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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Who or What is the Love of my Life?

L-R Gordon Brown, Chris Longmuir, Will Jordan

Award winning author, Chris Longmuir reveals the answer to this question -Who or What is the Love of my Life?

Writers love to write, but they also have another love. What is that, I hear you say? Well, it’s simple really, it’s readers. Writers are nothing without readers, and even the most reclusive writer loves readers.

Well, this week I’m in my glory. Why? Again the reason is simple, it’s Book Week in Scotland, and lots of writers are out and about talking to readers.

I have my share as well. I did a talk on Monday evening as part of the Bloody Scotland on tour programme. Bloody Scotland, for those not in the know, is Scotland’s major crime festival which takes place each September and attracts the great and the good (writers) to come and talk to readers. There were three of us at that event Gordon Brown (author not MP), Will Jordan, and me. However, when it’s a panel of authors, talking to the audience can be a bit more formal than those times when there’s only the writer and the audience. The evening went well though, we each read a bit, talked a bit, and answered questions. So, it was a good evening.

Tuesday came and I was still talking because I did a library event at Brechin, a small town about 8 miles from where I live. I had a fabulous time there, the audience was warm and receptive, and it was a pleasure to be talking to them. This event had a cosier feel because I like to involve readers when I’m talking, it’s just like talking with friends at a party. So, the party was great, and quite a few of the readers who attended came up to me after to tell me how much they enjoyed it. It’s times like that which makes it all worth while. And one reader told me it was the first author event she had ever attended and it wasn’t what she had expected. You see, I wasn’t posh, I was just somebody like them. That made my day.

Oh, and I’m not finished yet. I have another talk tomorrow at a women’s group. Now I wonder what kind of audience they’ll be. But more importantly, will they like me!

Chris Longmuir


  1. I'm getting ready to pop off for my Thursday talk now. Wish me luck!

  2. My women's group talk was a fantastic success, another lovely group to talk to.