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Friday, 31 January 2014

Review Excerpts for A Salt Splashed Cradle by Chris Longmuir

These are excerpts from some of my Amazon reviews, I thought you might like to take a look. The book page, where you will find all the reviews listed, is on, click the link to view them.

Here are the reviews:

The narrative stayed with me constantly while I was reading this - I could not wait to return to engage again with the characters. They are drawn so well by Chris Longmuir that one can see, and hear, them while reading. Belle's decisions and actions reflect the time and place, and yet can be related to modern times.
I could not stop reading this..................and yet was sorry I had finished. I hope fervently that the author returns to Belle and writes a sequel to let us now what happens to her.
I would recommend this to any reader.

thoroughly enjoyed this book, more so because of the local author. thoroughly enjoyable read. kept me enchanted to the very end.
Joyce Petrie

This was another great book from Chris. Very different from her other books but just as enjoyable. Can't wait for the next one.
C. Reid

Loved this book - swept me away to another time and place full of fresh air and the smell of fish!! Well researched, interesting characters and compelling plot. Not typical of Chris Longmuir's portfolio, normally dark crime stories, which I have yet to try, but I will.
Miriam Wakerley

I'm more used to reading Chris Longmuir's excellent crime fiction, so this departure intrigued me. This novel did not disappoint. From the first page, the reader is transported to a Scottish fishing village in the 1830s. With a strong cast of characters, A Salt Splashed Cradle tells a fascinating tale about the detailed everyday life of the fishing community and the impact on that community by the arrival of beautiful, incomer Belle. Although married to one of the young fishermen, Belle is not immune to the attentions of the local Laird's son. Belle is an unusually well rounded character, neither wholly good nor completely bad, and the story of her difficulties in being accepted into her new family ensures an absorbing read.
R. Gemmell

I couldn't resist a novel with such an intriguing title and I enjoyed it. There is some beautiful poetic writing and the complex life of the heroine, Belle, had me gripped from the beginning. She's not my ideal heroine - I liked wee Jeannie, Sarah, and the lovely Jimmy much more - and would love to follow the girls in a sequel, but I finished the novel respecting Belle. Perhaps if there was more of Belle's back-story, more about the truly ghastly minister, one might understand and sympathise with some of Belle's behaviours. The research sits easily - I love a book where I learn something without it being drummed into my head, and Ms Longmuir opened my mind to the truly gruelling life of the fisher folk of Eastern Scotland. Some of the loveliest writing is in the whaling sequences -one can feel the cold - and among the whalers she creates some outstanding characters. What I take to be the true meaning of the sale-spashed cradle of the title had me in tears. I will certainly look out for her next book.
Eileen Ramsay

Set back in the times of a class divided society that is neither fair to the rich or the poor having to do what is expected of them and not what they would choose to do.
This is a fascinating story, with an incredible cast of characters. This is another spellbinding novel from Chris Longmuir.
Nikki Bywater
Like Chris's other works, she draws you in to the story from the very beginning. Her characters are real and she makes you care for them. The backdrop of the North Sea and the fishing village clinging to the cliffside are brought to life vividly. You can smell the sea air the narrative is so descriptive.
Melanie King

There are currently fourteen reviews for this book on the Amazon website, eleven of them are 5-star, and the other three are 4-star. Pop over to the Amazon book page to read the others. The link is here for And I want to thank all the readers who took the time and trouble to leve reviews, it is the best thing you can do to support a writer you like and ensure they keep on writing.

Chris Longmuir

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