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Friday, 7 March 2014

Review for Night Watcher by Chris Longmuir

"Goodreads is a website known for its reviews, so I thought I would share two of these reviews with you. If you want to check out all the reviews then head over to the site by clicking Goodreads.!

Stephanie Keyes’s review

Having just finished Dead Wood, I had couldn't help but compare it to Night Watcher. But then I found out that Night Watcher is a prequel to Dead Wood and I immediately made it through that hurtle. The book is in an intense, but fast read, with twists and turns taking you in every direction. At the center of things is a Night Watcher, who's directed by unseen voices to hunt down evil women. Creepy, huh? Then there's Julie, a jilted wife whose unstable mental state propels her into a life change that has her stalking her dead husband's ex-mistress, whom Julie blames for his death. Throughout the book, Julie is watching everyone, but so is the Night Watcher. And he has his eye on Julie, too.

Longmuir gives us another suspense-filled storyline packed full of powerful and intriguing characters. Again, the research and time put into the book is obvious. When you combine that with compelling characters and a powerhouse storyline it's one book that you'll want to pick up this holiday season.

Nikki Bywater’s review

The Night Watcher is a killer he has killed before and he will kill again. He hears voices in his head and he believes he is on a mission to seek out and find a new chosen one to punish. He is now in the city of Dundee and the voices have guided him to Nicole Ralston.

Nicole is married to Scott. He is overbearing, opinionated and he often makes Nicole feel worthless and like a child again. She should be happy with Scott but there is a void an ache that constantly needs to be filled and she does this through casual affairs with other men that are often married men, to boost her self confidence.

When one of her married lovers David Chalmers is found dead hanging from a stairway and is suspected of committing suicide, his estranged wife Julie thinks that if it had not been for Nicole, her husband would still be alive, she plans to get revenge on Nicole. Nicole was not going to get away with stealing someone else’s husband and driving him to his death. Julie is going to make sure she pays and she comes up with a plan to exact her vengeance.

With both The Night Watcher and Julie stalking Nicole which one will reach their prey first? Will this be far more dangerous than Julie could ever imagine and is she putting her own life in danger?

If you like crime/ thriller novels that are packed with suspense and a fantastically gripping storyline, with an interesting cast of characters that keep you entertained all the way through the book. Then this is the book for you. I really liked reading this book and I could not wait to find out what would happen next. I would really recommend this book it is an excellent read. I will look forward to reading more of Chris Longmuir’s work.

Chris Longmuir was born in Wiltshire and now lives in Angus. She writes short stories, articles and crime novels. Her first book Deadwood won the International book prize.


It’s very humbling to think readers would take time out of their busy lives to write reviews of my books, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. It’s such a buzz to know that readers enjoy what you have written.

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