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Monday, 12 August 2013

Proudly Presenting your Baby!

Kathryn Brown, talks about stepping forward and proudly presenting your work professionally.

Some of our members on Famous Five Plus have several books available, all wonderfully-written and thought-provoking novels that any reader will want to sink their teeth into. I think for any author, there will always be that special book that they’ve written, one which captured their imagination more than the rest and will be considered as their ‘baby’. Since the boom in self-published authors overwhelmed the publishing industry, we’ve seen indie authors pen some amazing titles, most of which have been hugely successful with glowing reviews and feedback any author would be proud of. One only needs to browse the virtual shelves of the many eBook sites to see the immense collection. I guess it can be quite difficult for some readers to choose a book from these shelves, especially when there are so many.

But we indie authors have a duty to ourselves to step forward and proudly present our work to an audience; even the books we don’t particularly consider our ‘baby’ should be marketed professionally and tenaciously in order to reach the widest selection of keen readers. As I shall be releasing my third book, Bedknobs and Bachelors, in September, I have now started thinking about promotion and marketing strategies and all the places I need to be, usually all at the same time. These days, most authors market their work online: platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to name just two of the more popular social media networks. It’s so important to get the promotion right as it can mean make or break for your book if you become lapsed in your approach. I know I spent an awful lot of time promoting my last book, Nightingale Woods, and it did reach a vast audience, but my first book, Discovery at Rosehill, my ‘baby’, was, in a way, my practice run; a trial and error on what works best.

Because I’d done my homework on marketing my second book well before I released it, I was fortunate enough to sell many copies of my first book also, because I knew more about what was needed in the way of promoting my work. Having a few days where you drop the price, offering the book for free, doing a giveaway; it may not add much to your profits but in the long run it does add to your audience. People get to know about your other books and if they enjoyed the one you marketed to within an inch of its life, they’re most likely to seek out your others.

When I release my third book, Bedknobs and Bachelors, I shall once again not only be promoting it, but will also be promoting my other two. I’m no expert in marketing, in fact I confess to knowing very little about it apart from what I’ve learned through others, but what I do know is that it’s paramount to get out there and show the world your ‘baby’, because, as I’ve discovered, it really does help your audience make the decision to buy your other books, too.  

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