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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nikki's Books4U Reviews Boot Camp Bride

Nikki Bywater of Nikki's Books4U reviews Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

Ambitious rookie reporter Charlee Montague is looking for her big break in journalism. Handsome award winning photographer Rafael Ffinch may be her chance to achieve her dreams of becoming a top hack, when he offers her the chance to work undercover posing as his fiancée at a boot camp for brides. Incognito as a bride to be so they can take photos of the supermodel Anastasia Markova.
Not long into their assignment Charlee begins to have her doubts about Ffinch and why he would need a rookie like her to accompany him?  What is the real reason behind their mission? Charlee suspects he has a dark secret he may be keeping from her and wonders if it is connected with when he was kidnapped in Columbia.

In her search to find out the truth Charlee finds adventure, danger, romance and a VW Campervan awaits her!

I really enjoyed Lizzie’s first book Tall Dark and Kilted and I was really looking forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed. This book reminded me just a touch of one of my favourite films romancing the Stone. You know the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner one? The writing in this book is equally as good as the script to that film and the characters as likeable.   So I really enjoyed the storyline and this book is going in my top ten reads.

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  1. Wow, sweet review. Couldn't help but post an excerpt on Twitter.

    1. Thanks Eileen. This is a great read!

  2. Thanks for the revierw, Nikki - and the shout out Eileen. Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for another great read Lizzie. I really enjoyed your book and can't wait for the next :)