sugar-coated but, for those of sterner stuff, quite gripping. Warning: You may find the series addictive.

James K Burk is the author of several SF novels, his latest being HIGH RAGE You can find him on facebook at James K Burk, author

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