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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Strictly Business Magazines Has It Covered Again!

The March edition of Strictly Business Magazine is out and once again there is a page dedicated to a selection of books from Famous Five Plus authors. Click here to see the Famous Five Plus books on page 32 and to read the entire magazine!

A huge thank you to Debbie and Paul at Strictly Business for your wonderful support and for being a Friend to Famous Five Plus.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jonty Babe Reviews, See You At The Show by Michelle Betham

Famous Five Plus Reviewer, Jonty Babe reviews See you at the Show by Michelle Betham

Stevie Stone is a very sexy Swedish rock chick. She is a roadie with the up and coming rock group Black Rock Diamond. She is not only sexy but is also very sassy too and is fiercely independent and not to be messed with. She can hold her own in this very male dominated world. Lusted after by many, Stevie is in a tempestuous and very on/off relationship with super sexy Mark Cassidy, the group’s front man. But Mark isn't the only man to lust after Stevie. There are quite a few love interests and Stevie has some tough decisions to make. Love, lust and the fight for Stevie not to lose just who she is takes place in the most unexpected of places with the most unexpected of people! Stevie's life takes many unexpected turns and a past she was hoping would be kept secret starts to bleed into her life.
I must admit I was a bit dubious about this book initially. I hadn't read this sort of book in quite a few years and wasn't sure whether it would appeal to me. But I have to say I wasn't disappointed. It took me back to my Jackie Collins days back in my 20's. And it was very enjoyable! This is definitely not a book for the faint hearted as it’s a bit racy in places and very very sexy! But if you are looking for Mills & Boon this isn’t it - and thank goodness! I loved Stevie Stone's character and I imagined her as a bit of a cross between Marie Fredriksson, the singer from Roxette, and Lisbeth Salander from Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! She certainly knew how to look after herself and quite often we got glimpses of her softer, more vulnerable side. The book had a very unexpected twist which I loved!
I'd recommend this book. Its characters are uncomplicated and extremely likable and Michelle's Betham's writing style is adventurous and no nonsense! Well done Michelle on creating such interesting characters against a backdrop of rock and roll, sex and good old romance. An interesting mix that worked well and drew the reader it and wanting more! A great read!

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Celebrating the Launch of MAYCLY by Janet Beasley

Today we celebrate the launch of Janet Beasley: HIDDEN EARTH Series Volume 1 Maycly

     When people use the terms fantastic imagination, creative, and/or positive outlook on life, the name Janet Beasley is usually found in the same sentence.

     Born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, epic fantasy author Janet Beasley has just released Hidden Earth Volume 1 Maycly. And to top it off…it’s her birthday! She’d love nothing more than for you to come join in the celebration on the JLB Creatives Facebook Page where you will have the chance to enter to win a free autographed copy! (details apply)

     This eight year project has been a long time coming. She claims her story idea for Volume 1 Maycly stems from her childhood days filled with dreams of being a princess. But since she’s no longer a toddler, she has decided that becoming a princess takes a lot more work than she would have ever imagined at age 10. Readers will enjoy a story of adventure, love, trials, and epic battles, along with characters that come to life. Her sister Dar Bagby of Brimley, Michigan is her full-time illustrator and editor.

     Janet and her husband Don have travelled the nation, representing their company, Multi-Tech Productions, Inc. at international conferences. This husband and wife team has served as facilitators, guest speakers, and sometimes councilors, when it comes to nearly every aspect of live production. They have produced everything from stage plays to full scale haunted houses, designed and installed commercial audio-visual systems, and have published self-help books within the industry. They have also been published in trade specific magazines such as Stage Directions, Your Church, and Technologies for Worship Magazine just to name a few. Don continues to operate Multi-Tech and enjoys working with clients from churches, to theatres, to restaurants, and beyond. Some of Multi-Tech’s Lake County clients include Lady Lake UMC, Oakwood Smokehouse Grille, and the Eagles Club in Okahumpka.

     Before health issues got in the way, Janet’s creativity saw no bounds when it came to producing live events. When forced to put the production industry aside, her creativity didn’t stop. She was given the family’s secret recipe for gourmet dog treats. In time she was on the rebound and expanded the family business into not only a BARK-ery, but also a sweet confections bakery so people had treats too. At the height of her baking career she had developed four differently themed restaurants complete with venue layouts, menus, and recipes ready to begin development.

     Again a severe relapse of chronic illness forced her to lay down yet another business adventure. Devastated, but not a quitter, this firecracker of a lady pulled out her epic fantasy novel and began to finish a work in progress. After putting herself through writing classes, a lot of blood sweat and tears, and more ups and downs than the feistiest roller coaster could offer, she’s completed her Hidden Earth Series Volume 1 Maycly, and the other five corresponding novels are already in the works.

     And as if that wasn’t enough in itself, her creativity led her to include all of her restaurants in the debut novel. Soon to follow the release of Maycly, a cookbook is nearing completion which will boast the menus, recipes, and character histories of these imaginative dining establishments.

     But wait – there’s more! The Maycly paraphernalia shop is now open! You’ll find tons of cool items adorned with your favorite characters, plants, and animals.

     To discover all there is going on with Maycly visit: Be sure to surf around the different pages – there’s so much to see!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Welcome, Clare Greenhalgh

Today we are delighted to welcome a new Reviewer to our exciting and dynamic Famous Five Plus Group, Clare Greenhalgh

" Hello and thank you for having me in your amazing group, I love to read, and I think I fell in love with gothic novels when I read Dracula when I was about 10! Since then the more mysterious a book is the better.
I am also a bit of a goth, I love to dress in long skirts and use corsets to accentuate the female form.
Cats and my wonderful boyfriend take up the rest of my time and I love to bake and decorate cakes..."
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Francine Howarth on How to write a Great Review & Become a Rrofessional Book Reviewer!

Francine Howarth author of three historical romances talks about her time as a professional book reviewer for a leading magazine.

How to write a Great Review and become a professional book reviewer!

Many moons ago I became a paid freelance rookie book reviewer for a well-known magazine, and the first thing the editor said to me, “All reviews are to be written within designated word count per magazine issue. Any personal slant re like or dislike of book content will be subject to editorial censorship. You are not employed to criticise books or authors”. 

I took the above advice verbatim: wise guidelines in how to keep on the good side of an editor and do my job correctly.  He expected moral codes of professional output from his team, and I still admire him for his stance on professionalism. My job as a reviewer was therefore to provide brief summary of a book’s overall content, which meant no plot spoilers, no personal input, and to this day I follow the above guidelines in promotion of books in general.

With the recent explosion of book review sites and places such as Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon etc., a plethora of self-professed book reviewers are now giving vent to personal opinions on books, and in doing so are either purposefully or unwittingly giving away spoilers, and in some cases criticising authors. Worse still, one sees on Amazon forums not only deliberate “spoiler posts” but readers who wrench apart plots and impart how they might have written it: better! 

By slamming a writer, established author or not, it is a slight upon their good reputation as a writer, and sometimes one book may not be as good as others by that same author (in one's personal opinion). However, personal opinion is just that, personal opinion. Even within the worst of books there are usually redeeming qualities of sorts, but it does seem to me, that imposing personal opinion on others has become more important to self-professed book reviewers than that of reviewing a book in general terms.    

But of course, these self-professed reviewers are apt to praise or slam books because they are, in the main, anonymous, and they naturally have cop-out statements in the vein of  “I give honest reviews” - “If I like it I say so, and if I don’t I give my reasons in a constructive way”.  Ah, so constructive is the new rule of thumb for shredding a novel?   

But, there are bigger questions: if you didn't like the book why pass comment in a public arena? Why read it? Why not put it aside and read a book you do like? After all, the one you like someone else might think it a load of rubbish. The one you disliked might rock their boat!  Which brings me back to the issue of "to review, or not to review" and responsibility for one’s printed opinion.  

So, here’s my advice for book review sites. The mark of a good professional book reviewer is to inform publishers/authors "that due to vast the numbers of books submitted for review and limited openings (per issue for online mag), not all reviews will make it to publication" This then provides for the putting aside of books that just don't make one's personal grade as readable!

Personally, and this is just my slant on book reviews at Amazon etc., firstly I no longer read them so the reviews are neither promoting or putting me of said book. I make up my own mind on a purchase or not based on the book’s blurb and the “look inside feature”.  Why do I say that? Because the ones I stopped to read in the past invariably gave away the whole plot and why purchase a book when I know the beginning, middle and end. The star ratings on Amazon I regard as naff and unnecessary, and plethora of amateur reviews per book annoying. What purpose do they serve but to display someone’s personal opinion? Again I say: one man’s meat another’s poison!
Of the books I enjoy for reasons of personal taste I retain. I have no desire whatsoever to pick-apart or discredit books that I dislike, I just give them to a charity shop and will not post a review, for I really believe the biggest questions all reviewers need to ask themselves, is why am I doing this?  What is my motivation?  Am I doing this to recommend books I enjoyed reading?  

The following is an example of one of my reviews:

Set in 1780, Ranulph Lord Charing, is the ideal hero. Tending arrogant, a man of means with a mistress to boot, of hawkish good looks and superb horseman, he suddenly finds himself attracted to the delightfully charming Celeste Armitage. Torn between duty to a long-standing mistress and desire for young Celeste, he commits the unthinkable in wild moment of rash indulgence. News of his interest in Celeste soon stretches beyond the confines of Hazeledene House, and listened to with vindictive intent by his mistress. Forced by circumstance of a dead man’s debt and his mistress’ cunning, Ranulph has no choice but to sacrifice his own happiness and that of Celeste’s. And, without spoiling the plot, I can tell you there are twists and turns aplenty as truths come to light and debts settled, though not without heartache and much soul searching as Ranulph sets out to counter his mistress’ hold upon him. 

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Harvey Black Talks About His Passion for Military History

Harvey Black, Author of the Devil with Wings series talks of his passion for military history and how his research and careful attention to detail help create the reality behind his novels that cover true events.

I have wanted to write a novel since I was a teenager. Enthralled by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, E.E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen series and Arthur C Clarke, I felt sure my first would be of the SF genre.

Joining the army changed all of that and my passion is for military history.  Devils with Wings, a military thriller, based around the adventures of two young Fallschirmj√§ger paratroopers during the early part of World War II, is a fictionalised adventure based on the famous assault on the impregnable Belgian fortress, Eben Emael.

Once finished, I knew I would want it published, if only so I had a hard copy and could claim to the world that I was an author. But how? On reading various articles in ‘Writing Magazine’, I chose the self-publishing route, providing me with all the options I was looking for: book cover; printing; website; distribution and marketing. My book was published in September 2011.

Now published, what was next? Realising, unless snapped up by a top publisher, becoming a best seller would be pure chance; I would have to promote it myself. Support for new authors appears thin-on-the-ground, but book signings at all my local Waterstones book stores, twelve in total, seemed to be a good place to start. What a success, signing between 30 and 75 copies, along with Waterstones and Amazon online, I have sold over 700 copies in a little over four months.

There was no stopping me now, and Devils with Wings: Silk Drop, the second novel in a planned series of 10, was born. Supported by my mentor, Gary Smailes of Bubblecow fame and an author himself, I completed my second novel; same key characters, set during the airborne invasion of Crete, capturing the Island in only ten days.

Acquiring a mentor, structuring my chapters in advance, improving my dialogue and focusing on my characterisation has helped produce a better novel. It is a huge improvement on my first and I am hoping it will do well.

But something else was missing. Without the support of a mainstream publisher I felt quite isolated and turned to ‘Twitter’ in an attempt to further promote my novels. It was there I came across the Famous Five Plus Club, FFP, and now have fellow authors and reviewers to share ideas and concerns, mutual support and a great feeling of camaraderie. 

The scene is already set for Book 3, Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, where I take Paul and Max from 40 degrees in Crete to -40 in Russia, near Leningrad, where they truly face hell on earth. Many of the Fallschirmjager units suffered up to 75% casualties.
Click here to watch the trailer.

Although my novels are Historical Fiction, I base them on actual events and take pride in researching with as much accuracy as possible, having visited Fort Eben Emael in Belgium, the Island of Crete and will visit Leningrad soon.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Beautiful Review for Torn by Gilli Allan

Famous Five Plus, Book Reviewer, Louise Graham reviews, Torn, by Gilli Allan.

Gilli has written this book so beautifully, it is by no means Chick Lit, but instead a grown up romance novel that is heartfelt and sometime very passionate (but not inappropriately so!) set in the gorgeous countryside. This book is all about one young mothers struggle to provide a safe life for her child away from danger and everyone she knows in a strange new place. Before she realises what she is doing, she meet someone who seems so perfect yet has to be hidden from all those around her for reason that becomes very clear early on. So much for a quiet and easier life that she was looking for and how many of use have turned a corner into unexpected paths.

Torn is certainly not predictable, but that is what makes it a real page turner and a very strong ending that I never saw coming. Lovely engaging characters that expand and grow with every page you turn and a story that really makes you think. Highly recommended.

Thank you Gilli for sending me a copy of this book , I enjoyed reading it very much.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dark, Edgy & Chilling & That's Just The New Cover!

Night Watcher by Chris Longmuir has a chilling new cover, dark, edgy and chilling! I dare you to follow that girl.....

Brilliant New Book Cover

When I uploaded Night Watcher to Kindle at the end of last March I had no idea how the book would be received, so I did what a lot of Indie authors do and designed my own cover. I found an alley that corresponded to the one I used in the novel, took my photos as dusk was descending, stuck the title and my name on it using Gimp, and away it went.

The cover looked okay but it wasn’t startling, and as I got into the promotional part of Indie publishing I was reading a lot about how a good, professionally designed cover could attract more readers.

Then I found out about Avalon Graphics, and when they became a Friend of Famous Five Plus, I sent off an email to Cathy Helms asking for information. The reply was prompt and it sounded as if I could work with her, so I bit the bullet and commissioned a new book cover for Night Watcher.

The book cover was to be designed with my input and Cathy’s ideas, so the first thing to be done was to send her a description of the book and some sample book covers that had attracted me. I trawled Amazon looking for covers and sent her copies of the ones that caught my eye. I also sent her my original photo of the alley, the one I had used for my own book cover.

Within a few days I had received two mockups, one using my alley and another using a stock photo alley, and after much thought, I decided to stick to my alley. Then came emails back and forth with different ideas for the Night Watcher font and we decided to go for the one she called, grungy, reddened it and made it drip blood.

The finished result was fantastic. Dark, edgy, but also vibrant, and I can’t stop looking at it, so I’m hoping potential readers will feel the same. Thanks Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics for a superb book cover.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Today, Kathryn Brown relaunches her debut novel, Discovery at Rosehill and in celebration of this talks about why she wrote this beautiful and moving book.

"There is so much about Discovery at Rosehill that is a part of me. Not least the paranormal experiences that main character Camilla Armstrong has in the beautiful Georgian farm house she moves into. It started off as a kind of diary of my own thoughts, things that happened to me as I settled into life living on a large country estate. Having already been sensitive to the world of spirit, moving into the house in which I have lived for nearly eleven years, was a wonderful experience for me. I discovered the walls were like recordings of past years, of previous occupants and of spirit entities that wanted to make their presence felt. Every experience I had was a positive one as I got to know about people’s lives whom I would never have met on our earth plane. And so began my work and research on the book.
In order to make it sound more interesting to the reader, I decided to introduce a love interest for the somewhat lonely character of Camilla. In walked reverend Marcus Calloway, a tall and sophisticated gentleman with quite a few secrets of his own, and the man who would cause confusion in Camilla’s heart. Every so often, I included my own phenomena which I fictionalised in order for it to become Camilla’s paranormal experiences. Her mediumship goes way beyond my sensitivities as she sees spirit regularly and is able to unravel the mysteries of a world beyond our own. I grew to love Camilla over the three years of writing Discovery at Rosehill. She and I were like sisters.
I released the book in paperback last March and was fortunate to sell many copies. But being self-published means marketing and promotion are driven only by the author with of course, a large helping from friends. It started off a rewarding exercise yet after a few months I realised I needed to do more to promote this incredible book that was a huge part of my life. I wasn’t prepared to watch my debut novel fall by the wayside, for the simple reason I had written it for my late father. The dedication to him was done for a reason; because I’d finally made him proud, even though he was a spirit being. When I held a paperback copy in my hands for the first time, I read that dedication to him and cried, knowing he was standing beside me, listening to every word as he smiled and cried with me:-
This book is for you, Dad. You inspired me to write it, remained by my side as I wrote each word and developed each scene. I shall never say goodbye to you, for I know the day will come when you once more hold me in your strong arms, kiss my forehead then look into my eyes as you say, “mind how you go”. In my heart and in my life, always."
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Today, Famous Five Plus Reviewer, Susan Livingstone reviews A Salt Splashed Cradle by Chris Longmuir

A Whale of a Tale!!!

Quoted from

"This historical saga is set in a Scottish fishing village in the 1830’s and reflects the living conditions and the morals of the ordinary fisher folk of that time.
The novel follows the relationships of Belle, her husband, Jimmie, her daughter Sarah, her mother-in-law, Annie, and the rest of the Watt family.
James and Annie Watt are a typical fisher family, and Annie is horrified when Jimmie, her eldest son, brings Belle to the village as his new bride. She makes her displeasure obvious to Belle who struggles to find acceptance in the village. Belle is engaged in a losing battle however, because the villagers regard her as an incomer.
Jimmie, anxious to buy his own boat, leaves the fishing village to sail with a whaling ship. The story follows him to the Arctic, and on a whale hunt, before he returns home again.
Meanwhile in his absence, Belle has fallen for the charms of Lachlan, the Laird’s son, and embarks on a tempestuous affair with him. When Jimmie returns she struggles with her feelings for him and for Lachlan.
By this time the women in the village are starting to regard Belle as a Jezebel who will tempt their men away. A mood of hysteria engulfs them and they turn against Belle, in an attempt to force her out of the village.
What will Belle do?
And will she survive?"

 Chris Longmuir has spun a tale of epic proportions.  The characters she has created for this story pull the reader in and they plummet right into the middle of the story.  With descriptions that create a world that one can reach out and touch, Chris draws the reader into the world she created for them.

I truly enjoyed reading this book.  Belle was never shown kindness or love as a child, so she didn't know how to show it to her daughter, Sarah.  This part of the storyline drew me in and I just wanted to cradle Sarah and let her know she was loved.  I also wanted to let Belle know she was loved.  These characters fought for acceptance and love in a world that could be very cruel.

I recommend reading A Salt Splashed Cradle by Chris Longmuir if you love historical tales.  You will not regret reading this book.  Go get it! Are you still here?  Go, go, go.... :-)

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today we welcome another Friend to Famous Five Plus, Kit Domino
Kit has a wealth of experience of editing in the publishing industry. Kit has joined our special group of Friends who offer their services to members of the group at a privileged rate. Here is a little about our latest Friend followed by a very interesting article: Who Needs An Editor?
"Thank you, Pauline, for inviting me to your site and allowing me to become a friend of Famous Five Plus.
Who Needs An Editor?
Well, quite frankly, anyone and everyone who writes books. But why? “I can edit my own work,” I hear you cry. You could, but it is a truth universally acknowledged a single author in possession of a good story is in need of a good editor (apologies to Jane Austen). A good story badly written, poorly proofed or badly edited is far, far worse than a poor story that has been well edited and checked. 
I am amazed still that with the wonderful opportunity self-publishing has given authors, many fail to see that their future success depends on more than just writing a good story. Time and time again an author will pay out anything up to a £1,000 or more to a printer-publisher (who often offers but does a lousy job of proofing/editing), pay £100s to a graphic artist to design a cover, yet think shelling out a few extra pounds for having their work professionally edited is a cost too far. That they can’t afford it. With cries of, and I quote: “It isn’t necessary, I proofed it myself”; “Granny’s read it through and picked up the typos”; “My best friend who writes has gone over it for me, done the editing bit”; “I’ve done the home study course for proofreading”.
And then they wonder why they’re getting few reviews and upset when someone gives a bad review citing the lack of editing or proofing! It is also a fact many readers will home in on mistakes; too many and they may not finish it because all the errors have thrown them out to the story. Too many errors shows the author doesn’t really care about readers. If readers don’t finish a book, they rarely give a review. Reviews sell books. One bad review equals many lost sales.
Editing and proofreading is a skilled job. I’ve been doing it all of my working life in one form or another. It takes skill and a trained eye to find the errors, to tease out the bits … let’s put this another way…
You wouldn’t go and have your hair cut or styled by someone untrained or unqualified, particularly if it’s for your wedding day or other big occasion. You’d want it looking its best. More than its best. You’d want it perfect, wouldn’t you? And probably you would regard your hairdresser as among your best friends. So why take that risk with your book? You see, an editor is a bit like a hairdresser, too. An editor will cut and trim and tease and tweak your work, will offer suggestions, will tell you when something isn’t right or doesn’t suit. An editor will find things that others wouldn’t dream of looking out for, things that an untrained eye wouldn’t see even if waving a curling tong and jumping out of the page saying “Gobbledegook!” An editor would help you make your book the very best it can be, and then some.
So make friends with a professional editor because it’s to your advantage, your readers will love you for it, and it need not be as expensive as some people believe.
For more information visit:

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For those that don’t know me, I am Kit Domino, writer and author, poet, artist. For those that do know me, I’m still Kit Domino, and great to see you all here.
I have for more years than I care to quote been involved in editing, proofing and writing, especially books, in one form or another. It is with that skill, training and experience I offer to your authors the opportunity to use my editing services at discount rates (10% below my normal charges)."

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kathryn Brown Talks About her New Novel, Hideaway

Author, Kathryn Brown, had us all sitting on the edge of our seat with her five star paranormal debut novel, Discovery at Rosehill, today Kathryn talks about her new novel. Hideaway which promises to have us all back on tender hooks!

Hideaway – my next novel
I’ve always loved police dramas on the television, especially the ones that feature a murder investigation. It’s been a dream of mine to write for television, and probably a far-fetched dream to act. Nothing’s impossible, as my dad used to say, so I’ll never say ‘never’. But the next best thing for me was to write my own novel, a murder investigation that would take the reader on a journey of “who-dun-it”. Before I write my books, I act the story out in my head. Sometimes this takes a year or two; in the case of Hideaway, it took a few months. I made notes, created a brief synopsis and invented characters that I felt would jump out on the page as they drew the reader into their murky lives.
The main character is a thirty-something woman called Lydia Mansfield. Deeply in love with her husband she assumes she has the perfect marriage. He’s wealthy and owns a string of recruitment agencies while she lives like a footballer’s wife, shopping, lunching and swimming in their indoor pool. But one day Lydia realises that her marriage isn’t quite what she thought when she discovers her beloved husband has been having an affair. Her world collapses around her and she wastes no time in filing for divorce. Michael tries to win her back but she’s hell bent on their divorce being finalised. Yet twelve months on, Lydia appears to be still very much in love with her now-ex husband.
Destroyed at the fact he is living in what used to be their holiday cottage in the Scottish Highlands with his lover, Bernadette, Lydia decides to visit the area one last time. In her mind, she is saying goodbye to a time of her life she thought would never end. When she gets to the Highlands, she passes the cottage on her way to the hotel she has booked herself into. Noticing that the drive is empty, she decides to stop and have a last look around. But before she can get away, Michael and Bernadette draw up and are completely shocked at seeing Lydia. Trying to put the past behind them, Michael and Lydia talk when he invites her in for a drink. All very amicable with Bernadette looking on suspiciously, the three of them seem to be getting on quite well.
The following week, Lydia is visited by two police officers. Michael has been found dead. He was poisoned.
Bernadette meanwhile, is nowhere to be found.
With a prime suspect on the loose, Lydia fears for her life and welcomes Detective Inspector Tom McFarrow into her home to protect her until the police feel satisfied they have found the killer. Feeling vulnerable and particularly lonely, Lydia appeals to the Inspector’s softer side and the two begin a brief affair, unbeknown to anyone else. The murder investigation turns into a full scale search for Bernadette as damning evidence is continuously brought to light. Unafraid of her rival, Lydia tries to help the police with their enquiries, but does tragedy strike again?
Hideaway will be published later this year.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Warm Wecome to Carol E Wyer

Today we are pleased to welcome our latest member to the Famous Five Plus group, Carol E Wyer, author of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines with her second novel due out Spring 2012, Surfing in Stilettos.

A graduate of the University of Keele in Staffordshire, Carol E Wyer is a former teacher, linguist and physical trainer.
     She spent her early working life in Casablanca, Morocco, where she translated for companies and taught English as a Foreign Language. She then returned to work in education back in the UK and set up her own language company in the late eighties.
     In her forties, following problems with her own health, she retrained to become a personal trainer to assist people, who like herself, had undergone major surgery.
     Having spent the last decade trying out all sorts of new challenges such as kick boxing, diving and flying helicopters she is now ensuring that her fifties are ‘fab not drab’ and has put her time to good use by learning to paint, attempting to teach herself Russian and writing a series of novels and articles which take a humorous look at getting older.     Named affectionately by her American followers as BOTUK (Bombeck Of the UK) due to her humorous posts, Carol is a regular blogger and social networking addict.

She is currently putting the finishing touches to Surfing in Stilletos the sequel to her light-hearted debut novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, much to the dismay of her permanently neglected husband who will once again have to put up with ready-made meals and a dusty house.

Carol E Wyer

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Countdown to Janet Beasey's debut novel, Maycly!

The next couple of weeks is going to be a very exciting time for one of our Famous Five Plus Authors, Janet Beasley read on to find out what all the excitement is about....

Author Janet Beasley and her sister, Dar Bagby, illustrator and proofreader, have completed their first volume of a six-novel epic fantasy series Janet has titled Hidden Earth.

Volume 1 Maycly, is being released on February 26, 2012, - Janet's birthday! How's that for a present? And is certainly call for a celebration...right? But wait...there's more!
Janet and Dar want to start the celebration early with their friends and family, so they're offering you the chance to pre-order a copy AUTOGRAPHED BY JANET, THE AUTHOR. This offer will be available through 12:00 midnight EST February 25, 2012.  

For details and/or to place your pre-order, click here: PREODER MAYCLY NOW Look for the “BUY NOW” button on the page next to the book cover. Click it to begin your transaction. You may pay with either your PayPal account or a credit card, and shipping is FREE (to continental US fans only at this time.) When Janet receives the copies, she will autograph them to you personally and mail them within 4-6 weeks after the book is released Feb 26, 2012.

While on the Hidden Earth Series web page, we invite you to check out the book trailer—you’re sure to be hooked after watching it! You'll want to take a peek at the other pages as well while you're there. You'll find two future companion books to Maycly, coming soon. One is a FULL-COLOR illustration book titled:  The Chukkons Say:  Ye Need ta Be a-Seein’ Maycly showing Dar’s illustrations. You'll find detailed descriptions of nearly all of the flora, dwellings, creatures, and characters (both Good and Evil) that appear in Maycly, as well as the 10 maps. The other is a cookbook containing MENUS, RECIPES, and FAMILY STORIES from all of the restaurants found on Maycly, authored by Janet, titled:  More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. And yes, all of the recipes are fully preparable and edible right here on Earth!

SHOP FOR Maycly PARAPHERNALIA  You’ll find jewelry, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby and toddler clothing, dog apparel, blankets, drink ware, tote bags, purses, computer and ebook and iPod/iPhone/iPad covers and other technology items, key chains, stickers, magnets, puzzles, and more, all with your choice of character or critter on them. Maycly items will be available through the website on or near Feb 26, 2012.

And making a giant comeback...Gramma Hilda’s Doggie Delights™  are now the favorite treat of the dogs not only on Earth but also on Maycly!

Beginning on the release date (February 26, 2012) the book will continue to be available through www.HiddenEarthSeries.comthe JLB Creatives Blog, and other outlets.  Maycly will also be offered as three separate ebooks (PART ONE, PART TWO, and PART THREE) in the near future.

Janet and Dar are already working on the next volume in the Hidden Earth Series, so keep visiting the website and blog for constant updates about their upcoming books. 

And as Janet always says, “Stay casual - live life to the fullest - and have a piece of chocolate for me!”

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Why do we DO it? Asks Author Miriam Wakerly

Author of three published novel, Miriam Wakerly poses the question we ask our self from time to time, why do we do it?

Oh, the pain, the heartache! The worry, the precious time it gobbles up! Why do writers write fiction?
Some authors will be absolutely clear about their motivation and will no doubt tell me so. Please do!

Do we chase the dream of writing ‘for a living’? As with many artistic endeavours, to be able to earn money creatively, pleasurably, seems the ideal lifestyle. Perhaps you do! Do we want fame and fortune? Do we love the thrill of aiming high? A bestseller? Enjoy a bit of a gamble? Or is it just a big ego-trip? Are we basically insecure beings who need adulation or approval? Perhaps we want to leave something tangible for posterity.

Some authors may have a burning issue, a message or cause they need to convey; or an experience to share, wrapped up in a story. Perhaps shy and introspective (see para 3 here we are more at ease, and more effective when communicating in print, or on screen, rather than vocally. A teacher may have once inspired us; or a love of language may simply propel us forward. Finding ‘le mot juste’ or a turn of phrase can be immensely satisfying. A lively imagination cannot be denied an outlet or something will burst! Ah, to escape reality – there’s another one.

Amazing how many possible reasons to write there are! Have I missed something? What’s yours?

For me, well, there may be minuscule amounts of all of the above, except for fame. I have no wish for that.

The reason I write is that I enjoy it! I find the research fascinating too – to really get under the skin of a subject. I suspect most writers are the same. I love to create characters and places; weave a story through a maze until it all comes together at the end. Perhaps I am a control freak, presiding over my imagined world, moving people around like pawns.

But – and this is a big BUT – there seems little point or purpose in writing a novel that will never see the light of day! There comes a point when writing is bound up with ‘who is this for?’ and before you know it, you are thinking ‘readers’, ‘genre’, ‘target audience’ and thus inexorably we are drawn into the world of promotion and marketing. For some this may even be the starting point.

One thing I never predicted was the wonderful side effect of this solitary psychosis (building castles in the air and living in them!), and that is meeting so many warm-hearted, like-minded people both for real and online.

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