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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What is the Question? With Tanya J Peterson

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It’s WHAT IS THE QUESTION with Tanya J Peterson


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Meet Tanya

Tanya J. Peterson is credentialed as a Nationally Certified Counselor in the United States, and she’s been a teacher and a counselor in different settings.  Most recently she worked at a school for homeless and runaway adolescents.  Currently, her career has taken a different turn.  She is a novelist and a mental health writer as well as a speaker, and she seeks to entertain, to inform, and, most importantly, to increase understanding of mental illness and empathy and compassion for those who experience it.
Through her writing, Peterson seeks to change the way the world think about mental illness and the people who experience it.  She has chosen to write novels, fiction rather than non-fiction, because, she explains, “People empathize with characters in novels.  Commonly, people transfer their empathy to real-life human beings.”  As she writes, Peterson draws on both her professional background and her personal background as person with bipolar 1 disorder. 
Peterson does use non-fiction to increase understanding as well.  She has contributed to various mental health articles, both print and online, and she is one of two co-authors of the Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog on

Peterson’s novel Leave of Absence was released in April, 2013, and she has a second novel due to be published in early 2014.   

Blurb for Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence is a story of loss and a story of strength.  Oliver Graham is utterly bereft and laden with guilt in the aftermath of the traumatic deaths of his wife and son. He struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and complicated mourning. Penelope Baker wrestles with Schizophrenia and the devastating impact it has had on her once happy and successful life.  Believing she is no longer lovable, she thinks the only thing she has left to give to her fiancée William is his freedom.  Oliver and Penelope form a deep friendship that might be the key to their recovery, if recovery is possible.  Readers join them on their tumultuous journey through pain, struggle, and triumphs.  Author Tanya J. Peterson uses her professional background as a Nationally Certified Counselor and her personal background as a person with bipolar I disorder and anxiety to paint a realistic picture of mental illness, life in a behavioral health center, and the importance of human connection.  


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Eleanor Roosevelt and the Kerffies

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