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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dare You Read This Taster?

The Death Game by Chris Longmuir, dare you sit down to read this taster?

Kirsty sat on the grass at the top of the Law Hill, hugging her knees and shivering in the chill wind. Dundee lay before her with its smoking factory chimneys, tenements, and fancy houses. A distant train, belching smoke and sparks, chugged across the Tay Bridge, and further down the river the Fifie ferry boat was coming in to dock.
Her feet ached from tramping the streets, but she had not wanted to take a tram or a cab, she had wanted to familiarize herself with Dundee again before she started work. She had wanted to get a feel of the place, rub shoulders with the people and savour the sights and smells.
The walk up the Law Hill had been longer than she remembered, but now she was here she reflected on how little Dundee had changed in the ten years she had been away.
The shops were the same, the streets were the same, even the people had not changed. She wondered if the same could be said of her family. The urge to find out was strong but combined with that was a resistance. She found it difficult to admit to the fear that had tormented her over the years. Fear they might reject her in the same way she rejected them ten years ago.
It was no more than she deserved.
Sighing, she struggled to her feet, brushed loose grass from her coat and started to walk downhill to Dundee.
Tomorrow was going to be a big day, and she wanted to be at her best for the interview with the assistant chief constable.

Chris Longmuir

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  1. Nothing too scary in this bit, but I give no guarantees about the rest!

  2. A lovely excerpt, Chris! Certainly invites the reader in :)