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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Carol Wright Talks About Her Blog Nomination

Today, Pauline Barclay is at FFP HQ  chatting with the lovely Carol Wright, AKA Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog

“Carol, please take a seat, make yourself comfortable and help yourself to coffee and cakes!  They are all homemade!"

Thank you for having me as guest today.  Just a cuppa tea and coffee cake for me, please. Splash of milk and half a sugar. Just cannot give up that last half a sugar.

Nothing like a little sweetness to keep you going and you certainly are a busy lady. Buzzing around Social Media at the moment is talk about awards and nominations and I’ve heard from several sources that your fabulous Blog has been shortlisted at the Festival of Romance, tell us a little about how you came to be nominated.

Thank you. I am so thrilled that Festival of Romance is acknowledging Book Bloggers in their awards for the first year.  I am not sure how we were all nominated. I was not aware of this award until I found out I was a nominee.  I am attending the Festival and will be reporting back on all the winners on my return.

Congratulation and I have everything crossed.  Good luck too! Now when did you start your Blog?

I began blogging in July 2011.

What inspired you to create Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog?

I was searching the internet for book suggestions similar to Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. This led me to a USA book blog.  I didn't know what a blog was at that time. I started following blogs to get more book recommendations. 
Then I decided to share my recommendations with others.  So began, the Little book blog. At first I reviewed books from my own shelves and after about 6 months I began to get review requests.

You are an avid reader. How many authors have been on your Blog?

I have lost count, I am embarrassed to say. My count says 234 author posts, although some authors return more than once.

How many posts have you posted since your Blog began?

Now that is a timely question. I have just posted my 999th post.  :)

That is a fantastic number! Please tell how do authors get to appear on your Blog?

There are several ways an author appears on the blog. Sometimes a publisher or author will contact me directly and ask for a guest spot. Sometimes, I will see a news snippet or tweet that prompts me to contact the author offering a guest spot.  Sometimes, I will contact an author when I know they have a new title due to be published. There is also a contact form, for authors who write in my selected genre, to get in touch for a guest spot.

Are there any genres you prefer?

Yes, Chick-lit, Hen-lit (for over 40's with baggage), Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance.

Last Christmas you ran a special feature on the lead up to Christmas, Christmas Fun, have you plans to do something similar this year?

The Festive Fun feature had over 30 authors, with guests every day in the lead up to Christmas. It was so popular I ran the Summer Fun Feature with over 45 authors taking part and many giveaways.  Lots of work getting these features together, but so worthwhile. I am toying with the idea of a Festive feature again but not sure if too close to the Summer Fun feature. 

Finally some quick fire questions…

Favourite month of the year
March – Spring is coming

Favourite colour

Cat or dog person?
Dog. Petrified of cats.

High heels, kitten heels or flats?
Heels for date night with hubby, flats for school run (walk) and kitten heels would be my choice overall.  Love kitten heels.

Favourite TV program
I don't really watch much tv, preferring books.  The tv is on but I tend to dip in and out of it. At this moment Gogglebox is my favourite. Watching tv, watching folks watching tv.

Lark or owl? (early up or late in bed)
Lark. I am awake by 7 and cannot lie in. Once I am awake I have to get up.  I tend to go to bed about 9pm but recently have been burning the candle and staying up until 11 or 12!

A big thanks Carol for taking time out of your manic schedule to stop by FFP HQ and as I said earlier everyone at FFP has their fingers crossed for you at the Festival of Romance. Good luck and come back and tell us how it all went!

You can visit Carol’s Blog by clicking here


  1. Pauline,
    Thank you for having me as guest on your lovely blog, it is an honour.
    Thank you for your good wishes.


  2. With all your hard work you deserve to be nominated for the award, Carol. Good luck x

  3. Great interview and Carol made a lovely guest. Pity you don't do crime as well, Carol.

  4. Good luck, Carol!! Fingers crossed you win xx

  5. Woohooo! I am so excited for your nomination, Carol, it's so well deserved ~ you do an amazing job supporting authors, you really rock. Here's wishing you best of luck, can't wait to clink glasses with you at the Festival. :-) Good luck! Oh and, great interview, too. 999 posts ~ wow, you must be over 1000 now. Awesome. I am totally in awe. Rock on!!!

  6. Great interview, Carol and Pauline. Thanks for all your hard work, Carol! I've very much enjoyed following your blog, and am excited for your nomination. Good luck!

  7. Well done on being nomiated for this award Carol. You work really hard to promote authors and it is well deserved. See you there at the FOR.