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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Reviewed: Fly or Fall by Gilli Allan

Fly or Fall by Gilli Allan, reviewed by Joanna Lambert

"A Fabulous read.

I've read and enjoyed previous Gilli Allan books and this is yet another gem."

After her mother dies and her house sells for a huge amount of money, Eleanor and Trevor leave Battersea with their thirteen year old twins for life in the country. Eleanor has known only the roles of motherhood and carer to a frail parent. The move, driven by Trevor, sees them settling down into village life with all the usual changes and upheaval plus the daily interruption of builders. Eleanor (or Nell as she is called)meets new friends and spreads her wings, learning to drive and taking on a part time bar job at the local fitness centre. But as time moves on she begins to see the reality of the place and discover what is really going with other people. Are the idyllic lives of the promiscuous and well-heeled Felicity and Katharine all that they seem? Why does her husband Trevor suddenly seem so immersed in his work and fault-finding with almost everything she does? And what of the enigmatic womanising Patrick who appears to want nothing more from her than friendship? These and other events within the story conspire to bring about some dramatic life-changing experiences for Nell; changes she could never have imagined possible.

Gilli expertly weaves both plot and characters together in detail, driving a real 'must-read' forward to its conclusion. I absolutely loved it!

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