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Thursday, 6 March 2014

3-Book set of BackTracker Novels is up fro GRABS!

Those of us who write, write because the universe demands we do. It is our calling and we take pleasure from our craft. Writing in itself brings peace to our souls and smiles to our lips. But other things about a writing career, cheer us as well.

Having others read our novels is one of our biggest rewards, as our receiving reviews and/or media coverage. Fan mail is nice. Networking with other authors takes the edge off the loneliness of the profession. then there are those of us, a little left of normal, who love to give even more than good stories to our fans. I like to actually 'give' concrete, material things away. I love contests, of all kinds. Last year I held a contest for people to guess when the snowbank in my front yard would be completely melted. This year, I took the plunge...

I'm celebrating the release of FIREWALLS the hot thriller romance, Book 3 in the ongoing young adult BackTracker series and although I'm not one who likes trying new things, if you drag me screaming, I will comply. So here it is, my very first ever Rafflecopter contest. If you've never entered one, now is the time. We'll do this together, okay?

A 3-book set of BackTracker novels is up for grabs, paperbacks or ebooks, international entrants welcomed--so it's worth the risk. Right? Come on, try it out with me. Let's see who wins!

Winner's choice of the School Edition or first edition of THE TRAZ. Draw date 24 March 2014. Enter more than once to increase your chances!


  1. What a great idea. I've been following the progress of your books right from the start when you published The Traz and I think I might just find your main character fascinating.

  2. Be sure to enter the draw, Chris. Even if you have my novels, the set would make a great gift or collectors' item.

  3. What good and generous idea, Eileen. I have some of your novels on eBook, but would love the set in paperback, especially if they are signed. Going to enter the draw now. Good luck Eileen. Love Maddie

  4. What a fabulous giveaway, Eileen! I don't think I've read any of your books... although I'm sure I have one on my Kindle - I'm slowly getting to it! :) x