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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Taster: Fatal Error by Eileen Schuh

A teaser from Fatal Error by Eileen Schuh

Cooper stuffed his hands into his pockets and stared down at her. For some reason, the look in his eyes made her feel like crying. She shifted uncomfortably and lifted her chin. Shrug had taught her it was dangerous to be weak.
"What do we do now?" she asked.
"Let's find a quiet place to talk. It's warm out. How about we walk down by the river?"
Outside, Katrina drank in the astounding beauty of the Alberta September. Across the river, gold leaves glittered behind the red berry bushes lining the bank. Interspersed in the dazzle of fall colours were the spruce trees, stretching their deep green toward the rich, late-afternoon sun. The sky was a cloudless blue dome and the air was thick with the pungent scent of autumn. Fallen leaves, some mottled and others striped, crunched beneath their feet.
This was the time of year when she used to go hunting with Grandpa. Hunting ducks and geese involved autumn skies and sunrises and sunsets. And colourful reflections in ponds. She'd always remember the calls of the birds echoing off cool morning mists and the warmth of a retriever, shivering with excitement at the chase.
But those moments were gone.
When they were away from traffic and pedestrians, Cooper motioned her to stop. She took a spot on a park bench and watched the diamond sparkles racing downstream on top of the wavelets.
Cooper joined her on the bench. "Sergeant Kindle wants to question you about a murder."

She froze and the world became deathly quiet.

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