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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pain, Struggle & Friendship, Leave of Absence by Tanya J Peterson

Leave of Absence

Oliver Graham is utterly bereft and laden with guilt in the aftermath of the deaths of his wife and son.

Penelope Baker wrestles with schizophrenia and the devastating impact it’s had on her once happy and successful life.

William Vaile desperately wants Penelope to understand that she’s worthy of his love.

Join them on their tumultuous journey through pain, struggle, friendship, and triumphs.

A sample of what readers are saying about Leave of Absence…

“Few writers have been able to express so sensitively the variations of thought processes that assault patients who are suffering from degrees mental illness. Peterson creates a solid novel here but she also opens doors of understanding so rarely provided for the general public. Highly recommended.” (Grady Harp, Amazon reviewer)

“This story brings to life the consequences of tragedy and mental illness on the individuals suffering and their loved ones. Well written, great character development and a compassionate true to life story.” (caroldee, Amazon reviewer)

“Leave of Absence is a poignant and haunting novel….[H]er novel has given me a greater insight into a 21st century view of how to cope with a problem that has plagued humans for millennia than I had before I read this book.” (Didsan, Amazon reviewer)

“I really liked it. This is a moving story of some very troubled people trying to cope with severe PTSD sometimes in quite dysfunctional ways. It is also the story of how wounded and damaged people can help each other heal and become whole again. Written with compassion and sensitivity. Not an action story, it is slow moving, poetic in style delving deeply into emotions and the long lasting effects of trauma.” (ERH “ERH,” Amazon reviewer)

“I highly applaud Peterson for such a brilliant work. It is beautifully written - strong words that describe, portray, examine, and most importantly, show everything about the themes that need to be seen and understood by the reader.” (Ije Kanu, Literary Fiction Editor,; the full review appears on Amazon as well as

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