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Saturday, 31 August 2013

HUG A BOOK with Eileen Schuh

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It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Eileen Schuh


You could win a Kindle copy of
The Traz

Meet Eileen

I'm from AlbertaCanada and The Traz is my first novel and the first book in my BackTracker series which was released in May 2011 as an eBook and is now out in paperback. Schrödinger’s Cat, a psychological crime thriller that spans two universes was released in both eBook and print formats by Wolfsinger Publications in August 2011. My latest book, Fatal Error was published in 2012.

Details of The Traz

Katrina is thirteen, wealthy, grieving, and alone. But she is more than that. She's intelligent, beautiful, and intrigued by the dangers of street life.

Shrug's a giant of a man with a voice of thunder and eyes of granite. He has tattoos, The Traz gang patch, and a motorbike. When he asks Katrina if she wants a ride, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Katrina quickly discovers the violent side of life on The Traz compound. However, there is no way for her to escape until she meets Chad—an undercover cop with rich brown eyes, a gentle chuckle, and a plan to rescue Katrina from the clutches of the gang. However, there's a problem.

Somebody is keeping dangerous secrets from them both.

Available for Kindle & paperback



Cambridge Bay, December 1986

"How's my girl with the sunshine curls?" Dave Buckhold asked as he swung Katrina over his head. His young daughter squealed. He hugged her to his chest and her laughter subsided.
"Daddy! Daddy! Give me a kiss!" He nuzzled his lips to her tiny ear and gave her a million kisses. Beyond a doubt, Katrina was his reason for living. He pried her from his neck and set her down. "Where's Mom?"
A scowl replaced her smile. "I don't know."
"What do you mean, you don't know?"
Katrina reached for his hand. "She's somewhere."
Dave picked her up. She was four but so tiny. It was as if he had a toddler in his arms. He headed down the hall, flicking on lights as he went. "Tanesa?" he called. He frowned at his wife curled on the sofa. "Why are you lying here in the dark? You have a child to look after."
Tanesa kept her eyes shut. "She looks after herself fine."
Dave hugged Katrina tighter and cast the woman a long, silent gaze. His wife was nothing like their daughter. She was dark, in both skin tone and mood, and had none of the fine features that defined Katrina. Her straight black hair contrasted with Katrina's amber curls, and Tanesa was tall, matching him in height at five foot ten. At one time, he'd loved both her vulnerability and coarse beauty.
"Aren't you even going to say hi to me?" he eventually asked.
Tanesa slowly opened her eyes. "Hi."
"Katrina's too young to look after herself. Where's supper?"
"Ever since my dad and you bought her that computer…" Tanesa swung her legs over the edge of the couch and stared at her stockinged feet. She wiggled her toes into the thick gold carpet. "All she does is sit and play on the thing. I can only stand watching that for so long. Supper's in the oven." She rose and brushed past them to the kitchen.
"What did you have for lunch?" Dave whispered to Katrina.
"I look after myself fine," the child whispered back. "Don't fight. Please don't fight with Mommy."
Supper started in silence except for the clink of silverware against china. Dave was wiping up the last of his gravy with a bun when the mantle clock struck six o'clock. As the last chime faded, Tanesa spoke. "Dave, you promised me that we'd...."
Katrina pretended not to listen and ran the tines of her fork around her mound of potatoes. The spiralling lines looked magical. She topped her creation with a carrot. Her mother kept talking. "...move down south once Katrina got to school age."
"She's just four," her father growled. "School age isn't until six."
"Four going on thirty-four," Tanesa mumbled, staring out the window. Had there been any sunlight at all, she'd have been able to see a thousand miles of flat white tundra spreading to the horizon. In December, though, there was no sun.
"She's four," Dave insisted louder. "She needs a mother, for Christ's sake."

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Silverwing Castle for Authors!

Another wonderful, imaginative story from D S Ingram, author of Angel Girls and Poppy Days.

Friends and fellow authors, I would like you to come on a little journey with me. I hope you have packed your sandwiches, put on your comfy shoes and brought plenty of sucky sweets. Now, here we go. I am taking you for a sneaky peak around Silverwing Castle. We are off to Fairyland. It doesn't take too long to get there, you won't even need a valid passport, just a vivid imagination. That's it, just close your eyes and let your mind drift...and here we are.

It will be exactly as you expected, because of course, Fairyland is whatever your imagination believes it to be. For me it is a beautiful place, filled with flowers and bird song and magical creatures. We will stroll past Norbert the Gnome. Don't mind him, he is a bit grumpy but he is only saying all the things you say to yourself when you are procrastinating instead of actually writing. Just skip past his toadstall, and don't linger too long or he'll try to steal your thunder.

Once we get past the bluebell woods, where we can stop at the daydreams gift shop, we will come to a clearing and there it is! Silverwing Castle. (Did you spend lots of money in the gift shop? The snippets of authentic conversation to include in your new book are very good.)

At the moment, Silverwing Castle isn't quite looking it's best, because The Ideal Gnome show are giving it a bit of a makeover, and it takes time. The foundations are strong, but the bodywork needs a bit of an overhaul.

Silverwing Castle is where all the retired fairies go. It takes in all the spent fairies who have run out of ideas and fairy dust. You didn't think you came up with that plot line without their help, did you? of course not. Fairies don't spend all their time fluttering their wings, sleeping in flowers and waving wands about. Night and day the fairy folk work, pouring inspiration into our minds as we sleep, they have fairy tales to write. Do you often find yourself sitting up with a jolt in the wee small hours, an idea buzzing in your head? You just have to go and scribble it down before it's off again? well, that means the fairies have been. 

You see, once you outgrow the need for the tooth fairy, they move up a gear. They polish their wands, and set to work. Writers, artists, sculptors. They all need fairy dust. Far away in fairyland they toil, day and night to bring us the words we long for. The brush work that catches the likeness or the fingers that tingle in order to sculpt that masterpiece. What happens, however, when those poor hard working fairies grow weary? do their wings droop, do their wands waver? well, sadly, for some, the answer is yes. They end up in Gnome Mans land.

Luckily, though, the vast majority make it to Silverwing Castle to live out their days in comfort. They sit around the waterfall, knitting poetry for pleasure instead of churning out epic sagas and best sellers. 
I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Try not to wake the typewriter as you tip toe outside. Please help yourself to fairy cakes as you leave. Just remember, a fairy is for life, not just for the top of the Christmas tree.

Find out more about Debbie (D S Ingram) by visiting our Author, Books and Review Pages

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Essential Services for Authors from Brook Cottage Books

There is so much on offer for authors at Brook Cottage Books as Pauline Barclay found out when J B Johnston from Brook Cottage Books popped into FFP HQ

P: What made you set up Brook Cottage Books?

JB:I had been blogging for a while, trying to develop my personal blog. As part of that blog I had developed a book review page as I am such an avid reader. The review page turned out to be hugely popular. So popular in fact that I was getting so many requests from authors that I was worried that book reviews would start to take over my personal blog. As I became more involved with writers groups, such as Famous Five Plus, I also wanted to help promote authors, particularly Indie authors and felt that the only way I could do this was on a separate blog. And so, the idea for Brook Cottage Books was born! The support I myself received in turn from authors and other bloggers has been totally amazing and Brook Cottage Books is going from strength to strength.

P: Do you review all genres or is there a specific genre(s) you review only?

JB: Before I began reviewing books I’d have pretty much stuck to reading very specific genres – horrors or thrillers. I was definitely not a chic-lit type of girl. However, blogging has opened up so many possibilities for new genres that I will now read every genre. I can’t believe that by sticking with only particular genres for years, that I denied myself such wonderful books! And, the most shocking of all………..I now love chic-lit! My husband is amazed by this. So, I generally review all genres.

P: Brook Cottage Books is much more than a Review site as I see you offer several new and exciting services.  Please tell us about some of them and why you decided to offer such services?

JB: Brook Cottage Books is turning into a full-time commitment on top of my full time job and I spend a lot of hours a day working on it. So, in essence, I have 2 full time jobs! I suppose I decided to offer a range of services to bring in a small income from the blog, given that I dedicate so much time on the blog; the most popular of those services at the moment being advertising. The blog offers authors an opportunity to advertise their book covers on the blog sidebar for a small fee. The book cover will have a link attached to it also, directing readers to either the author’s website or to buy links. The author can buy this service for a period of 4 weeks at a time. They may renew once for a further 4 weeks. However, after that period of 8 weeks in total they will go on the waiting list to allow others the opportunity to make use of the advertising space.

I also offer a Promo Blitz service which means I can set up a facebook events page for authors and co-ordinate bloggers for reviews to appear on the events page. It seems a very simple thing to do but for many authors, they simply don’t have the time to seek out reviewers, host a promotional event and co-ordinate it. Plus, it can be pretty exhausting for one person to have to man a facebook events page all day and keep the momentum going whilst making it a fun day for the participants. I’m the other half of your tag team! Check out my services page on the blog to find out a little bit more about what’s on offer.

P: Final Read Through is another of your services, this is so essential for all authors, again tell us more! Why you offer this and what you do?

JB: Being a reviewer I am often lucky enough to be given the opportunity to read Advanced Reading Copies of books. I always consider this a great honour. I love the fact that someone is putting their trust in me with their literary baby. However, sometimes when reading these books I sometimes spot errors that have been overlooked during proofreading. I have found myself spending more and more time contacting authors / publishers to point out these errors. I think it is very unfair for an author to get a bad review from someone simply down to typos. But, the reality is, it’s a tough business and some people will give a negative review due to this. The fact that the author wrote a fantastic book and is very talented will be lost in the negative comments about typos. Proof-readers are only human and sometimes things do get overlooked. With the best will in the world, none of us are superhuman. So, the final read through service is simply an extra pair of eyes going through your work after it has been proofread. In one particular book that was due for publication, I spotted over 20 errors. I think it’s an invaluable service.

P: An important aspect for all indie authors is getting their book noticed and as well as offering advertising space I see you also post promotional features. How does this work?

JB: On the blog I have Author in the Spotlight features and promotional posts such as cover reveals, giveaways and excerpt posts. All of these things are free to the author to make use of. Basically each of these posts can look any way the author wants and can include anything the author wants. They are all about promoting the author / books as much as possible so will only be as good as the material the author sends me for the post. I try my best to schedule posting of these posts to coincide with publication and include buy links to their books. Often, authors are quite happy to go on the waiting list for such a feature and will often request such a post between books just to keep their online presence fresh.

P: If any or all of the visitors to FFP want to talk to you about, Reviewing, Promo, Final Read for their book or advertising, how do they go about it?

JB: I am always online throughout the day so can usually be found on facebook or twitter if anyone needs to ask me anything. However, the best way is probably via email and all queries can be sent to

Links for Brook Cottage Books:
Twitter: @jontybabe
Blog twitter: @BrookCottagebks

A Huge thanks JB for taking time out of your manic schedule to talk about your wonderful services, I feel there is going to be a very long queue outside your door with authors wanting your help and support.

You can also find out more about Pauline by visiting our Author, Books, Trailer and Review Pages

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Welcome Madalyn Morgan

Today we extend another warm welcome to our latest member to Famous Five Plus, the wonderfully talented, Madalyn Morgan, a historical romance and contemporary novelist.

“I have been an actress for more than thirty years working in Repertory theatre, the West End, film and television.  I am also a radio presenter and journalist, writing articles for newspapers and magazines.

“I was brought up in a busy working class pub in the market town of Lutterworth in Leicestershire.  The pub was a great place for an aspiring actress and writer to live. There were so many wonderful characters to study and accents to learn.  My parents wanted me to get a ‘proper job,’ which I did.  I became a hairdresser, but at twenty-four I gave up my successful hairdressing salon and wig-hire business for a place at E15 Drama College, and a career as an actress.

“In 2000, with fewer parts available for older actresses, I taught myself to touch type, completed a two-year correspondence course with The Writer’s Bureau, and started writing.  I loved it.  So, after living in London for thirty-six years, I came back to Lutterworth, swapping window boxes and a mortgage for a garden and the freedom to write.

“I am currently writing my second novel, Applause, which is set in the theatre world of London’s West End during the Blitz, and is the second of four books about the lives of four very different sisters during The Second World War.  My first novel, Foxden Acres, is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book.”

Blurb - Foxden Acres

On the eve of 1939 twenty-year-old Bess Dudley, trainee teacher and daughter of a groom, bumps into James, heir to the Foxden Estate.
Bess and James played together as equals when they were children, but now James is engaged to the more socially acceptable Annabel Hadleigh.
Bess takes up a teaching post in London but when war breaks out and London schoolchildren are evacuated she returns to Foxden to organise a troop of Land Girls.

Traditional barriers come crashing down when Flying Officer James Foxden falls in love with Bess.  But by this time Bess has come to know and respect Annabel.  Can she be with James if it means breaking her best friend’s heart?
Besides, Bess has a shameful secret that she has vowed to keep from James at any cost…

Madalyn’s Links

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dedicated to the One I Love

How important is a dedication and when should you write it? this is Kimberly Menozzi’s way.

I've been an avid reader all my life. It's my understanding that most writers share this trait – a fascination with the written word is often developed from a rather early age, when all of us were susceptible to the magic and escape of a good story. In that regard, I suppose I have a lot in common with just about any other writer.

From an early age, I was also fascinated by books. Not only with the stories themselves, but also with the way books are made. The shapes, covers, spines and so on gave me endless hours of contemplation. Was the book glued or sewn? Was it hardback or soft-cover? Was it able to stand on its own or did it need a bookend to keep it upright?

I played with books, sometimes, in the way other kids played with blocks or Lincoln Logs. I stacked and organized them, made landscapes for my Star Wars action figures, and, eventually, I would give in and use these makeshift building blocks for their intended purpose.

It wasn't long before I started contemplating how the interiors of books were made. I would read from cover to cover – in the most literal sense – starting with copyright and title pages and finishing with the indices and final endpapers.

One of the most intriguing parts of a book for me was (and still is) the dedication page. As a reader, I find those few lines possess a subtle intrigue. Sometimes cryptic, sometimes nakedly open, occasionally humorous, the dedication seems to me the real final word from the author. While the acknowledgements page shares who helped with the work and the author's gratitude for that assistance, the dedication page is a summation of who the author worked so hard for, and sometimes why.

As a writer, the dedication is how I declare a book "finished". It's the last thing I write before the book is sent out for publication. Often, it is the hardest thing to write.

My first novel, Ask Me if I'm Happy, had this dedication:

Per Alessandro
Ti voglio bene.
Sei tu lo scatalone che mi tiene verticale...

It was a difficult dedication to write, because I wanted to convey so much in that limited space. After much deliberation, I settled on the above. I wrote it in Italian because it suited the mood of the story (not to mention the setting), but also because the phrase "Ti voglio bene" played a small but significant part in the story itself. The last line is a paraphrasing of a lyric from what my husband and I consider "our song".

My novella, Alternate Rialto, was a prequel to Ask Me if I'm Happy, and it had this dedication:
Per Alessandro.
Ti voglio tanto bene, per sempre…

This one was on the short and sweet side, in comparison. It reflected the length of the book, and expressed the emotion I needed to convey. What's more, it reinforced the sentiment of the dedication in Ask Me if I'm Happy.

As I worked on what is now my most recent release, 27 Stages, I pondered what the dedication should be. I understood I was putting the cart ahead of the horse in thinking about it so soon, but it became a pleasant daydream task when I wasn't writing.

27 Stages took nearly four years to complete, due to setbacks of all sorts in my writing and family life. The longer the writing took, the more I wanted the dedication to mean something special. I was determined to finish this novel, but it wasn't easy.

When the time came, when 27 Stages was complete and ready to be shared with the world, I composed this dedication:

For Alessandro, who answered the question correctly;
for the fangirls, of every age, all over the world;
and for the riders who leave everything on the road, every time they ride.

WW 108
Sei sempre con noi.

There are, of course, multiple meanings in this. Some are fairly direct – you don't have to be a cycling fan to figure out who "the riders" are. Some are a little less clear – who, or even what, are "fangirls"? a reader might wonder. There is a hint of mystery, too – what is the question Alessandro answered correctly?

And, finally, for readers unfamiliar with cycling and its history, what is WW 108? And what does "Sei sempre con noi (You are always with us)" refer to? It is my hope the readers who don't understand this will take the time to look online or do some sort of research to find out.

Surely there are readers out there, readers like me, who will work a little more in order to understand? It would just take a little more dedication, so to speak.

Check out or Author, Books, Trailer & Review Pages to find out more about Kimberly

Monday, 26 August 2013

Welcome Claire Upton to Famous Five Plus

Today we are excited to welcome Claire Upton to our dynamic and supportive Group.

Claire is a mum to four lively children aged 9-21, this fact still shocks her! She is a huge fan of Cathy Kelly, Adele Parks and Sue Welfare amongst many. So as an avid reader and after boosting her confidence by completing a Psychosocial degree over the past three years, she decided to dig that novel out she once wrote. Now only a month after leaving University she has the paperback version of Twisted Fate on sale and book signings set up. Nervously she is about to take on the world… well offer her books to friendly looking people! In between those events she is spending the summer at home with the children and sneaking off to write more of her new novel.

Twisted Fate – Blurb!

It is 2001 and Natalie Walsh is successful in her career, has great friends and subsequent social agenda. She is not looking for love but serendipity takes a hand and leads her towards Matt Samson, a down-to-earth Farm Manager. Fate however steps in and twists her life into an unrecognisable form. How will she put her life back together or more's the case, does she want her old life back? If she does, is it possible after her course has changed? A heart-warming story of love, loss and acceptance. You will laugh and cry your way through Natalie's trials and tribulations. And at points wish you could just reach into the book and give her a supportive hug.


As she stood in front of the full length oval mirror she smiled at her reflection. 
“Perfect,” she exclaimed with a self-satisfied grin, swish-swaying her body from side to side checking every angle. 
She picked up her bag and wrap on her way out, deciding to drive the fifty metres, she stepped up into her landrover and lit a cigarette.  She was not sure how Mr and Mrs Church would be about smoking so thought she best get one in now.  The radio clicked on as she started the engine. 
“Caller two you are on the air, so what is your opinion on the Euro?” 
Oh, my God, the only channel she had been able to get for the last five miles of her journey was radio Norfolk, she must get some CD’s or find another channel.  She switched it off and made her way down the drive at a snail’s pace, her lights on full beam, leant over the steering wheel so as to try and spot every pothole in preparation.
Rogue watched from the shadow of his kennel as Natalie parked opposite him.  She stubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray before she opened the car door.  She spun in her seat so as to be as graceful exiting the 4x4 as possible, yet as she did the wind caught her skirt making her drop her bag out onto the floor as she was busy covering her dignity.
“Fuck,” she muttered under her breath as she stepped down to retrieve it.  Luckily the interior light illuminated her mud sodden Gucci bag.
“Bloody hell,” she cursed, once she realised she had joined the bag in the mud and her feet were now covered, her shoes unrecognisable.
Standing up strong she inhaled, calming her escalating mood.  She threw her bag into the passenger side footwell.  She slammed the door and tried to compose herself, expertly tossing the wrap around her shoulders.  She was busy observing her ruined shoes when Rogue emerged from the shadows, he barked just once, barely having fully stood.  Natalie screamed.
“You bastard dog,” she shouted in his direction as she trotted towards the door.  She could have sworn the dog smirked as he settled himself back down, but it was hard to tell in the darkness.
“Natalie my dear you look stunning.  Please come in.”  Mrs Church chimed as she opened up the door to the house.
Natalie plastered her work smile on, “Thank you, I’ll just slip my shoes off if that’s ok, they got a bit of mud on them.”

Claire’s links


Saturday, 24 August 2013

HUG A BOOK with Tanya J Peterson

Hug A Book is sponsored by

It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Tanya J Peterson


You could win a Kindle copy of
Leave of Absence

Meet Tanya

I am passionate about issues that involve mental illness and mental health/wellness for all people, so I write novels with themes involving the human experience of mental illness. I have a mental health blog (, and I participate in events both off- and online to increase awareness and understanding and to end stigma.  I’m active in my local NAMI chapter, and I give presentations and speak at conferences.  I’m passionate about mental health because I have a unique combination of experiences that have put me on both sides of the proverbial couch.  I have a Master of Science degree in counseling and am a nationally certified counselor.  I've volunteered my services in schools and communities (I've also been a high school teacher) in order to help people help themselves.  And I've been the recipient of help as a patient.  After sustaining a traumatic brain injury after a car accident (and a couple other concussions in the months/years following that accident due to acts of stupidity and clumsiness), I was on an intense roller coaster ride that had me in and out of a behavioral health hospital.  It was during this time that I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder.  I've been there -- on both sides, helper and helpee.  So armed with a desire to help people, to teach about the realities of mental health, and a love of writing, I've set out to combine these things.  My most recent novel, Leave of Absence, became available in April, 2013.  A new one, also dealing with mental illness, is already in the works.
I'm married and have two children, a daughter in high school and a son who's almost done with elementary school.  We live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  I love the outdoors -- hiking, biking, tent camping, kayaking, and show shoeing.  I often drag my family along on these adventures, but sometimes I enjoy quiet solitude.  I also like attending symphony performances.  Especially, though, I like quiet evenings at home with my family.

Details of Leave of Absence

In this insightful and evocative novel, Tanya J. Peterson delves deeply into the world of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.

When Oliver Graham’s suicide attempt fails, he is admitted to Airhaven Behavioral Health Center.  Unable to cope with the traumatic loss of his beloved wife and son, he finds a single thread of attachment to life in Penelope, a fellow patient wrestling with schizophrenia and its devastating impact on her once happy and successful life. They both struggle to discover a reason to live while Penelope’s fiancé William strives to convince her that she is worth loving. As Oliver and Penelope try to achieve emotional stability, face others who have been part of their lives, and function in the "real world," they discover that human connection may be reason enough to go on.

Written with extraordinary perception into the thought processes of those grappling with mental illness, Leave of Absence is perfect for readers seeking an empathic depiction of grief, loss, and schizophrenia, as well as anyone who has ever experienced human suffering and healing.

Available for Kindle & paperback


“Now go make each hour of today bearable.  I will see you tomorrow.”  Unceremoniously, Dr. Willis left his room without giving him a chance to protest.
“How am I supposed to do that?”  Oliver asked the empty room.  He pulled his picture of Maggie and Henry out of the pocket of his robe.  “My doctor just told me to do something to make each hour bearable,” he said to the smiling faces.  “But without you here, nothing is bearable.”  He tipped over sideways onto his pillow and curled up.  He ignored the voice calling though the day area to signal the upcoming music group.  He remained motionless until he heard a soft knock on his open door. 
“Are you going to come with me to the music group?  It’s starting in a few minutes,” Penelope asked in an exaggerated stage whisper.  “I’m talking like this so I don’t startle you.  You haven’t moved, so I guess it’s working.  Are you awake?”
He rolled onto his back.  “Yeah, I’m awake.  And thanks for not startling me.”  He swung his legs over the side of his bed and sat up.
She looked at his hands.  “You have their picture.  Can I see it again?”  She looked to her left and to her right and behind her, and then she closed her eyes.  “Is it okay to go in?”
Oliver didn’t answer because he had a feeling that she wasn’t asking him. 
“Okay, I’ll count with you.  One, two three, go!”  She tiptoed quickly into his room and plopped down beside him on the bed.  She offered no explanation for the conversation but instead looked intently at the picture.  Both of Oliver’s hands grasped the bottom corners of the photo.  Penelope slid her hand into one of his without causing him to let go.  She leaned against his shoulder and said simply, “I’m sorry, Oliver.”
“Thank you.”  They sat quietly together, her hand snaked through his, taking in the image.  Guilt pricked him.  It pierced the hand that Penelope held and the arm where she leaned her head and traveled through his skin, into his bloodstream, and straight to his core.  He shouldn’t be accepting this comfort.  But after months of stark comfortlessness, this just felt good.  He wanted to pull away, but he didn’t.  It was nice in a way, too, to let someone see the beauty of his family.  Was this part of doing something to make the moment bearable?  It felt good, and because of that it felt lousy.  God, he hated himself. 
“Last call for music group!  Five minutes to Fra-ank!” This time the tech calling was Matt.  Oliver looked out the door, and seconds after the call, Matt walked past his room.  A second after that, he walked backward to return to Oliver’s doorway.  “Is there a reason rules are being broken in here?”  Matt’s tone was light and held no anger or reprimand.
Penelope stayed exactly in the same position.  “Oliver seemed down, Matt.  When he sat up, I saw that he had his picture and I wanted to see it again, and I wanted him to know that I care.”

Tanya’s Links (my website and blog) (my facebook Page; my personal profile is Tanya Joy Peterson, and this link should take you directly there: )

To have a chance of winning a Kindle copy enter in the coupon after the Trailer!

Good Luck!

You can now watch the Trailer