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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Meet the Main Character with Eileen Schuh

During one of my Book Club meetings the point put to the group was “discuss the role the farm land played as a character in the novel.”

My first thought was that the farm was the setting, not a character, but on further consideration I realized that the land did indeed have a relationship to the characters and its changing facets drove the plot. Although I can’t say it was the main character, it certainly did play a major role in the story.

Stories are always symbolic of our own lives, so it came to me to ask, ‘Who (or what) is the main character in my life?”

We should all probably have the starring role in our own lives, but do we? Are we at the centre of our story? Are we the ones pushing the plot forward, growing, struggling, changing, achieving? Does the action revolve around us? Are we the ones setting the pace, taking charge,  writing our life story?

Or are we subservient to other characters? Do our lives fulfill others’ dreams? Do we wait on others to bring us our riches? Do we blame others for our failures?
Rather than our actions centering on our own well-being and the forging of our careers and relationships do powerful entities like money, success, and notoriety determine the paths we take? Are they the main characters in our lives, plotting our story?

Secondary characters are imperative to a good story, protagonists a must, relationships and action necessary but, in the end, the main character is the one who is important, who grows, learns, changes—from beginning to end.

Let others play the lead in their lives and start playing the starring role in our own.

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