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Friday, 30 August 2013

Silverwing Castle for Authors!

Another wonderful, imaginative story from D S Ingram, author of Angel Girls and Poppy Days.

Friends and fellow authors, I would like you to come on a little journey with me. I hope you have packed your sandwiches, put on your comfy shoes and brought plenty of sucky sweets. Now, here we go. I am taking you for a sneaky peak around Silverwing Castle. We are off to Fairyland. It doesn't take too long to get there, you won't even need a valid passport, just a vivid imagination. That's it, just close your eyes and let your mind drift...and here we are.

It will be exactly as you expected, because of course, Fairyland is whatever your imagination believes it to be. For me it is a beautiful place, filled with flowers and bird song and magical creatures. We will stroll past Norbert the Gnome. Don't mind him, he is a bit grumpy but he is only saying all the things you say to yourself when you are procrastinating instead of actually writing. Just skip past his toadstall, and don't linger too long or he'll try to steal your thunder.

Once we get past the bluebell woods, where we can stop at the daydreams gift shop, we will come to a clearing and there it is! Silverwing Castle. (Did you spend lots of money in the gift shop? The snippets of authentic conversation to include in your new book are very good.)

At the moment, Silverwing Castle isn't quite looking it's best, because The Ideal Gnome show are giving it a bit of a makeover, and it takes time. The foundations are strong, but the bodywork needs a bit of an overhaul.

Silverwing Castle is where all the retired fairies go. It takes in all the spent fairies who have run out of ideas and fairy dust. You didn't think you came up with that plot line without their help, did you? of course not. Fairies don't spend all their time fluttering their wings, sleeping in flowers and waving wands about. Night and day the fairy folk work, pouring inspiration into our minds as we sleep, they have fairy tales to write. Do you often find yourself sitting up with a jolt in the wee small hours, an idea buzzing in your head? You just have to go and scribble it down before it's off again? well, that means the fairies have been. 

You see, once you outgrow the need for the tooth fairy, they move up a gear. They polish their wands, and set to work. Writers, artists, sculptors. They all need fairy dust. Far away in fairyland they toil, day and night to bring us the words we long for. The brush work that catches the likeness or the fingers that tingle in order to sculpt that masterpiece. What happens, however, when those poor hard working fairies grow weary? do their wings droop, do their wands waver? well, sadly, for some, the answer is yes. They end up in Gnome Mans land.

Luckily, though, the vast majority make it to Silverwing Castle to live out their days in comfort. They sit around the waterfall, knitting poetry for pleasure instead of churning out epic sagas and best sellers. 
I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Try not to wake the typewriter as you tip toe outside. Please help yourself to fairy cakes as you leave. Just remember, a fairy is for life, not just for the top of the Christmas tree.

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  1. I loved that story and really, really wanted to visit Silverwing Castle.

  2. Thank you Chris. You would be most welcome any time! Just ask for fairy Silverwing, who has been looking after me since I was a tot.Tell her I sent you and she will sprinkle you with fairy dust and send you off with some new sparkle.xxxx

  3. Me too? Thanks so much, Deb. I needed a bit of Silverwing Castle this morning!

  4. Of course you too! all are welcome.Pop a smile or two in your pocket, put your tongue firmly in your cheek and off we go. x

  5. Gnome Man's Land! AWESOME! Brilliant, Debbie. Absolutely love this :D x