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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jim Magwood Reviewes,The Death Game by Chris Longmuir

Kirsty Campbell leaves Scotland and joins the Women’s Police Volunteers in London, then receives a transfer back to Scotland as the second woman to enter the Dundee City Police Force. She has run from her past and is now almost forced to step back into it.

Can a woman take a place in basically an all-male police force in 1919 Scotland? Can Kirsty live beyond her past and take the place she has been led into? Can she reunite with family and friends as well as make her way as a real policewoman?

When she receives a note to come to a private meeting with her estranged father, things begin to take her in a different direction, one she doesn’t know if she can understand or handle.

How does Kirsty Campbell get from being a policewoman on the Dundee Force to a game in a dark prison of lost girls, and how can she regain her life?

Chris Longmuir lives in Scotland and has written another in her series of Dundee Crime novels based in Dundee, Scotland.

The Death Game is a historical crime novel and is the first in the Kirsty Campbell Novel series. This book will keep you turning pages. Longmuir writes a smooth, flowing novel that will keep you guessing toward an ending that will have you reaching for the next in the series. It’s the story of a young woman with a painful, even debilitating past, who has to keep moving forward in a job that is, in itself, one that might be more than she can handle and a secret she stumbles into that tries to pull her back into her past.

You will want more.
* * * * *

Reviewed by Jim Magwood
Author of Sanction & other mystery/ suspense novels

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