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Monday, 2 December 2013

Eileen Schuh - Comfortable Promoting my Books

Eileen Schuh talks about her latest novel and the huge benefits derived from her exhausting 23 stop author tour.

They say an author’s favourite book should always be the last one she wrote and I’m a hundred percent in agreement with FIREWALLS, Book 3 in the BackTracker Series.  Everything from the sizzling cover to how the story begins, to the climax, the characters and the ending makes FIREWALLS my favourite.

This story veritably breathes, so alive does it become. The saga speaks directly to my heart; it moves me.  The characters are fascinating, they grow so much—morphing into virtuous, spiritual folk as the story wends through the pages. They solve crimes with their cleverness but overcome personal demons with their courage. They reach out to one another. They don’t give up on each other. They struggle, survive...thrive.

It may seem weird that I’m reviewing my own novel, but having just finished a 23-stop author tour, I’ve become comfortable with promoting my books. In fact, I’ve become passionate about them. I discovered early in the tour that audience revelled in my passion. The more confident and compelling I spoke of my books the more inspired my audience became.

They loved my stories of how the stories came to be, where the characters came from, what I learned from my novels, what I hoped the BackTracker Series would teach others. I quit apologizing for the course language and stammering over the content, and trying to explain away how little old me came to write about biker gangs and drug deals, murders, cybercrime and undercover police operations. 

Instead I glowed and crowed and read excerpts and answered questions. I laughed and cried and caressed the covers and riffled the pages. These were my novels. I wrote them all. I love them all. And FIREWALLS is the best one yet!

It’s best because it speaks to so many. It’s not just for youngsters. Not just for those who’ve made poor choices and must accept responsibility. Not just for those who need to grow up. FIREWALLS speaks to all of us with painful pasts. Whether or not our past traumas are our doing, whether or not we carry guilt, or whether our pain is of an accidental origin or perpetrated on us by others—whatever the cause we all must live with a past that will not go away, will not ever, ever change. We must learn to leave the pain behind. We must grow through that pain. We must somehow find a way to leave that pain in the past. Somehow.

FIREWALLS. Dedicated to those struggling with past traumas and to their loved ones who share their pain.

Eileen Schuh
Canadian Author


  1. Your enthusiasm shines through in this post. The whistle stop tour sounds exhausting but I know how exhilerating it can be talking about your books to avid readers and an interested audience. Good luck with the sales.

  2. You're right, Chris, that one can draw incredible energy from an audience. That was a a new experience for me--at once humbling and invigorating.