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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Books4U Reviews The Death Game

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Nikki Bywater from Nikki's Books4U reviews The Death Game by Chris Longmuir

This is a historical crime novel which is set in 1919 and it tells the story of Dundee’s first female police officer Kirsty Campbell.

Kirsty is already a serving police officer in London, but when she is transferred to Dundee her home town that she left a decade ago, she must convince her male colleagues that she is just as capable of doing the job as they are, and that letting woman into the police force is the future, but in her personal life Kirsty must confront her past.

When she finds herself involved in an investigation when young girls start disappearing Kirsty must work hard to help solve the case to gain the respect of her male colleagues and to get them to recognise that there is a place for women in the police force.

This is another superb read, by author Chris Longmuir. With its excellently written storyline that will keep you in suspense, and what I liked about this book was that I could not solve the mystery and I had no idea what the conclusion of the story would be. I am pleased to hear that there will be more novels featuring Kirsty Campbell and I will really look forward to reading these.

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  1. Oh my, what a pleasant surprise to find this here. I'm grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for reviewing it Nikki, and thanks for sponsoring it, Lizzie. And I hope there are lots of entries in the draw.

  2. Thanks to you to Chris for a wonderful read. Thanks to Lizzie too x x