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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Review Excerpts for A Salt Splashed Cradle by Chris Longmuir

Chris Longmuir shares one or two reviews for Salt Splashed Cradle... please join us...

Normally I only quote excerpts from my Amazon reviews, but I couldn’t resist sharing these two reviews with you. The names of the reviewers may or may not be familiar to you depending on the type of books and authors you read. But I instantly recognised them as soon as they were published.

The book page, where you will find all of my reviews listed, is on, click the link to view them.

The first review I want to share with you was written by Tim Greaton, a writer whose name will be familiar to many of you.

Review of A Salt Splashed Cradle by Tim Greaton

Few writers will ever reach this level of wordcraft...,

After reading this amazing story, it comes as no surprise to learn that Chris Longmuir is an award-winning novelist. Her wordsmithing here lies somewhere between prose and poetry, between storytelling and story lifting. You need only consider the unique title "A Salt-Splashed Cradle" to realize she is no ordinary novelist.

Based in 1830's Scotland, this historically convincing tale recounts the hardships and joys of fisher people living on the edge of poverty, under the weight of landowning royalty. Belle is an emotionally damaged but beautiful Invercraig townie who marries young Jimmie Watt, a fisherman who doesn't care that her delicate frame and sensibilities are not suited to the physical demands of fishing life. As Jimmie's absences aboard whaling ships keep him away for seemingly longer and longer periods of time, he leaves behind a family who desperately needs him. And the more he is away from the Craigden, the more Belle and her three children become ostracized not just from her mother-in-law, Annie, and the Watt family, but from the entire village. The results of those simmering hatreds will leave you breathless.

Though Belle's questionable moral decisions lie at the center of this gripping historical drama, the reader is left with diverse emotions for her and all the other complex and memorable characters that populate this unconventional book. Like the best literary works, this story does not loan itself to easy plot predictions but will absolutely immerse you in a place and time you'll not soon forget.

"A Salt-Splashed Cradle" drips with historical accuracy, and even the scenes aboard a whaling ship seem to have been recounted directly from an 1800's whaler, almost as if Chris Longmuir boarded those ships and chopped them free from the arctic ice herself. An awe-inspiring work by an author who has definitely earned her accolades.

Reviewed by "Maine's Other Author"(TM) Tim Greaton


The next review I’d like to share, was written by Francine Howarth, a well known historical romance author.

Review of A Salt Splashed Cradle by Francine Howarth

Well-written, well-researched gritty historical novel

A Salt Splashed Cradle snatches a reader back in time to the 1800s and the gritty lifestyle of fisher folk. For as waves crash onto rocks and salt mists drift over a small Scottish seafaring community, this is where Belle must reside, where Belle is giving birth, where Belle is to start a new life albeit the people and the place alien to her in the first instance. Whilst the men sail the boats and the women and older children toil in the waters of the mussel beds, Belle suffers scorn for being pretty and dainty and is mocked for her lack of hard graft. All the while Belle resigns herself to the fate of a tough unforgiving life of drudgery, for her place in the scheme of things is made quite clear by her mother-in-law.

Nevertheless, Belle has a rebellious streak. She dreams of a better life, and sense of escapism from her miserable existence arises when the Laird's son takes a fancy to her. Her dream of fine gowns and carriages seem almost within her grasp, but Lachlan's social status renders him beyond her reach, and Belle decides a secret is best kept secret. Unfortunately, a disaster at sea, rumour and stigma at home, Belle and her new employer are suddenly faced with malicious intent of flaming torches within the hands of women who despise both Belle and Madge. Someone has their safe deliverance at heart, but can he save both women and the children before the local inn is razed to the ground?


All my thanks to these two professional authors who took time out from their own work to pen these reviews. It is greatly appreciated.

Chris Longmuir

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  2. Great reviews. Love the sound of the book

  3. I've always loved the title. Congrats, Chris, on great reviews from worthy peers.