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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Author Showcase Trailer

Our new Author Showcase Trailer gives you a glimpse at our amazing authors and their five star books....!

Big thanks to Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics for designing and producing this fantastic trailer.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Famous Five Plus Making A Difference!

Famous Five Plus is about making a difference and sometimes we do!

Famous Five Plus was set up in October 2011 to help and support authors, especially Indie authors. During this time many authors have found that working as a group makes the difference between having the confidence to independently publish or not.

Last week Famous Five Plus member Kathryn Brown launched her, much awaited, second novel, Nightingale Woods in paperback and Kindle. This is what she has written in the acknowledgement of her book.


Thanks go to my good friends and colleagues at Famous Five Plus, a wonderful bunch of talented authors, book reviewers and readers who have supported me immensely and been so patient with me. You have been there for me so often and especially during the formatting of this book. In particular, I want to thank Michelle Betham for helping me make the decision to ‘get on with it’. Pauline Barclay, founder of Famous Five Plus, has been an incredible support and continuously there whenever I’ve needed advice. I also want to say a special thank you to Kim Nash, Jonty and Nikki Bywater, three very special people in my life who have also helped me to find the confidence to publish this book.

Thank you to Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics for creating the beautiful cover design. Working with you has been an honour.

A very special mention goes to readers and loyal friends of my Blog, Crystal Jigsaw. You have all played your part in inspiring me to carry on writing; your support and encouragement has been phenomenal and many of you have stuck by me over the years, reading my drivel and my rants, laughing with me, crying with me and just being there for me. You are all appreciated, more than you know.

It goes to show that a group like Famous Five Plus can make a difference to authors who support each other through the highs and the lows.

Thank you Kathryn from everyone at Famous Five Plus and we hope you sell zillions of copies.

You can find Kathryn at her blog:
And of course here on our Author, Book, Review & Trailer Pages

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Book in the Spotlight - Ask Me If I'm Happy

Book in the Spotlight today is the beautiful Ask Me If I'm Happy by Kimberly Menozzi

Watch the video....

Now read the excerpt
I’m not hanging on by a thread here… I’ve got to ignore him, keep it together and figure something out. I’m going home today, no matter what.
Her resolve was slipping, though, and she stood and stepped away, still struggling not to become frantic. Part of her wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and give in to the panic looming over her. Instead, she focused on directing her wobbly legs toward the door, a vague plan forming in the back of her mind: collect the change in her purse, buy a phone card and find a public phone that wouldn’t eat the whole card before she’d made her arrangements with the airline.
It certainly seemed simple enough--on the surface.
Scusa?” The man followed at a respectful distance now, his voice still low and gentle. “I’m sorry to disturb, but might I offer you some help?”
Oh, just go away.
“I’m fine, please, really.”
He touched her arm from behind and she turned to face him, ready to hurl in his direction the dozens of Italian insults piling up in her mind. When her eyes met his, every last slur drifted away like pollen in the wind. Her throat ached and she swallowed hard, trying to ignore the stinging in her eyes.
Davvero?” he asked, his tone gentle. “It is obvious that you are having some difficulties.” His fingertips were still light upon her arm, steering her back toward the chairs inside the sala d’attesa, away from the door and the cold outside air.
In amazement, she allowed him to lead her.
Dammit, but he seems so sincere. Why does he have to act so nice?
“I, um… I can’t find my cell phone. I thought I’d thrown it in here, but now I can’t find it and…” She drifted off.
Why am I telling him this?
He nodded his understanding, intently reading her eyes, and she couldn’t look away. Though his eyes were warm and comforting, most of all she found them friendly. She hadn’t seen such open friendliness in a long time.
“Okay. But you are now quite certain you don’t have your mobile?”
Sì, yes, that’s right.” With a small effort, she looked away. To her surprise, save for a few like herself who had been surprised by the strike, the waiting room was empty.
“Some things are not so difficult, then, to fix, sai?” He reached into his coat pocket and took out his cell phone. “Please, use mine.”
“But you don’t know who I need to call.”
“Your husband, perhaps? Does it matter?”
Oh, he’s good.
“Actually,” she began, abashed, “I was thinking more of the airline. I have to change my flight now.”
“Oh. That is a good idea, as well.” He continued to hold the phone out to her. “Ti prego; please, I wish to help.”
“Uh… Grazie…”
Emily took the phone with her left hand so he would see her wedding band. “Grazie mille.


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Monday, 28 January 2013

Between Today & Yesterday a Review By Nikki Bywater

Nikki Bywater reviews Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert

"Joanna Lambert books just get better and better this is a remarkable read."

Set several years after Joanna Lambert’s last book, we meet up once again with the characters from the Blue Eyes Trilogy. Matt Benedict is still married to Ella and he is now running a successful management company in London with Baz Young the bass guitarist from The Attitude. They look after up and coming artists as well as chart topping bands in the UK and Europe.

When international star, and diva Marcie Maguire, contacts Matt after they have not seen each other for twenty years. Matt drops everything, much to Ella’s annoyance to help Marcie out on her tour. Unknown to Matt, Marcie has much more in mind for Matt and she is prepared to plan, plot, scheme and manipulate to get what she wants from Matt even if it will cost him his marriage to Ella. But at what price will it cost Marcie?

I really was looking forward to reading this book by Joanna Lambert and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed meeting and reading about the characters from The Blue Eyes Trilogy. The characters are now older, but the book does still follow on from the trilogy. The book does have many characters, all are interesting and the storyline is compelling and packed with drama. The story is set in England and Spain creating a nice setting to accompany the story. Joanna Lambert books just get better and better this is a remarkable read.

Now watch the video....

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

HUG A BOOK with Lizzie Lamb

Hug A Book is sponsored by

It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Lizzie Lamb


You could win a Kindle copy of
Tall, Dark and Kilted

Meet Lizzie

With Scottish, Irish, and Brazilian blood in her veins, it’s hardly surprising Lizzie became a writer. She even wrote extra scenes for the films she watched as a child, until she was drummed out of the playground for keeping all the good lines for herself. Luckily, she saves them for her readers these days.  A huge fan of Jilly Cooper (especially her shorter novels; Emily, Imogen et al), Lizzie had some short stories published, then her writing went on hold while she pursued a successful teaching career, the last sixteen years as a Deputy Head teacher in a large primary school. Back to being a novelist, her debut Tall, Dark and Kilted – themed Notting Hill meets Monarch of the Glen – echoes her love of her homeland in every page, not to mention heroes in kilts. She is currently working on her second novel which also a rom com but has overtones of romantic suspense, too.

Along with three other members of The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writer Scheme Lizzie has founded an indie publishing group The New Romantics 4.  The object of the group is to help, support and encourage each other to get their books on all the amazon sites - as paperbacks and kindle downloads. Along with the other three founding members, Lizzie held four book launches in the run up to Christmas. She plans to self publish her second book in time for Christmas 2013.

Details of Tall, Dark and Kilted

Fliss Bagshawe longs for a passport out of Pimlico where she works as a holistic therapist. After attending a party in Notting Hill she loses her job and with it the  dream of being her own boss. She’s offered the chance to take over a failing therapy centre, but there's a catch. The centre lies five hundred miles north in Wester Ross, Scotland.

Fliss’s romantic view of the highlands populated by Men in Kilts is shattered when she has an upclose and personal encounter with the Laird of Kinloch Mara, Ruairi Urquhart. He’s determined to pull the plug on the business, bring his eccentric family to heel and eject undesirables from his estate - starting with Fliss. Facing the dole queue once more Fliss resolves to make sexy, infuriating Ruairi revise his unflattering opinion of her, turn the therapy centre around and sort out his dysfunctional family.

Can Fliss tame the Monarch of the Glen and find the happiness she deserves?

Available for Kindle & paperback

paperback UK
kindle UK           -


Two hours later, Murdo pulled off the main road and started a long slow descent, leaving the mountains behind and following a minor road flanked by a mixed plantation of pine and deciduous trees. Eventually he stopped and pulled off the road, turning round to Fliss he gestured at the stunning view in front of them.
‘There she is: Tigh na Locha, Fliss. The House by the Loch
‘Oh God.’ Isla laid her head on her arms on the dashboard. ‘Dead man walking,’ she intoned, as if thoroughly dejected by the thought of the life she’d left behind in London.
‘Don’t be such a drama queen, Isla,’ Cat slipped in one last dig as she and Fliss clambered out of the Land Rover with Lassie hard on their heels. 

From their vantage point, the mountains behind them were hidden by trees and Fliss could see soft, rounded hills that swept all the way down to a large loch. The colours were dazzling; the green of the hills and trees, the blue sky reflected in the deeper blue of the loch and the ochre of the sandy beach, which gave way to paler sand near a pebble path. The shore line dipped in and out of the expanse of water and in the distance, at vanishing point, the opposing shores appeared to link hands, cutting the loch off from the sea.

And, way below them, nestled in the trees with a wide lawn leading down to the waters’ edge where it became a beach, was Tigh na Locha. Solid, ancient, a slice of Scottish history complete with white painted turrets and stepped gables, and with a look of permanency that said: ‘I’ve been here for a thousand years. Wha’ dares challenge me?’
After the car journey, the view of the loch was balm to her soul and Fliss let out a long, shuddering sigh. Unasked for tears prickled her nose and blurred her view. ‘It’s beautiful,’ she said, a catch in her voice. Then she whispered softly so that no one could hear: ‘I’ve come home.’

Lizzie’s Links
twitter: @lizzie_lamb
twitter: newromantics4

The Urquhart’s house is called Tigh na Locha.
What is the house’s name in English?

Answers in the comments and good luck!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Book in the Spotlight - The Traz by Eileen Schuh

The Book in the Spotlight today, is The Traz by Eileen Schuh, described by one reader... "This would be an interesting book for all teens but especially a good one for a mother/daughter to read together and discuss. I highly recommend this book."

This book is a tribute to people both young and old who have found the courage to make the right decisions. It is also a lifeline for those who didn't. We understand. We forgive. We'll help you overcome.
Book I of the Back Tracker series

 Cambridge Bay, December 1986
 "How's my girl with the sunshine curls?" Dave Buckhold asked as he swung Katrina over his head. His young daughter squealed. He hugged her to his chest and her laughter subsided.
"Daddy! Daddy! Give me a kiss!" He nuzzled his lips to her tiny ear and gave her a million kisses. Beyond a doubt, Katrina was his reason for living. He pried her from his neck and set her down. "Where's Mom?"
A scowl replaced her smile. "I don't know."
"What do you mean, you don't know?"
Katrina reached for his hand. "She's somewhere."
Dave picked her up. She was four but so tiny. It was as if he had a toddler in his arms. He headed down the hall, flicking on lights as he went. "Tanesa?" he called. He frowned at his wife curled on the sofa. "Why are you lying here in the dark? You have a child to look after."
Tanesa kept her eyes shut. "She looks after herself fine."
Dave hugged Katrina tighter and cast the woman a long, silent gaze. His wife was nothing like their daughter. She was dark, in both skin tone and mood, and had none of the fine features that defined Katrina. Her straight black hair contrasted with Katrina's amber curls, and Tanesa was tall, matching him in height at five foot ten. At one time, he'd loved both her vulnerability and coarse beauty.
"Aren't you even going to say hi to me?" he eventually asked.
Tanesa slowly opened her eyes. "Hi."
"Katrina's too young to look after herself. Where's supper?"
"Ever since my dad and you bought her that computer…" Tanesa swung her legs over the edge of the couch and stared at her stockinged feet. She wiggled her toes into the thick gold carpet. "All she does is sit and play on the thing. I can only stand watching that for so long. Supper's in the oven." She rose and brushed past them to the kitchen.
"What did you have for lunch?" Dave whispered to Katrina.
"I look after myself fine," the child whispered back. "Don't fight. Please don't fight with Mommy."
Supper started in silence except for the clink of silverware against china. Dave was wiping up the last of his gravy with a bun when the mantle clock struck six o'clock. As the last chime faded, Tanesa spoke. "Dave, you promised me that we'd...."
Katrina pretended not to listen and ran the tines of her fork around her mound of potatoes. The spiralling lines looked magical. She topped her creation with a carrot. Her mother kept talking. "...move down south once Katrina got to school age."
"She's just four," her father growled. "School age isn't until six."
"Four going on thirty-four," Tanesa mumbled, staring out the window. Had there been any sunlight at all, she'd have been able to see a thousand miles of flat white tundra spreading to the horizon. In December, though, there was no sun.
"She's four," Dave insisted louder. "She needs a mother, for Christ's sake."

Now watch the video...

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Brand New Novel, Nightingale Woods By Kathryn Brown

Nightingale Woods the long awaited new novel from Kathryn Brown is now available.

At Famous Five Plus we are excited to reveal this exciting new book with its fabulous cover designed by Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics

Nightingale Woods
A story that will grip from the beginning.

Rachel Phillips, mid twenties, a little naive, rather gullible, has fallen for a married man. The thing is, he's also fallen for her. In too deep, Rachel and married man Steve, begin an affair and develop intense feelings for each other, knowing what they're doing is wrong. But after nine months of lies and deceit, Steve's wife Olivia finds out and gives him an ultimatum. It was inevitable that someone's heart would get broken, but Rachel truly believed it wouldn't be hers and certainly not twice within a matter of days.

Seventeen years later, Rachel has been married, widowed and moved on to a new life in a little Scottish village in Perthshire. But one day her life comes crashing down around her when she spots Steve and Olivia in a nearby town, looking happy and very much together. So sure she'd got over Steve, she soon realises she's never been able to move on since falling in love with him and when Steve sees her and follows her home, Rachel has to make it clear that she’s no longer the naive twenty-something he once knew.

But is she? Does the flame reignite when they meet again after seventeen years? And is Steve still in love with Rachel, or has he moved on?

Nightingale Woods is a down-to-earth romance focusing on the difficult issues infidelity creates, but with a humorous mixture of trying to overcome being "the other woman."

Nightingale Woods is available in
From all
Amazon stores

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Congratulations to Melanie Robertson-King

Congratulations to Melanie Robertson- King for her amazing achievement of third place finish in the 2012 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll

I remember when the 2011 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll opened in early 2012 thinking to myself, next year my book could be in this. I even voiced those musings to my publisher. The year went on and I had my head down in edits and travel plans for my trip to the debut of my book, organizing my blog tour and the Preditors & Editors Poll totally vanished from my conscious thoughts.

Shortly after 2013 arrived, I got an e-mail saying that voting in the 2012 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll would soon open, the length of times the polls would be open and that brought everything back to the fore. Waiting eagerly with bated breath for opening day, I was initially devastated because my book wasn’t there. But lo and behold, there was a spot at the bottom to write in your vote. With a huge sigh of relief, I added my book to the list and passed the word. Within days, I skyrocketed from oblivion into to second place, where I remained for most of the time. I dropped to third briefly before reclaiming second where I clung on gamely.

After the polls closed and the tallies were calculated, I found myself relegated to third place overall in my category. Initially, I was disappointed because I so wanted to bump the first place book out of that lofty position and claim it for myself, but then the more I thought about it, the more satisfied… no thrilled I was to finish where I did. After all, my book hadn’t been out an entire year (six months at the most) and some of these others quite possibly had been out longer so to wedge myself firmly into the top five was an achievement of epic (well maybe not quite) proportions.

The only regret I have about my achievement is that I couldn’t share it with my parents. But I know they’re smiling down on me, and chuffed to bits for me.

Now watch the trailer for
 A Shadow in the Past

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Music Was My First Love....

With music ringing in her ears, Michelle Betham talks about her passion, Music was my first love…

Followed very closely by writing, and hot on their heels was Donny Osmond, but that’s a whole other post that is.  Anyway, music may have been my first love, with writing just behind it, but now the two have merged together and become just as important as the other, as far as I’m concerned.  The two of them come as a pair and, in my opinion, they need each other.  Why?  Well, here’s an example as to why I need music to write, and why my writing needs music.

I’m in the process of finishing my seventh novel, Striker, a football-themed romance set in north east England.  But the ending was proving to be a slight stumbling block, for a number of reasons.  The story itself had changed slightly along the way, with some characters playing a bigger part than they’d originally intended to play and that had caused the ending I’d originally planned to use to become redundant.  I was happy with the way the story now played out, but could I think of a perfect way to end the book?  No.  I couldn’t think what to do for the best, and at one point I was saying hello to that unwelcome friend of all authors, writer’s block.  And then, one day, it just happened – a song came on the radio, something clicked, and there it was.  My perfect ending.  The lyrics of a song had given me the push I needed, the inspiration I’d been crying out for.  Music had saved the day.

Every single one of my books has, to some extent, been written with a “soundtrack” in mind.  My iPod is full of playlists I’ve made to go with each book, containing songs that have inspired everything from characters to storylines, and without them I’d be lost.  I’m one of those people that can’t write in silence – I have to have music playing, even if it’s just there in the background because sometimes, as I explained before, a song can start playing that just kick-starts a run of inspiration, opens a flood-gate to new ideas.  That’s how I see music and writing going together.  They work alongside each other for me, helping me, inspiring me.  For example, a song from Canadian rock band Nickelback’s album ‘The Long Road’ – ‘Do This Anymore’ – was the song that inspired my steamy Hollywood romance, ‘No Matter What’.  When I listened to that song I could visualise the story I wanted to write playing out in my head like a movie, with this song as a soundtrack.  It just felt right. 

If I didn’t have music I’d still be able to write, of course I would.  But it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.  Both music and writing are such huge parts of my life that it just seems natural they should fit together so well, and I hope it continues to happen for a long time to come.  I’ve got a lot more stories to write, a lot more characters to create, and a lot more music to listen to.  And I can’t wait to see how they all come together in the future.

So, am I the only one out there who uses music as a big inspiration when writing?  Somehow, I don’t think I am...

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Welcome Liz Ringrose

Please join us in welcoming our latest member to Famous Five Plus, Liz Ringrose.

I have been writing seriously for about fifteen years, but must admit to having written a very strange novel at the age of nine. It was a boarding school story with more than a swift nod to Enid Blyton. The story was so bad that when I read chunks of it to my mother she would stifle her laughter by pushing a tea towel into her mouth. I like to think my writing has improved since then. At least my readers laugh know when they’re supposed to laugh, now.

I did flirt with writing during the 1980s, even having some poems and articles published in magazines.  I won a local ghost story competition too but it wasn’t until the 90s that I joined Leicester Writers’ club and realised what pure joy being a writer can be.

Since then I’ve been president of the club and sold short stories to Woman’s Weekly and other magazines. I teach creative writing to adults and a very talented 11 year old.
I’ve written two novels, one of which, Unwrapping Angelo, was shortlisted in the 2008 Daily Mail/Transworld First Novel Award. I’ve also amassed a large number of wonderful writing friends who have helped me along the way. There is nothing quite like a group of writers getting together to discuss their craft.

I’m currently editing my second novel, The Art of Surfacing, set in my favourite city of Salzburg in Austria.  My novella, Favourite Things, also set in Salzburg, I self-published and is available to buy on Amazon Kindle.

When not writing or teaching I’m holed up in rural Leicestershire with my childhood sweetheart, listening to Mozart and caring for a variety of eccentric pets.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

HUG A BOOK with Michelle Betham

Hug A Book is sponsored by

It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Michelle Betham
You could win a Kindle copy of
No Matter What

Meet Michelle

 I've been writing ever since I was old enough to pick up a pen, but I started writing seriously around three years ago when I finally found the time - and the confidence - to sit down and write my debut novel, the epic Hollywood romance, 'No Matter What'. I write mainly steamy, sexy romances, but I have ventured into the world of rom coms with a couple of my books, and I've even written a gentle, sweet seasonal novella. But, as a fan of the likes of Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, my heart lies very much with the steamier side of things!
I now have six books published on Amazon for Kindle - 'No Matter What', the follow-up 'Illusions of Love', the sexy rock'n'roll romance 'See You At The Show', romantic comedies 'Bon Voyage' and 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise', and the Christmas novella 'Christmas Without Icing'. My seventh novel, 'Striker' - a sexy, football-themed romance set in the north-east of England - is due for release in the Spring of 2013.
After a couple of years living on the beautiful Canarian island of Tenerife - which was the inspiration for my comedy romance 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise' - I returned to my northern English roots and am now living in beautiful County Durham with my husband and our little West Highland Terrier, Archie.

Details of No Matter What

India Steven is an ordinary English girl from an ordinary English city, until a chance meeting with major movie star Reece Brogan catapults her into a new and extraordinary life that takes her from the streets of North East England to the glamour-filled world of Hollywood.

From legal secretary to movie star almost overnight, she’s living the dream. In a relationship with her drop-dead gorgeous, and incredibly sexy, co-star Kenny Ross, a house on the beach, and more money than she could ever imagine, it seems as though nothing can spoil her wonderful, new, glamorous life.

But hidden secrets, bitter jealousy, and a dangerous obsession are set to turn her incredible new life upside down, in ways she can’t even begin to imagine...

No Matter What is an epic, sexy, roller-coaster of a ride through two decades in the glamorous - and sometimes not-so-glamorous - lives of people who, due to circumstances thrown upon them, or just fuelled with a desperate need, will do anything – anything – it takes to get what, or who, they really want. No matter what...

Available for Kindle


Michael felt sick.  Did Kenny Ross have to hold her so close?  Surely she was big enough to walk the red carpet on her own?  Maybe he should have insisted he walk it with her, he was the director after all.  Kenny Ross may be the star of this movie but Michael was the director, he was just as important, if not more so.
He was finding it hard to concentrate if he was honest.  Trying to focus his attention on the interviews he was supposed to be giving to various reporters along the red carpet was proving difficult when he didn’t want to take his eyes off India.  She looked like something straight off the cover of a magazine; young and beautiful and different.  That’s what was so special about her, she was different.  Different to anyone else he’d ever wanted to be close to and that’s why he was desperate for her not to disappear from his life when all this was over.  He couldn’t let that happen.  He didn’t know if he’d be able to deal with her not being there.  But if he had no reason to contact her, no reason to be around her then how could he make sure she’d always be there?
That familiar punch to the stomach he felt every time he saw Kenny Ross touch her happened again as he watched India leave the side of Reece and go back to her young, handsome co-star.  Kenny’s arm immediately fell back around her waist, his hand resting lightly on her hip, and Michael felt as though the pain was becoming unbearable. It was literally making his chest hurt.  Was there something going on there?  He didn’t know.  He wished he did but he didn’t know.  He knew they had an extremely close friendship, that was no secret, and even that bothered him.  Why wasn’t he ten years younger?  Why couldn’t he be to her what Kenny Ross was?  But then, if she and Kenny were nothing but friends what was stopping him from making a move?  Because she didn’t look at him that way, that’s why. 
He turned his attention back to the crowd, back to the job in hand, smiling as he realised she may not look at him that way right now, but that just meant he’d have to work that little bit harder.  And Michael Walsh was no stranger to hard work.  If he wanted something he usually got it.  And he wanted India Steven.


Terry had already gone inside the theatre.  He was standing near the entrance, watching his sister as she mingled with the other stars, talking to reporters with the ease of someone who’d been doing this sort of thing for years and it was a strange thing to watch.  He’d never imagined her doing this.  She’d always been the kind of person who hated being the centre of attention, despite her outgoing personality.  Attention seeking was definitely more Charley’s bag.  But she was right there now, someone who was commanding attention everywhere she went and she was handling it so well.  She looked just like the professional young actress she was.  And the movie star she was going to be. 
Kenny was never far from her side though, Terry noticed.  Although glued to it would be a better description.  But he had to remember this was their movie, they were the stars, they were going to be doing a lot of promotional work together, he had to get used to that.  He just wished he was closer, wished he could keep a better eye on her.  Being so far away in Britain when she was here in L.A. wasn’t something he felt comfortable with.
“You worry about her, don’t you?”
Terry turned to see Reece Brogan standing next to him, and he couldn’t help but flinch slightly at the close proximity of such a famous movie star.  He still couldn’t quite get used to being in L.A.  “Of course I do.  I’m her brother.  And we’ve really only got each other.”
“What about your parents?” Reece asked, watching India as she talked to a TV reporter.  She’d taken to this so naturally.  She was born to do it, but he already knew that.
Terry looked back out at the crowded red carpet.  “Hasn’t she told you anything?” he replied, starting to fiddle with his watch again.  It was becoming a nervous habit.
“She’s told me you don’t have the same father.  That she doesn’t know who her real father is.”
“Then you’ll understand that she needs looking after.”
Reece nodded.  “I want her to be ok too, Terry.  I’m only looking out for her, you have to believe that.  There’s nothing sinister going on.  I just want her to be ok.”
Terry relaxed slightly.  He really had to start letting himself do that.  Some things he just couldn’t control, no matter how much he wanted to.  Reece had done nothing but care for his sister since she’d moved over here; finding her somewhere to live, making sure she got the right advice, saw the right people.  Maybe he should cut him a bit of slack and start trusting him.  If he couldn’t be there to keep an eye on India then maybe Reece could do that job for him.
“It might take some of the weight off you shoulders,” Reece said, almost reading Terry’s mind.  “She really will be ok.  I’ll make sure of that.”
Terry smiled, holding out his hand for Reece to shake.  “Thanks.”
Reece smiled back, glad that Terry was finally letting someone in.  He needed India’s brother’s trust more than anything. 
“It’s my pleasure.  Come on.  Let’s go and get a drink.”
One step at a time, thought Reece, as he followed Terry to the bar.  One little step at a time.


Charley was irritated.  They’d been herded up that red carpet like they didn’t matter, and Terry had told her they didn’t, in reality.  Nobody was there to see them.  They wanted India, Kenny, Reece and Michael.  But Charley wanted to be noticed too, especially here in L.A.  The city of dreams.  Because she had dreams too, didn’t Terry realise that?
They were all inside the theatre now, photographers and reporters still milling around looking for that perfect picture, that exclusive interview and she’d tried to make sure she was seen, tried to get close to Kenny Ross especially, but anyone who might provide a photo opportunity was fair game to Charley. 
She’d been grateful to India for bringing her forward and introducing her to a couple of people as her close friend from England, although she wished she’d told them she was a model, let her talk to some of these people for a bit longer.  Everything was so busy, moving along at such breakneck speed that Charley was finding it hard to keep up with it all, and even Terry had disappeared now.
She stood up on her tip-toes, scanning the room, suddenly spotting Kenny Ross on his own.  Grabbing her chance she made her way over to him, moving alongside him, gently bumping into him with her handbag as nonchalantly as she could manage.
He looked around, recognition taking a few seconds to sink in.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Charley said, smiling at him.
       He gave her a small smile back as he finally recognised India's friend.  “Charley, isn’t it?  You having a good time?”
         “It’s amazing!  I’ve never experienced anything like this before!”
Shut up Charley, she thought, you’re gushing.
He was still smiling at her, and the jealousy she felt at India being so close to this man washed over her with an intensity she’d never felt before.
India’s handling it like a professional though, don’t you think?” Kenny asked, looking around the room as if searching for her.
Why did he have to start talking about India again?  She’d had a whole speech planned and now he’d thrown her right off track.
“Oh, great, just what I need,” Charley muttered under her breath as India ran over to Kenny, almost flinging herself into his arms, and Charley felt that stab of jealousy again.  She couldn’t help it.  They way they were with each other, it was something she’d kill for.
“Charley!” India squealed, all smiles and Californian tan.  And what was with that outfit anyway?  Both of them looked like they should be at a rock concert not a red carpet premiere.  But then, India had never really had much sense of style, Charley thought, pulling the hem of her dress down slightly. 
“Come over here and talk to Vince,” India went on.  “You’ll like Vince.  He’s Michael’s co-producer and business partner and he owns this amazing hotel in Las Vegas.  We always wanted to go to Vegas, didn’t we?  Maybe if we’re nice to him he’ll give us some free rooms, huh?”
She grabbed Charley’s hand and pulled her away from Kenny, dragging her over to meet Vince Maine, and all Charley could do was run with it.  She’d bide her time, and that time would come.  Charley would make sure of that.

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