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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reviewed: Fatal Error by Eileen Schuh

The BookFatal Error Book 2 of the BackTracker Series by Eileen Schuh

Reviewed byKaren Vryant Doering

In the first novel of the BackTracker series,  The Traz, we meet our protagonist Katrina as a 12 year old runaway. Grieving the death of her parents and unable to cope with her new guardians Katrina is on the streets and vulnerable.  While her high IQ makes her appear street wise and assured she is still a underage and undersized young girl lacking self-control and the mature compass needed to set clear definable boundaries.  Recruited into an outlaw motorcycle gang for both her skills on a computer and for one member of the gang's desire to somehow rescue her from a life on the streets.

In Fatal Error we meet Katrina as a 13 year old who has been rescued by the police from the gang and is now trying to save herself from the misguided being led by the uninformed. As Katrina sinks further into despair and mistrust, those who are supposed to be protecting her  fail miserably to both understand and nurture the young genius.  Motivated by the desire to justify their actions and protect themselves from responsibility they begin to see the child as the matrix of the  problem instead of recognizing their own complicity in all that has occurred.

As Katrina ages and begins to mature she must face all the horror that has befallen her, take responsibility for her own actions and begin the painful  journey to adulthood.  Trapped between her fear of gang retribution and police prosecution Katrina must be her own advocate. With slow and hesitant steps forward  Katrina tries to navigate a world that treats her as a responsible adult while she is still struggling to find her way through her adolescent years. 

Katrina is one of the most compelling and haunting characters I have had the pleasure to meet between the covers of a book. She is not easily forgotten and will be with me for some time to come. This is a novel  I am pleased to recommend to those who desire both a good story and characters who  come alive.


  1. Great review, can't wait to read FATAL ERROR.

  2. Thank you for reading FATAL ERROR and taking the time to write a review. I'm so happy that young Katrina has woven her way into your brain and heart. The next book in the series FIREWALLS will soon be released, so let the haunting continue...