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Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Glimpse into a New Novel

Meet Some New People:

Novels are about people. (Sometimes they’re about animals: think George Orwell’s Animal Farm or Richard Adam’s Watership Down, for example. Those, though, are metaphorical and indeed represent humans and their nature.) As such, although the stories are fabricated, the characters stand for real-life people and their struggles and triumphs and the gamut of emotions they experience.

In my novel Leave of Absence, Oliver and Penelope are two people struggling to find a reason to live while they wrestle with tragic forces both external and internal. They draw support from each other, and they form a bond of friendship as they navigate through their own personal hells.

Later this spring, new people will emerge into our real world. They will show us what it’s like to be them, to live with anxiety disorders, to live with abuse and neglect. Here is one of the first public sneak peeks into My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel.  First, the cover. It’s designed to evoke a specific impressions and emotion, but I won’t plant seeds in your head because everyone should always be able to form their own subjective impressions, and there is never a single correct answer! (Note: Please excuse the words “Advance Reading Copy. The novel is out for professional reviews, and the words will be removed once those reviews are in and the final proofreading is complete.)

And a quick look into the world of My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel:

A brilliant and talented man crippled by extreme anxiety and panic attacks, Brian has carefully crafted his world so that his interactions with others are severely limited. Although incapable of changing his situation, he discovers that, somehow, he is the only person seven-year-old Abigail can trust. Having bounced from one foster home to another, she has unexpectedly come to live with a childless uncle and aunt she has never known. For very different reasons, both Brian and Abigail are trapped in emotionally and socially isolated lives. Can they learn from each other?

Brian and Abigail will be here to meet you soon.


  1. I absolutely love that cover. It's brilliant.

  2. Sounds fascinating Tanya. Friendship developed in adversity. Powerful stuff. x

  3. Tanya, that is one beautiful cover! I love it! xx