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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gilli Allan is on the Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

Gilli Allan is taking part in the spooky, Halloween Giveaway Blog-Hop

“The time has come to start sculpting scary pumpkin faces, lay in a stock of sweets and practise a scary cackle for when you come to open the front door to hungry 'trick or treaters', on Thursday.

“I'm doing all the above, but as an added extra this time, I've banded together with several other writers, and am taking part in a Halloween blog-hop organised by the estimable Francine Howarth. We are offering books as prizes in return for a correct answer to a question.

“I have to confess straight away, that my newly published book, FLY OR FALL, has no link whatsoever to Halloween. There are no pumpkins, ghosts or witches. It's a grown up love story that has just garnered it's first review. I'm thrilled to say it's a *Five Star* !”

To take part, visit read the prologue to FLY OR FALL and answer the laughably simple question. 

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