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Friday, 28 February 2014

It's in Paperback!

Now available in paperback, Fly Or Fall by Gilli Allan

You may know that FLY OR FALL has actually been out in the world in Kindle format since last year.  I’d been working on it, editing it, proof-reading it, formatting it and generally getting it ship-shape all summer. By the end of August it was ready to go and I clicked publish. But I’d organised no fanfare for the launch as I had another project on my radar which, if given the go ahead, would monopolise my full attention. The green light was given and at the beginning of September I embarked on doing the illustrations for the children’s book THE TALE OF KING HARALD - The Last Viking Adventure. I’ll be blogging about King Harald, and how and why I became involved with him in due course, but for now I only mention him to explain why FLY OR FALL had a very quiet birth.

I enjoy the Christmas holiday so much that there’s an inevitable cliff-face of anti-climax to fall down every January. And this January was worse than most. I’d finished my illustrations before Christmas so January stretched ahead, grey and bleak. As well as the lack of light and the short days, we had unremitting, record-breaking rain and gales, particularly in SW England, where I live.  The only option was to fully occupy my mind by starting to prepare FLY OR FALL for publication in paperback

I am not very techie, but I’ve done this through Create Space twice before, so as long as I take things slowly and keep checking and rechecking, I’m fine.  At last I was content that I’d done as good a job as I could.  Now all I needed to finalise was the cover. I’d already designed a cover that I was happy with for the Kindle but knew from past experience that the design/art programmes on my PC and my level of expertise are not of a sufficiently high spec to produce a professional quality print-ready cover. Luckily, as a member of our Famous Five Plus group we have the wonderful Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics. Cathy has helped me in the past when, between us, we produced a fabulous cover for the paperback version of Life Class, which was as faithful as it could be to the e-edition
Despite the constraints of the print design programme - poor Cathy Helms kept having to explain to me how the colours and the fonts cannot always be accurately matched across the two mediums (digital and print) - she again came up with a marvellous cover which preserves my original concept. I expect Cathy would rather not deal with a rank amateur and wishes she could design from scratch with no interference, but in my view we have a good working relationship.  I am eternally grateful. FLY OR FALL went live (in paperback) on Amazon, over the weekend

Can the allure of the unknown ever overcome the fear of stepping away from solid ground.
Wife and mother, Nell, does not welcome change but when change is forced upon her and she finds herself in an unfamiliar world of casual infidelity, can she avoid temptation?
When her whole life is turned upside down, everything she believed in is challenged, and an unlikely but doomed love blossoms from the wreckage, can she survive?

Available both in Kindle and in paperback.