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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Gold Mine of Inspiration

"That's incredible..." says Eileen Schuh
The human mind has an astounding ability to imagine and fantasize but at the same time, it's tightly bound to logic. The novelist's duty is to find a pleasurable balance between those two extremes.

Each reader has their own preferred levels of fantasy vs logic but the more tightly the two are woven in a tale, the broader will be the appeal. For example, a story that sets forth stringent rules around the working of magic will appeal to more readers than those stories where magical, mysterious, and unexpected things tend to happen willy-nilly.
My SciFi novella
This balance between logic and fantasy can be also be created by tying the improbable to everyday life or even better, to science. Thus linking Spiderman's super powers to mutations from radio-active blood, holds mass appeal.

In no genre is this technique more prevalent than in Science Fiction. Fans of SciFi wallow in logic and the more abundant the science and the more accurate the science, the broader the appeal.

I enjoy writing SciFi for that reason. The explosion of scientific knowledge over the past few decades is a gold mine of inspiration. I consider it my duty to bring that science into the living rooms, bedrooms and bathtubs of the nation. The more pertinent I can make my stories to the reader's own life, the happier I am, because the more clearly my readers will comprehend the importance of the amazing scientific discoveries of our century and the broader my potential readership becomes.

Not everyone, perhaps, wants to read about zombies and aliens, werewolves and other worlds,  but who doesn't want to read about a regular female earthling with a failing marriage and a career on hold because of a dying daughter, a woman who discovers that quantum physics says everything than can happen, does and that she has a brighter life in an alternate universe...or not. Perhaps it's all just a daydream to deal with her pain? (SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT) 
This summer will see the release of my second SciFi, a near future tale that weaves nano-technology, metamaterials, and quantum computing into a study of female sexuality. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly become a sexual being at age 30? Would the world be a better place if we were all asexual? Do our innate, animalistic procreation instincts truly govern our behaviour? Meanwhile, criminals have collapsed cyberspace and the quantum computer might be the only thing that can salvage the world from economic collapse. Oh, and perhaps that super computer can also answer our questions about human sexuality. Just saying...

Book trailers are great for showing rather than telling you what a book is about. This action-packed video promo with few words but lots of mood music, reinforces the feeling that this story might just be possible on your street, in your home, to your family somewhere in America. \

I invite you to "Feel the fear."

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat


  1. Thanks, Lizzie. My daughter stars in it and I make a cameo appearance. It was a fun venture.