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Thursday, 30 January 2014

So . . . How was it for you?

So . . . How was it for you? Asks author of best seller, Boot Camp Bride.

It’s always a pleasure to receive a review from someone who’s bought, downloaded and read your novel. Most of the reviews I’ve received are balanced and constructive, but you can’t please everyone - and some reviews reflect that. In my opinion, the best reviews are the ones where the reader ‘gets your novel’, falls in love with your hero and roots for your heroine all the way to the final page. So thank you, dear reader, for buying my novels and sharing your views with me.

Here are some reviews for my latest novel: BOOT CAMP BRIDE

·        there's something extra special in Lizzie's books. It was there in "Tall, Dark and Kilted", her previous novel, and it's definitely present and correct in "Boot Camp Bride"
·        Funny, sexy and a good story, with a hint of mystery
·        perfect blend of excitement, romance and humour
·        It's a perfect romance novel for these long dark evenings and has a good mystery tale to carry you along

I really love my sexy heroes and it looks like my readers do, too!

·        I found myself falling for him, just like his leading lady
·        Brave, compassionate, noble and - of course - jaw-droppingly sexy
·        The wonderfully named Rafael Fonseca-Ffinch is a total hunk
·        Ffinch is the alpha male with a chink in his armour so beloved by romance readers
·        he fascinating Rafael is shrouded in mystery
·        (I loved) the mysterious but irresistible Rafael Ffinch

And you can’t beat a feisty, up-for-anything heroine

·        Lizzie writes great heroines
·        Fliss in "Tall, Dark and Kilted" was fun, feisty and realistic
·        In "Boot Camp Bride", the heroine is Charlee (is) the sort of heroine you'd happily hang out with
·        Lizzie has the knack of creating great female protagonists who quickly get the reader onside, cheering them on
·        I loved the Ugly Betty/Bridget Jones style character in Charlee
·        Charlee is just divine - full of fire and fury

I love evocative settings - in Boot Camp Bride it’s the haunting Norfolk Marches

·        fast-talking heroine, a deliciously erudite yet haunted hero, rollicking through all sorts of high jinks in the wilds of North Norfolk
·        Lizzie also uses the locations extremely well and paints them very vividly
·        her descriptions of (the north Norfolk coast) and its windswept marshes and big skies reminded me of this hauntingly beautiful part of the country
·        Lizzie Lamb paints as beguiling a picture of the magical Norfolk marshes, as she did of the Scottish Highlands

And finally . . .

As one reviewer put it . . .

(Boot Camp Bride is) Funny, sexy and a good story, with a hint of mystery. Don't just sit there go out and buy it. You won't be disappointed. 

Go grab your copy Now!
Boot Camp Bride - Romance and Intrigue on the Norfolk marshes 

Tall, Dark and Kilted Notting Hill Meets Monarch of the Glen

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  1. Thanks for posting my reviews Pauline. Its great when readers give a writer positive feedback, isn't it?

  2. It's great, Lizzie. Not only do the kind words encourage and support us, they let us know our books are actually being read! Also, reviews (whether good, bad, or indifferent) attract readers. Since I want everyone in the world to read my books, I urge readers to take the time to post a word or two somewhere online when they're done my novels. Or anybody's novel for that matter!

  3. My readers are getting braver and this time have left reviews on Amazon okay I cried and pleaded with them - but you know what I'm saying thanks for popping by Eileen and good luck with your book in the TRAZ trilogy.