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Friday, 4 October 2013

Finding Pinterest – Or has it found me?

Chris Longmuir on finding Pinterest!

I waste far too much time on social media when I should be writing, so I resisted Pinterest for a long time. I made excuses to myself. I didn’t have time to learn how to find my way around a new media, after all, I’m still learning about Twitter, and I’m not convinced I’ve mastered that. So, I’m not really sure why I succumbed to Pinterest eventually.

At one time you needed to be invited to join Pinterest, by either asking them for an invitation or getting a friend who was already a member to issue one. However, this no longer applies and all you have to do is sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account. So I took my courage into my hands and applied to join, and it was a relatively simple, painless process, although you are asked to follow five Pinterest users, but that’s no problem because they make suggestions and it’s all people you know. I can only assume they snaffle the information from your Facebook or Twitter page.

Okay, now you’ve joined and logged in, what do you see? Well the first place you land is the main Pinterest page which is full of lovely photos. These are photos pinned from their boards by the people you are following. But at this moment in time you don’t have any boards. So how do you make a board?

Well, it’s simple really. At the top right hand corner of the main page you will see a plus sign then a photo of yourself followed by your name. If you click on the plus sign it gives you three choices – ‘Upload a Pin’ – ‘Add from a website’ – ‘Create Board’. So if you click on the last one you can make your first board, give it a name, and a description, and you have a lovely empty board waiting for you to pin your own photos etc.

If you click on the area bearing your photo you will get another drop down menu with a list of option, the top two being ‘Your Boards’ and ‘Your Pins’. Click them and you will see all your boards. I presume you’re not going to stop at one! At the left hand top corner there is also a search box and next to it a square with three lines in the middle. If you click on the square it will give you a selection of search items to narrow your search down. Oh, and if you click on the name of a person under any of the photos already pinned, it will take you to all their boards, and if you click on the board the pin has come from, it will take you to that specific board. Last thing, if you click on Pinterest in the middle, it will take you back to the main page.

Pinning something is easy. You can either repin something from the main page, probably the best way to start, so you can see how it works. To do that just hover your cursor over the photo you are interested in and click the red Pinit button. To pin something from a website, check if it has a Pinit button first because this is the easiest way to do it. Or choose ‘Add from website’ from your plus sign drop down menu. All you have to do then is copy the website link and paste it into the box that comes up. There is a Pinit button you can add to your browser but I’ve found it doesn’t always work, maybe it’s just me. So there you have it – happy pinning.

One last thing before I go. If you click on one of the photos in Pinterest the photo will come up in a separate box, if you click it again you will get whatever it is fronting, for example a blog. So it’s not just pretty pictures, it’s also a mine of information.

Chris Longmuir

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  1. I thought you might find it interesting and it isn't as time consuming as I thought, unless you want it to be.

  2. I've just pinned this blog to two of my boards - the 'Pinterest Info' one, and the 'Social Media' one, which means if anyone is curious about what I've said they can click right through to the blog.

  3. Pinterest is awesome. I'm pinning this to my Social Media Marketing Board

  4. I LOVE Pinterest! Great post, Chris! x