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Saturday, 28 September 2013

HUG A BOOK with D S Ingram

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It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with D S Ingram (Debbie)


You could win a Kindle copy of
Angel Girls

Meet Debbie

Debbi Ingram. I am a mother of two boys, and a new grandmother to baby Amelia. I was born and raised in Islington London, but have lived in East London
for seventeen years. I am passionate about animals and dogs in particular. I have two dogs, a Labrador and a Parsons Jack Russell. I started writing seriously five years ago as I had to give up work after a stroke.
I had always loved writing, but had never had the time before to pursue it. I made a full recovery from the stroke and heart surgery and it changed my life for the better. I started taking my writing seriously. Poppy Days was published on Kindle in February 2012.

Details of Angel Girls

Carrie Miller and her daughter Sarah share a dark secret that no one must ever discover. A secret surrounding the demise of a brutal husband and father. Carrie and Sarah are determined that no one will ever uncover the truth. Not even Jonny Mason the handsome young man who adores Sarah and would do anything for her. Even Sarah's best friend, Suzy Pond does not know the terrible truth. Suzy is too busy coping with her wayward boyfriend, Billy. How will she cope when he steals from her and leaves her pregnant and alone? How will Jonny cope when his own beloved father has been brutally attacked and left for dead? As one young man's life spirals out of control, the women around him gather their strength.Some secrets are better left alone, some friendships are shattered forever, whilst others are strong enough to weather the most terrible of tragedies.

Available for Kindle & Paperback



Carrie Miller had been shocked the first time her Tommy had hit her.
 Not her darling Tommy! They had been together since their school days and had got married on her birthday, in June 1943. They had always had a volatile relationship, but in the beginning, it was Tommy’s fiery personality that Carrie had found exciting. Tommy had a short temper, but he had never been violent.  Well, not towards her, anyway. She had seen him have a few fights with other boys at school, and he often clashed with his brothers, but he was very protective towards her, and had always treated her well. She had felt safe with Tommy by her side. She thought he would always protect her. When they had argued, they had always made up over a kiss and a cuddle.
 Carrie Barlow, as she was then, had fallen for Tommy Miller the first time she had seen him. He had been the new boy in her class at school, a tall, dark haired lad with a cheeky grin, and a twinkle in his eye. They had both been twelve. All the other girls in the class had given Tommy the eye, but he had ignored all of them except Carrie. She had given him a shy smile, and he had grinned back at her. She had felt her heart give a little flutter. She never forgot that feeling, the first spark of love. He had asked to carry her books home and they had been inseparable after that. Carrie had felt very special. The handsomest boy in the whole school had singled her out! All the other girls were green with envy. Tommy had even had a playground scuffle with Gerald Dowelling, the tall blonde boy who kept smiling at Carrie across the classroom. Gerald had never looked her way after that, not after Tommy had blacked both his eyes. Tommy and Gerald had both been hauled into the headmasters study for that and had been given the cane for fighting, but Tommy had said it was worth it, Carrie belonged to him. Carrie had not thought of it as being possessive, at that tender age such a thought would never have entered her head. No, she had been flattered. It was not exactly a romance at that age either but they both knew, even then, that one day they would get married. Carrie knew she would never look at anyone else. She had told Tommy that, and meant it after he and Gerald had that fight. Now she had her Tommy she would never look at any one else. Poor little Carrie Barlow. Her fate had already been sealed.

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  1. Angel Girls sounds intriguing. I love what I've read about the characters. I'm going over to Kindle to read more. Good luck. Hope the book has lots of hugs x

  2. Thank you so much Madalyn. Very much appreciated. x

  3. I have Angel Girls on my iPad and I can't wait to read it. Love the premise.