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Saturday, 30 March 2013

HUG A BOOK with Liz Ringrose

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It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Liz Ringrose


You could win a Kindle copy of
Favourite Things

Meet Liz

Childhood Sundays were not playing out days for me so once I’d exhausted all my library books there was nothing for it – I just had to write my own stories.  These involved brave, adventurous girls who managed to save the world in an afternoon but smuggle themselves back into boarding school before prep.
            As school years progressed I amassed stories, poems and a short novel with the occasional acceptance in the school magazine. Oh, that first buzz of seeing your name in print.
As an adult I took up serious writing during the 1980s, having some articles published in magazines and I won a ghost story competition.  When I joined a local writing club I realised how wonderful it is to be among fellow writers.
Now I teach creative writing to a group of enthusiastic adults and also a talented eleven year old. I’ve written a novella and two novels, one of which, Unwrapping Angelo, was shortlisted in the 2008 Daily Mail First Novel Award.  My novella, Favourite Things, is set in the Austrian city of Salzburg and is available on Amazon Kindle.
When I’m not writing or travelling in Austria I’m usually holed up in rural England with my childhood sweetheart, Nigel, listening to Mozart and caring for an assortment of eccentric pets.

Details of Favourite Things

Kirsty is living her dream in the Austrian city of Salzburg working as a Sound of Music tour guide. She and Anton, the coach driver, are a good team until the day Mike Hayes, a surly young Englishman, takes the tour. Is Mike unhappy or just unfriendly? Kirsty wants to find out; but in doing so she is drawn into a mystery that means she must confront her romantic feelings both past and present.

Available for Kindle:

At the end of the tour I go with him to take the coach to the garage and we walk back to the office through Mirabelgarten.  It’s a lovely warm evening, the flower borders are a riot of colour and I don’t know why but I feel sentimental watching couples strolling hand in hand. Anton suddenly darts away into the hedge tunnel that the Sound of Music fans love to run along.  I sprint to try and beat him to the far end but we arrive together, laughing, leaning against the hedge to catch our breath back and then somehow he reaches for me and we’re kissing.  How on earth did that happen?  We’re clinging together, his arms hold me tightly and I never want the kiss to end.  But when it does we stare at each other in disbelief until he laughs and takes my hand and we run to the entrance of the garden and out into Makartplatz.  As we turn the corner Mariette is standing outside the office talking to a tall man.  We let go our hands but the smile I was going to give to Anton never reaches my lips.  The tall man turns and the world stands still.  The tall man is Jake.

Liz’s Links

What is the name of the Tall Man?

Answers in the comments and good luck!

Friday, 29 March 2013

From All of Us!

It's Good Friday and from everyone at Famous Five Plus we wish you a fantastic day with your family, friends and a good book!

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Two Book Fairs for You!

Author Francine Howarth shares with Famous Five Plus two fantastic On-line Book Fairs, which you could be part of!

Contemporary Novelists

Historical Novelists

Full details and links are here so take a look and sign up for these exciting events.

On-line Book Fair for Contemporary Novelists

Here is your chance to showcase your latest novel within this 4 day on-line book fair April 19 - 22. The more people hear about it the more people will join. The more books listed the more there will be for readers to browse and explore your lists of books.

This is a Book Fair for authors and readers who love contemporary romances, romantic suspense novels, family sagas or lovely tales of village/town life with a touch of romance.  

 Think market stall and make your blog "page display" eye-catching. You want people to visit your blog so make the effort and visit other listed blogs. 

Join in the fun, and remember, you have four days to browse the fair and one second to make someone else stop and read your blog. 

Get all the details and sign up by clicking on the link!

On-line Spring Book Fair - Historical Novelists Only

Here is your chance to showcase your latest novel within this 4 day on-line book fair. The more people hear about it the more people will join. The more books listed the more there will be for readers to browse and explore your lists of books.

This is a Book Fair for authors and readers who love stepping back in time.  

Whether your work is of a literary bent, frivolously romantic or you rate it a swashbuckling epic series, then show us what you've got. Think market stall and make your blog "page display" eye-catching. You want people to visit your blog so make the effort and visit other listed blogs. 

Join in the fun, and remember, you have four days to browse the fair and one second to make someone else stop and read your blog. 

Get all the detail and sign up by clicking on the link.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Peggy Stanton Chats with Janet Beasley

Today Peggy Stanton is back in the chair, and poised with a list of questions, chats with the effervescent Janet Beasley.

Peggy: You know Janet when I look at your picture it makes me smile. Are you always smiling like that? 

Janet: You've got me blushing. But to answer your question, why of course! Oh Peggy I'm just kidding (not about blushing, but about smiling all the time). . .I wouldn't be human if I did. I will admit though,  a smile is the one thing you will see most when it comes to my facial ware collection, but there are those few times in life that somehow rip it right from my lips. . .I do my best not to let that happen. My goal each and every day is to bring at least one smile to one face somewhere on the planet. 

Peggy: Well I can tell you, Miss Janet you have most certainly brought a smile to my face. Now I see from my notes that you live in Florida USA.  I admit to being impressed and envious! You know, I’ve been to New England, but never to your sunny part of that great country of yours. Do tell me what I’m missing.

Janet: Oh my - there's not enough time to tell all that you're missing, but how about I give you the highlights? There's all of the wonderful theme parks we're most known for - and I must say, even living local they never get old no matter how old a person is! It's so much fun to "escape" to a fantasy land. Next would be our beaches. From the sugary white sands in the pan handle to the shell covered beaches of Sanibel Island and on to the stunning waves of the east coast there's a beauty that surrounds this state in so many ways. Thirdly the sunsets anywhere on the Florida coast are nothing shy of amazing.

The last highlight I'll dwell on is probably the most unknown of Florida. That would be central Florida, Lake County in particular, where there are rolling hills, farmland, beautiful spring fed rivers to kayak, forests, and wildlife that's a bit different from that you find on the beaches - the Silver River has its fair share of gators and fowl but it also holds a monkey population that stems from Silver Springs Nature Park. We love to go kayaking just to catch a glimpse at them. Lake County also holds the beautiful city of Mount Dora - where artists and authors are welcomed with open arms...and yes, that's right in my back yard...I couldn't be happier.  

Peggy: My words that will teach me to ask! And should I win the lottery you just might find me knocking on your door so you can show me these wonderful sights. Now as I drag myself back down to earth, tell what is the idea behind the strange title to you book, Maycly. What does it mean, because I’ve no idea?

Janet: I absolutely love when people ask me this! It is a dedication to my mother and father (it's their initials combined) as they've always made my life a living fairy tale. Another question I get ask is how to pronounce it. . .I tell people how ever they wish, but I pronounce it May - cly, sounding like may - fly.

Peggy: What a wonderful dedication. Hopefully no one will consider doing something like that with my name, it could read PEST! Changing tack here, tell me something about yourself that other people don’t suspect. I’m inclined to be nosey, not that it is common knowledge. So go on share a secret with me.

Janet: That would have to be the hidden agenda of if my husband and I could do anything in the world we would race offshore boats. Yes, I'm a speed-freak when it comes to water. One who loves the sound of huge horsepower growling from an engine inside or multiple engines hanging off the back of a 40 - 60 foot fiberglass masterpiece that's slicing through the water around 200 mph in style! Did I mention we'd like to retire on a speed yacht? But guess what - if that never happens, I'm happy floating down the crystal clear waters of Florida's natural springs in our kayak, photographing nature.

Peggy: goodness me, you are a one for wanting to live in the fast lane. At a more sedate pace, I hear you like to be in front and behind a camera making videos and talking to people what is all that about? Are you planning on a move to Hollywood?

Janet: I love being behind the camera as I'm a retired special effects technician, you know, smoke, fog, special lighting, things that go boom. I love being in front of the camera and sharing the excitement of the moment with others in hopes of bringing a smile (hmmmm, where have we heard that before?). I think that visual media is a wonderful tool in so many ways. It makes events in life much more personal when we can see and hear them right before our eyes. Imagine if literary agents or publishers would accept short videos along with our written submissions. . .it would give them the chance to meet us first hand. I've been told many times, "Janet, if you could just meet the literary agent in person and share your excitement about your Hidden Earth Series they would have a hard time saying no." And heavens no! I'm not planning on moving to Hollywood - I'm hoping Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson soon find Maycly the Trilogy and we can move to New Zealand for a bit while the film shoot is in progress. Then we'd have to move to the west of the USA to film Volume 2 Planet Land since there are cowboys, then it would be on to Sweden or Norway for Volume 3 Planet Water since it contains vikings. Volume 4 Planet Sky would have to be filmed in the Himalayas where dragons and giant birds can soar, Volume 5 Planet Fire with its dinasaurs in Fiji, and Volume 6, the grand finale to the series. . .it would have to be a fairy tale land. 

Peggy: I’ll give you this Miss Janet you’ve a vivid imagination with or without a camera. Dare I ask what is your favourite room in your house?

Janet:  Hands down, my writers den. The walls are "scrapbooked" with illustrations, maps, photos, and so much more. The lighting is low, and the music is what ever I need it to be. My dog has a small bed on my desk by the window where I can look out across a pond and watch the baby Sandhill Cranes grow up, and in the evening the sunsets can be viewed out of the same window. I created the room to inspire me each and every time I enter there.

Peggy: From listening to you today, you are truly inspired. Your den sounds my kind of place. Hearing all about your favourite places, what is your least favourite food? 

Janet: Coconut - I know, I know, how will I ever survive in Fiji

Peggy: Now that did surprise me, not only your choice, but your short answer! So my dear friend, if I was to invite you to my lovely little bungalow, what drink would I need to have in my cupboard for you?

Janet: Nothing fancy, just some homemade hot chocolate with a caramel bit melting in it.
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Going to the Flicks!

Today we're going to the flicks to watch some great films. So make sure you've got a drink, a bag of popcorn and your feet up!

A Shadow in the Past
by Melanie Robertson-King

Coffee Tea the Gypsy & Me
by Caroline James

Alternate Rialto
by Kimberly Menozzi

A Salt Splashed Cradle
by Chris Longmuir

Stalker in Partadise
by Francine Howarth

The Lost Soul
by Suzy Turner

Hope you enjoyed a day at the flicks! And to watch all our trailers visit our Trailer Page!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Francine Howarth Reviews Sometimes It Happens...

"Sometimes it Happens... by Pauline Barclay is one of the funniest - and by that I mean hilarious – books I’ve read in a long while," says Francine Howarth.

The protagonist, Doreen Wilkinson, is a down to earth working class mum who’s won the lottery, and when you got a whole load of dosh you might just as well enjoy it in style and that’s what she does. But when Doreen and her daughter descend on Villas Bonitas, a place where the pretentious middle-classes take their holidays within a luxurious gated villa complex, Doreen feels a tad out of place. A little daunted by her good fortune she can nonetheless smoke and drink herself to oblivion if the fancy takes her, but how can she capture happiness and hold onto it?

Whilst Doreen comes to terms with the reality of wealth her daughter is getting down and dirty with local talent, which in turn draws a rather observant nosey character into play. Tensions, snobbery and secret assignations abound as the villas fill with an array of occupants of differing moral standards. As individual cameos and sequences begin to play out a reader quickly gains insight to the lives of Doreen’s neighbours. And it’s not long before Doreen is faced with the reality that she may be a long way from England but the World is merely a global village, and as blasts from the past step forth she has to face up to a past mistake that needs righting: but how?

Sometimes it Happens is a light fun read but a few Doreen tears are shed along the way, and each villa has a story to tell all of its own. Ms Barclay plays on the senses as she paints a delightful paradise setting with words, and the characters are bold, sometimes brassy and cheeky with it. A recommended read to brighten any miserable day (meaning English weather).
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

HUG A BOOK with Eileen Schuh

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It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Eileen Schuh


You could win a Kindle copy of
The Traz

Meet Eileen

I'm from Alberta, Canada and The Traz is my first novel and the first book in my BackTracker series which was released in May 2011 as an eBook and is now out in paperback. Schrödinger’s Cat, a psychological crime thriller that spans two universes was released in both eBook and print formats by Wolfsinger Publications in August 2011. My latest book, Fatal Error was published in 2012.

Details of The Traz

Katrina is thirteen, wealthy, grieving, and alone. But she is more than that. She's intelligent, beautiful, and intrigued by the dangers of street life.

Shrug's a giant of a man with a voice of thunder and eyes of granite. He has tattoos, The Traz gang patch, and a motorbike. When he asks Katrina if she wants a ride, she makes a decision that will change her life forever.

Katrina quickly discovers the violent side of life on The Traz compound. However, there is no way for her to escape until she meets Chad—an undercover cop with rich brown eyes, a gentle chuckle, and a plan to rescue Katrina from the clutches of the gang. However, there's a problem.

Somebody is keeping dangerous secrets from them both.

Available for Kindle & paperback



Cambridge Bay, December 1986

"How's my girl with the sunshine curls?" Dave Buckhold asked as he swung Katrina over his head. His young daughter squealed. He hugged her to his chest and her laughter subsided.
"Daddy! Daddy! Give me a kiss!" He nuzzled his lips to her tiny ear and gave her a million kisses. Beyond a doubt, Katrina was his reason for living. He pried her from his neck and set her down. "Where's Mom?"
A scowl replaced her smile. "I don't know."
"What do you mean, you don't know?"
Katrina reached for his hand. "She's somewhere."
Dave picked her up. She was four but so tiny. It was as if he had a toddler in his arms. He headed down the hall, flicking on lights as he went. "Tanesa?" he called. He frowned at his wife curled on the sofa. "Why are you lying here in the dark? You have a child to look after."
Tanesa kept her eyes shut. "She looks after herself fine."
Dave hugged Katrina tighter and cast the woman a long, silent gaze. His wife was nothing like their daughter. She was dark, in both skin tone and mood, and had none of the fine features that defined Katrina. Her straight black hair contrasted with Katrina's amber curls, and Tanesa was tall, matching him in height at five foot ten. At one time, he'd loved both her vulnerability and coarse beauty.
"Aren't you even going to say hi to me?" he eventually asked.
Tanesa slowly opened her eyes. "Hi."
"Katrina's too young to look after herself. Where's supper?"
"Ever since my dad and you bought her that computer…" Tanesa swung her legs over the edge of the couch and stared at her stockinged feet. She wiggled her toes into the thick gold carpet. "All she does is sit and play on the thing. I can only stand watching that for so long. Supper's in the oven." She rose and brushed past them to the kitchen.
"What did you have for lunch?" Dave whispered to Katrina.
"I look after myself fine," the child whispered back. "Don't fight. Please don't fight with Mommy."
Supper started in silence except for the clink of silverware against china. Dave was wiping up the last of his gravy with a bun when the mantle clock struck six o'clock. As the last chime faded, Tanesa spoke. "Dave, you promised me that we'd...."
Katrina pretended not to listen and ran the tines of her fork around her mound of potatoes. The spiralling lines looked magical. She topped her creation with a carrot. Her mother kept talking. "...move down south once Katrina got to school age."
"She's just four," her father growled. "School age isn't until six."
"Four going on thirty-four," Tanesa mumbled, staring out the window. Had there been any sunlight at all, she'd have been able to see a thousand miles of flat white tundra spreading to the horizon. In December, though, there was no sun.
"She's four," Dave insisted louder. "She needs a mother, for Christ's sake."

Eileen’s Links

Is The Traz about fast cars or motor bikes?

Answers in the comments and good luck!

You can now watch the Trailer

Friday, 22 March 2013

Promotional Ideas for Book Signings

Pauline Barclay offers one or two great promotional ideas to be considered when heading out to book signing events.

You’re due at the local bookshop for promoting your book and selling signed copies. You’ve a stack of, fresh from the printers, books and a beautiful new pen to sign with, but what else do you need?

Depending on where you are and what the local shop is prepared to do for you, you might need to take a few leaflets or maybe a few bookmarks. Anything that you can give a potential reader to take away.

Leaflets are always great and you can do these yourself, especially if you only need a few and budget is tight. So what should be on your flyer?
Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Include your book cover
  • Add the blurb that you have added to Amazon and / or the back of your book
  • If there is space add one of your reviews.
  • Mention where the books can be bought i.e. All Amazon sites
  • Point out that your books are available in paperback or Kindle, or both!
  • Include your web site

If you have several books, add only your latest publication(s) with the blurb and review and list your other titles, if possible with a thumbnail picture of your book cover.

Important, keep it simple and easy to read.

Book marks are also great giveaways and again you could do them yourself, though you will need thicker paper or card and a cutting machine.

For the book mark you could show off one or a selection of your book covers and as space is limited make sure your web address is clear and where your book can be purchased from.

Sadly not everyone you meet will buy your book, but if they can take something away to look at later, they might not only log onto Amazon and purchase a copy, they just might tell a friend too! And don’t forget they will remember meeting a real author and ever likely keep that bookmark or leaflet and even check out your web site!
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

More Facebook Fun with Janet Beasley

In the second part of Facebook Fun by Janet Beasley you can learn more fab tricks to get the most out of your Facebook page. Today, Janet shows you how to link your blog, add apps and more.

Do you have a blog? If so, did you know that you can have your blog posts automatically post to your Facebook page(s) when your post goes live on your blog? It’s a fantastic tool to use, and it’s called Networked Blogs. Try this link to register your blog and begin having your blog posts automatically post to your page:  Be sure to include the NetworkedBlogs “follow my blog” feature to put on your blog for newcomers to choose as their way to follow. For an example of this, visit and scroll down until you see the NetworkedBlogs banner in the right hand column of my blog. You’ll see it comes already equipped with a handy Follow This Blog button in the box.

There’s also a great app out there you can add to your FB fan pages. It’s called Read My Book. You can discover this app here: Read My Book Author App  It’s a great way to post about you as an author and your books right on your Fanpage in their own little “world” of sorts.

Short is sweet when it comes to URLs. When you have your own FB address, did you know that you can use the URL to drive people to your page? Check it out. Here’s a couple of my pages using that style link:  or  Test them out, see what you think. As you can see, these shorter links carry a more professional appearance than those that are comprised of a ba-zillion letters, numbers, and symbols.

Events are a super way to alert fans of book signings, book releases, online chats, guest appearances, radio spots, and much more. An event is simple to create. From your homepage on your personal site look to the left and find Events. Click on Events then look for the button to Create Event. Click on that and it will walk you right through the easy steps.

Here are some tips that will make your event look professional.

Be sure to add a photo or logo for the event. Leaving the grey box with the number 31 in it gives the appearance you don’t care about your event. Not saying you don’t, but first impressions…need I say more?

In the description be sure to write a detailed agenda.

Select if this event is private or public. Depending on what you’re event is will determine which you will choose. For instance you probably don’t want to invite the world to your grandmother’s 104th birthday party. But you may want to invite the entire world to your online giveaway. Be sensible – it will pay off in the end.

Send out the invitations to your event. It’s a snap. Simply click on the Invite Friends button to get started. I like to invite everyone (even though many can’t make it because they live out of the country), but this keeps all of my fans in the loop. If your event is public, encourage your friends to invite their friends and so on.

Be sure to “Like” and/or answer the comments of others who take the time to post on the event.

Post a few days apart regarding how excited you are about the event, that you’re looking forward to seeing those who can attend and appreciate those who will be there in “spirit.”
Build anticipation by dropping in and posting how many days until the event!

If there’s any news regarding parking, special entrances, signs to follow on their way in, etc. put that in your event.

Keep the excitement going.

Example: Click Authors in the Park to see our upcoming event.

Want to track how many folks have been to your page? It’s easy now with Facebook’s feature in the Admin Panel of your fan page. I enjoy checking in and seeing the graph with its ups and downs. It also helps me know what’s hot and what’s not.

Posts on your fan pages now have a neat little demographic that let’s you know how many people saw the post, and how many times it’s been shared. From what I can tell others who post on your fan page, their posts now appear on the right and not in the main line on the left. I do know you can open their post and click the Share option on the post and share it to your fan page (yes, even though it’s already there). As the admin of the fan page it will pop it over into the main line of posts and more will benefit from it.

Never be afraid to delete a spammy or offensive post. Remember, it’s your company, book, name, etc. that is being represented. It also shows respect of your fans.

Facebook is so much more than promoting. It is also about learning, networking, and discovering a world you didn’t know existed. There are a multitude of groups and pages to choose from that are geared toward the literary world: authors helping authors with everything from the ropes of self-publishing to basic writing tips, meeting readers of your genre, artists encouraging one another, invitations for blog submissions, book reviewers, readers, and the list goes on and on.

Be sure to get involved in groups from which you feel you will gain the most. When it comes to liking fan pages, “Like” those pages that you believe will be posting useful information that helps you, or that you are interested in. Once you’re a member of a group you can share cool posts on your page from the group.

One thing to keep in mind is time. Facebook can be very time consuming if you let it – liking, posting, replying, adding videos or pictures, and the list goes on. If you’ve not been on Facebook before, you’re in for a treat that will open your eyes to so many wonderful people, places, and things. You can spend hours on there, taking away from what authors truly need to be doing. . .writing. I’m only speaking from experience from the days when I started out, and have since incorporated a time allotment for myself. To be a successful writer you must keep things in perspective. Use your time wisely when it comes to social media, and above all be sure to keep those great stories coming.

Many people are afraid of using Facebook, and I can understand. It is a big place online filled with people from around the world. And yes, as with any social media site, you have to watch out for those who are there to make your experience a not-so-pleasant one. Be smart in the basic things. Don’t post information you don’t want the world to know. Don’t post that you’re going on vacation or leaving your home – you never know who is reading that post that just may want to look up your address while you’re away. Be courteous and don’t post others email addresses or phone numbers. If someone starts spamming you, don’t be afraid to report it. You don’t have to be everybody’s friend. If you don’t know someone, you don’t have to “friend” them.

Facebook has done a good job at providing a decent list of security options. You can customize your settings to fit your needs. I do suggest taking a look at these settings and make certain they are set the way you want them as soon as you sign up and continue to do so, on a periodical basis.

But on the bright side of Facebook life, when used properly Facebook is fun, informative, encouraging, and even amusing at times. Join in and start networking and you’ll see just what I mean.

Facebook is a great tool when you know the basics of how to enjoy a safe and productive experience. Happy posting!

If you missed the first part if this wonderful post on getting started with Facebook, click here for the link.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Peggy Stanton is Back!

Our wonderful Peggy Stanton is back with a series of fabulous interviews with FFP authors. As you know Peggy loves to get down to the nitty gritty if she’s allowed. To kick start this wonderful start to Peggy’s new series, Suzy Turner is in the hot chair as Peggy probes to find out more about this Young Adult Fantasy Author.

Peggy: I see from my notes that you are from the Algarve. Now how fabulous is that. Are your parents Portuguese?

Suzy: LOL no! They're from Yorkshire actually, but we came to live in the Algarve 27 years ago when I was just ten. I guess it is fabulous - I do like the Algarve but I've kind of had my fill of it now though! I'm ready for a brand new adventure so hubby and I are moving back to England once we've sold up here!

Peggy: Now that sounds an exciting project, but do please take my advice and invest in a 20 tog duvet, some heavy undergarments and a set of stout wet weather trousers and jacket. And don’t forget you will never be able to go out with out an umbrella! The UK is not the warmest place on the planet nor the driest these days! The island is almost a puddle!

Goodness, you had me digressing there, so let’s get on to happier things. Tell me a little about this film set you where working on last year because I can’t believe I am talking to a film star! I don’t suppose there is any chance you could get me on the set next time?

Suzy: Oh Peggy you are a laugh! I wouldn't call myself a film star, although I did appear as an extra. My primary role though, was as the Script Supervisor. It was really hard work and long hours so I doubt I'll ever do it again! The experience was amazing and I reckon it's going to be a super little film. It's a Brit flick called The Right Juice. They've actually just released a trailer which you can find on You might recognize the Portuguese actress from Love Actually, Lucia Moniz. She's such a sweetheart. Actually, all the actors and behind the scenes people were amazing. I made some friends for life on that movie set. I nearly forgot to mention that the producers are going to take the movie to Cannes! How exciting is that? Oh... I'll put in a good word for you, Peggy!

Peggy: You’ve got me having a hot flush just thinking about brushing shoulders with such famous people. Please let me just take a deep breath. Now that is better. So when you are not appearing on film sets, you write Young Adult Fantasy. Let me tell you I’ve read some of your books and whilst I’m not young or a vampire lover, I thoroughly enjoyed them. So why do you feel the need to sit down and write about these fantasy things when a good old love story would do?

Suzy: Thanks Peggy for reading my books, you are quite a gal. As for your question, I do love a good old love story as well. In fact, the first book I ever wrote was a romantic comedy but I doubt that book will ever see the light of day, but I do have another chick lit book in the midst. I just love YA urban fantasy books though... I grew up loving fantasy movies as a kid. The Princess Bride, Willow, The Lord of the Rings, Neverending Story, for example. I guess that passion just came through into my writing.

Peggy: It’s wonderful that you have such a vivid imagination, your parents mush have had their hands full when you where a child. Tell me, do you have a garden? And if so what exotic plants grow there?

Suzy: We do have a garden but my hubby is the one with green fingers, not me. We do have some um... lavender plants and a few um...oranges and lemons and um... those ones with the sweet smelling flowers. Oh what are they called? Um... jasmine, that's it! Clearly, I'm totally useless in the garden!

Peggy: Never mind Dear Heart you can’t be good at everything, but let’s get back to your writing for a moment.  Do you write your books with a decent pen and a ruled lined note book or bang away at a laptop?

Suzy: Oh my goodness, I always bang away on my laptop. I can't bear to write with pen and paper because it's just twice the amount of work! I make notes on paper though. I've got tonnes of notebooks filled with scribbles from over the years.

Peggy: I’ll make a note of that, go to Suzy when I need to check our a notebook, she's drowning in them! Right got that! By the way do you have any pets?

Suzy: Yes! I have two dogs, Roxy and Luna. Roxy is a Heinz 57 and Luna is a little Portuguese Podengo. We also have a few cats but Hermione is the ruler of the roost. And we love them all.

Peggy: Sounds like you have a little menagerie. By the way you’ll be pleased I’m coming to the end. I’ve just one question left. If I were to take you out for dinner, where would you choose, it can be anywhere in the world, and why would you want to go there?

Suzy: Ooh lovely, Peggy you are such a darling. I'd have to choose Japan and have a delicious sushi dinner. I just adore sushi! Actually, maybe I'd go to Thailand instead because I'm also a sucker for a good Thai meal. Yum yum!

Peggy: Let’s hope one of us wins the lottery and then we can have that slap up meal. Thank you Suzy for taking the time to chat to an old biddy who loves nothing better than finding out what makes people tick and I think I’ve uncovered a few snippets today.

Peggy will be back very soon with another fascinating interview. She has at least four more interviews scheduled in!

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