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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Can YOU Help?

... asks Eileen Schuh

Those elusive cover blurbs...

It seems like I’m perpetually excited about something career-wise, whether it is about a new release, an author tour, a story I’m starting, or a work that’s at the publisher. Today, I’m especially excited about DISPASSIONATE LIES. This near-future SciFi novella is at WolfSinger Publications and will be released this summer.

I’ve done the revisions the publisher requested and now must sit back and wait. There will be more work for me in the future—cover consultations, further editing, perhaps. And of course pre- and post-release promotion. There is one tiny task, however, that’s on my plate right now, and that is finding review blurbs to add to the cover and short reviews to include on the inside pages.

Ideally, one wants quotes from top-selling authors of the same genre to decorate one’s cover. Quotes that say something to the effect that “THIS IS THE BEST NOVEL IN OUR UNIVERSE!!”  Alas, it appears that many top-selling authors are inundated with blurb requests and reluctant to participate--even though I point out to them that I’ll attribute the quote to them and include their latest title in that attribution, which means free promotion of their book to my fans.

All that being said, there are some wonderful authors out there that I know I have not yet approached, so I approach you now. If you have published at least one novel (best-seller or otherwise) in the SciFi or Women’s Issues genres and would be able to read DISPASSIONATE LIES and write a blurb or short review within the next few weeks for possible inclusion on the cover or inside pages, I need you.

If my publisher chooses your blurb, it will be attributed to you and will include your latest title

DISPASSIONATE LIES is a novella, a quick read. It’s a near future tale about metamaterials, nano-technology, industrial espionage, government conspiracies, and the quantum computer.

One more thing—one of the threads of the plot is that my heroine is of a generation of women born sterile and without libido due to ancestral use of hormonal birth control. Although my novella is in no way pornographic, if you think this study of female sexuality might be offensive, this book’s not for you.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to read an advanced reading copy (meaning it has not yet seen an editor’s red pen) of DISPASSIONATE LIES in .doc format and supply a review blurb, please email me at

"Those elusive cover blurbs..." has been brought to you by my first SciFi, SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT " a good episode of "The Twilight Zone"

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  1. Sounds great but reviewing is NOT my thing. Also, after a brief flutter in my youth with J G Ballard's dystopian short stories, I don't read Sci Fi either. I am sure (and I very much hope) you will find someone more suitable to read this for you. I envy your perpetual excitement. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum.