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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

One Act of Kindness

Jane Leonard talks about her beloved home, Magnolia House.

Sometimes the kindest act can have dire consequences. I have always been the kind of person who would go that extra mile if it helped someone, but my latest deed backfired beyond belief.

Events took place that put me in a position to give half of my house to my only son. Magnolia House had been in the family for decades, long before I was taken there as a young blushing bride fifty years earlier. I loved the house, of course it needed bringing up to date, but what house that you've lived in for half a century doesn't? Anyway, within a year of my generous gift, the ink having barely dried on all the legal documents, my home had to be sold. Believe you me, it was not my decision and I was bitterly against it. Can you imagine strangers traipsing around your home poking their noses into your private crooks and crannies? Of course you can't, but that is what happened. And if that was not enough a For Sale sign was unceremoniously hammered into my beloved front garden.  The world, well at least the entire village where clacking about Magnolia House being put up for sale. Oh the shame and all my own doing!

Of course the sale created a great deal of interest as the estate agent never failed to remind me and then one day it all happened. I was not prepared for any of it, my life was turned upside down and it would never be the same again.

Magnolia House is available in Kindle and paperback

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Paperback: Amazon com

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  1. Oh I like the sound of this, going straight on the wishlist.

  2. Thank you so much LindyLou Mac :)