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Monday, 16 December 2013

Meet Our Sponsor Volkan Watches

Today at Famous Five Plus HQ, Pauline Barclay talks to entrepreneur Sam Cohen, the man behind Volkan Watches.

Hello Sam, thanks for taking time to come to FFP HQ, as you know you are a very special person to FFP with your sponsorship of our Books Page and our special weekend feature, Hug A Book, but you are far more famous for your fabulous designer Volkan watches.
What made you go into designing watches?

I have always had a passion for watches for as long as I can remember. I find them fascinating and having spent many years in the jewellery business I felt it was time for me to create not only a brand, but a collection of designer watches. In 2011 Volkan Watches was born.

What makes your watches special?

Living on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, an island that is as rugged as it is beautiful and where extreme sports are world known and respected, Volkan was born. These watches are designed to meet the demands of the extreme, from stepping out in a dress suit to keeping your cool surfing in the tumulus ocean.

Who are you aiming your designer watches to?

For everyone!  If style is in your makeup, then there is a Volkan watch in the collection for you.

This September you brought out a colourful range of watches for ladies, tell me more.

There are four eye catching colours to meet every occasion in this, the first of the ladies collection, pink, blue, white and black and all with Swiss movement.

Where can we find your watches?

You can purchase from the collection, on-line from our web site, shops throughout the Canary Isles, there are also a number of stockists in the UK.

What have you planned for the future?

To continue to design world class watches to meet every demand.

Thanks Sam for taking time out to come along to FFP HQ and talk about your fabulous new collection. They all look irresistible! Wishing you amazing luck with all your designer watches and as always thank you, not just from me, but from everyone in the group for your wonderful support.

To watch the trailer click on the link....

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  1. It's nice to meet you Sam, and I hope your designer watches sell a million. We really appreciate you sponsoring Famous Five Plus.

  2. My ipad doesn;t want to play ball this afternoon. This is my third attempt at trying to leave a message. Many thanks to Sam for his generous sponsorship of the Famous Five Plus. I love your watches and I'm plumping for the pjnk one - I write romance, after all.

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  4. Thank you so much Sam for your sponsorship. Everyone here at Famous Five Plus really appreciates it. I agree with Lizzie and like the pink one! Its a girl thing! x

  5. Volkan watches are not only lovely to look at, they're classy too. I'm writing a quartet, Sam. 4 sisters, 4 watches. Perfect. Thank you for sponsoring us at Famous Five Plus, Sam x

  6. Its great to 'meet' you Sam! We are so grateful to you for sponsoring HAB! Thank you so much and have a fantastic Christmas!! :)