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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Movies, Music, and Bradley Cooper?

Author of Romcom, Michelle Betham finds she has the perfect solution to writer's block, and I think she might have!

Movies, music, and Bradley Cooper? How I overcome writer's block...

Writer’s block – it’s something I’m sure many of us have experienced from time to time.  In fact, I’ve had a bout of it myself lately.  You know how it is – no motivation, all creativity just seems to have gone out the window, no ideas there at all.  Even countless walks round the park with the dog, soaking up the sunshine, weren't able to shift it. 

So, how did I, personally, get over this particular hurdle?  How did I get that inspiration back?  Well, music is probably the main answer.  And a Bradley Cooper movie.  Yep, that does it for me.  It certainly did it this week, anyway. 

I write romance, as you probably know by now.  And I needed something to motivate me to polish up a few scenes in the book I’m currently editing at the minute.  I needed something to spur me on, something to tell me what to do to make those scenes better, sexier, hotter, if you like.  Because nothing was happening when I sat down to write.  I knew something needed to be done, I just didn't know what.  So, I decided to trawl through my expansive and eclectic collection of music on my iPod, put together a few playlists that captured the mood of the book and the particular scenes I was working on, and then see what happened.  And as soon as I listened to those playlists, everything just suddenly clicked into place! Just by listening to the lyrics of some of those songs, and by closing my eyes and imagining the scene in the book as though it were a scene in a movie, I knew just what I had to do.  I find that helps  a lot, you see – imagining my books as movies.  It really works, for me, anyway.  And giving those scenes a musical soundtrack doesn’t just make the writing fun, it actually helps me build characters, helps me build the story.  So, music, for me, coupled with a little bit of constructive daydreaming, is just one method I use to overcome writer’s block.

The other?  Well, that Bradley Cooper movie never hurts, does it?  The amount of inspiration that man has given me... The character of sexy movie star Dominic MacDonald in my soon-to-be-released new book, Illusions of Love, is based solely on a viewing of 'The Hangover Part 2'.  Gave me everything I needed to know that movie did...
Actually, any movie is a good way for me to relax, and subconsciously grab some inspiration.  If I’m ever stuck for character ideas and it feels like my brain just isn’t going to switch on, I’ll sit myself down in front of a film and I can almost guarantee that, after I’ve watched it, I’ll have enough material to kick-start my imagination back to full working order.  

And lastly, well, chocolate always helps too.  In fact, put chocolate, music, and Bradley Cooper together and you’ve just about got my own personal secret for overcoming writer’s block.  Not conventional, by anyone’s standards, but then I guess I’m not always a conventional writer.  But, when that writer’s block comes knocking, I always know how to get rid of it.  Movies, music, and a little bit of saturated fat!  Bet you can’t wait to read my books now…

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Welcome Author, Joanna Lambert

Today we welcome to Famous Five PlusJoanna Lambert, Author of Behind The Blue Eyes Trilogy.

Joanna Lambert grew up in rural Wiltshire. She attended grammar school in the 1960s and left at 16 to take an Ordinary National Diploma in Business Studies with Secretarial Training. Her jobs have been many and varied, working for both small family businesses and large multi-national companies. Favourites have been the motor trade and the construction industry.
She had always loved books as a child and this love followed her into her adult life, when she decided to begin writing. She wrote short stories at first and then eventually produced her first full length novel.  A marriage break up saw her writing shelved for a while but she eventually went back and started again on what was to become the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy.   

When Tomorrow Comes was published in October 2009, Love, Lies and Promises in March 2010 and the final part, The Ghost of You and Me was published in October 2010.
Joanna lives with her husband and two cats Max and Mollie in a village on the outskirts of Bath, Somerset. Her new novel Between Today and Yesterday is due for publication in the summer of 2012
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bea Davenport, Grilled & Judged!

Grilled and judged, Bea Davenport shares her Pulp Idol experience

The Things We Do...
I think we can probably all relate to the notion that sometimes, in the name of our writing, we end up doing some very unexpected things.
So it was that I found myself in Liverpool this week, where I subjected myself to a bit of a grilling from judges at a competition called Pulp Idol.
Pulp Idol – you can guess where the name comes from! – is part of the established Writing On The Wall Festival which has been running for 12 years.
This is how the competition runs: authors submit a synopsis and first chapter of a completed work or a work-in-progress. They are then invited to take part in one of four heats – and two writers from each heat are selected to go through to the final.

I submitted the opening chapter of Kill and Tell. Years of presenting experience on BBC radio didn’t do anything to calm my nerves once I stood in front of the mike, with a live audience watching and two rather eminent writer judges listening and taking notes. The compere promised everyone they wouldn’t be grilled. Charming as he was, he lied. Or maybe I wasn’t so much grilled as roasted on a spit. However you like to describe it, the questions were pretty tough and the tone of them reminded me of a university viva, which is never something anyone would submit to voluntarily!
And after all of that, I didn’t get through to the final. Two young and very exciting writers were chosen – and I don’t envy whatever they have to go through when they get there!
So was it worth it? Definitely. I met some wonderful fellow authors who made some heart-liftingly supportive comments about my work. Some of them have even since downloaded the novel already. And someone even recommended a potential publisher I could contact. And also, I heard some fascinating works-in-progress that I know I’ll be seeing on the bookstore shelves in the future.
Networking is not a great strength of mine, which is why I find groups like Famous Five Plus so wonderfully supportive. But if anyone’s wondering whether to attend these kinds of events where meeting other writers face-to-face is possible, then my advice is to give it a go. Terrifying as it was, I’d do it again!
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Monday, 28 May 2012

Welcome Karen R Doering

Today its a very warm welcome to Karen R Doering who joins Famous Five Plus, Karen is an avid reader and Book Reviewer.

I have been an avid and voracious  reader since well before I started Kindergarten. I have always believed that everyone has a  talent and for me it has always been the ability to read very quickly and retain what I have read. My business partner and I began a web site recently to assist stay-at-home parents with economical ways to manage their home and finance. Little did we know that our original idea would morf into a book review, book blog and editing site.  Now my primary focus is on reviewing and recommending books, while my business partner, a professional editor,  handles the editing side. Because we are a site that recommends books, we do not feature books on our blog that we would not tell our friends about. 

Twitter address is: @KarenDoe
Facebook address is:

Friday, 25 May 2012

The Cover Story by Sue Fortin

Drum roll please, today we reveal not only a beautiful book cover, but the new title for Sue Fortin's debut novel, due to be published on 11th July.

The Cover Story

Step 1 : Write the novel … tick

Step 2 : Self edit the novel … tick

Step 3 : Have the novel critiqued … tick

Step 4 : Rewrite the novel … tick

Step 5 : Have novel critiqued (again) … tick

Step 6 : Rewrite the novel (again) … tick

Step 7 : Give the novel a new title … tick

Step 8 : Have novel professionally edited and proof read … tick

Step 9 : Write ‘THE END’ – have a glass of wine … tick

Step 10 : Design a cover for the novel … tick … then cross … then tick

Now, doesn’t that sound easy?  Step 9 was pretty easy but as for the rest, not so. Even the fun bit of designing a cover wasn’t easy. Decisions, decisions, decisions. What exactly was I looking for? I didn’t want it too girly but then again I didn’t want it to appear ostentatious. I still wanted it to appeal to female readers, looking for an entertaining read.

I’ll admit, I tinkered around with some ideas I had for a cover but, to be honest, although I’m ‘arty’ what I could muster up on my laptop was amateur to say the least.  After all the hard work I’d put into my novel, I couldn’t let it down by having an unprofessional looking cover.  As such, I contacted a Friend of Famous Five Plus, Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics and after exchanging a couple of emails, we set about designing a cover for my book.

After browsing Amazon, I got together four or five covers that appealed to me, together with a rough outline of my novel, its theme and concept. These were sent to Cathy who had also asked me to give her an idea of what I liked or disliked.  The dislike was easy; headless, naked, tanned and shiny, buff torsos. (Not that I’m adverse to them, but just not for my book.)

Cathy sent back some images for me to consider and to give my initial feedback.  We had a couple of rounds of this and gradually Cathy was able to put together the beginnings of the book cover. I was looking for something that wasn’t too fluffy or pink but still indicated that it was a romance with a feel for what the book was about.  At this point I would point out that the novel had acquired its new title of United State of Love.

Once we were decided on the image, the font, placing of text and tag line, Cathy came back with the final design.  I would just like to say a big thank  you to Cathy for interpreting my vague ideas into the great cover I now have.

And here it is, ta-da!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gilli Allan Talks about Behind the Scenes at Life Class

Gilli Allan recently published her latest novel, Life Class, but what inspired to Gilli not only to write this beautiful book and design its cover.
To tell the story of how the cover to Life Class came about, I have to go back further, to the genesis of the story.  I’d attended a life class for years and knew that one day I would write a book with that title.  But I had no idea about my characters ... or the plot ... or anything really!  I decided that to kick-start my imagination, I needed to choose jobs for my characters. I began to consider my friends.  I lighted upon a woman I knew who, at the time, did a very interesting job, a job which brought her into contact with people at a profoundly vulnerable point in their lives. Although the personality, biography and appearance of my heroine, Dory, is nothing like my friend’s, I gave Dory the same job, a lab technician at a sexual health clinic.  The assumptions she might make about the people she met during her working day - maybe people she already knew in quite another context - could lead her into misjudgments and ethical dilemmas. 
So I had my heroine, but I then I needed a hero.  I had another friend who, at the time, worked as an admin assistant to a man who designed and sold fountains. It struck me that designing fountains was an unusual and interesting job. But I was thinking in terms of the artistic and creative side of the job. My friend put me right.  Her boss was an engineer not an artist, dealing more in the science of hydraulics and water flow.  But the spark had been lit.  What I wanted, I decided, was more a sculptor than an engineer. In fact, when I thought about it, why bother with fountains at all?  Fountains added an unnecessary complication.  After all, a figurative sculptor is someone who himself needs to study the human form, but in a class set-up he would be more likely to be the teacher rather than a student.
So there were my bare bones.  Fortunately I knew two sculptors with whom I could do research. I could talk to them about their craft, their attitudes to their work and how they went about getting commissions, but more than that, I wanted to know how it felt to sculpt.  I had dabbled in the past with clay, but wanted a more in-depth experience.  So I signed on for a two day work shop with one of the sculptors I knew, Elisabeth Hadley.
I loved it, and while doing the workshop I took a series of photographs. I also visited a foundry, where sculptures are cast in bronze, so that I had an overview of the process from beginning to end.
When I’d finished writing Life Class and was preparing it for publication, I looked again at those photographs I’d taken during the work-shop.  In one of them my own clay sculpture is seen in the foreground, the model is reclining in the background. I thought it might make a good cover. Although she is unrecognisable, I asked the model for permission to use the image.
This is the second cover I have produced myself. I have an art and design back-ground and so, when I published TORN, I decided to try to do the cover myself. I enjoyed choosing an image, cropping it, manipulating the colour saturation and the size, then designing the layout and playing around with the different fonts. Although I ultimately did manage to come up with a cover I liked, it was technically quite difficult for me - a computer nincompoop - particularly as I only have the most basic ‘paint’ and ‘photoshop’ programmes.
By the time I came to publishing LIFE CLASS, my standards had gone up. I knew a little more about what was required and knew I should produce a higher quality image.  After playing around with the work-shop photograph for awhile I was unable to arrive at a result I was satisfied with, so I talked to my son, Tom.  Although he was very busy at the time (he is currently doing a Phd) he volunteered to help me.  God bless the internet and computers, which makes it so easy to send documents and images back and forth.  In fact, I think Tom enjoyed the respite from his ‘real’ work. He tidied up my effort and put the finishing touches to the final image.
So that is how I (and he) created the cover for LIFE CLASS.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Little Secret About Author, Carol E Wyer

Can you keep a secret? If so, read on...

Carol E Wyer has just been informed and is delighted to announce that her debut novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines has not only won the Reviewer’s Choice Award for humour from Readers Views but is a finalist for humour in the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
The award ceremony will take place on June 4th at the prestigious Plaza Hotel, New York and finalists will be officially announced on the Next Generation Indie Book Awards website in a week or two. So, keep it between us until then. Now, I’d better get to work on my acceptance speech.
Next Generation Indie Book Awards are the largest-not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers and they are currently open for 2012 entries.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Carol E Wyer on Indie Author Marketing

Carol E Wyer shares her knowledge on what she has found out about how we Indie Authors are doing with our marketing.....

‘If at first...’

Some days I hardly have time to write. I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time promoting myself or my books. There are emails to send, addresses to track down and witty headlines to think of. Like many Indie authors you can tell I’m a writer by the bags under my eyes, although now they really do resemble suitcases.

Feeling exceptionally jaded last week as I sent yet another email to yet another TV show alerting them  to the fact that the funniest person since Jo Brand had won another major  award for her hilarious novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, I was heartened by a chat I had with a top PR agent who promotes authors. This is what he told me. Snuggle up folks...this is juicy stuff.
It seems that us ‘Indies’ are doing way better than traditionally published authors. Now, I am talking mostly about in the UK here but my friendly PR guy also works out of the States and it the same thing is happening there. Not only are we likely to earn more money for each copy of our work we sell but we are likely to pick up more sales.

How? Well, quite simply we know how to promote ourselves and have a better on-line presence than traditionally published authors who often aren’t as internet savvy as us, or who don’t have the support that we on-line ‘Indies’ give each other.
Although they have published with publishing houses and have a certain amount of support from them, publishing houses today are largely concentrating their efforts on the big earners, those writers who sell millions of books, the Stephen Kings of the world, or the ‘Z’ List celebrity who has been on some TV reality show then written a book about their life at twenty-one. With the economic downturn having an effect on book sales their advertising budget is often spent on promoting these people rather than their lesser known novelists.

Publishing houses resort to all sorts of tricks to promote their ‘stars’. They pay major bookshops to place certain books in the ‘three for two’ offers you often see or to dramatically discount a novel. Again they do this largely for the more well-known authors.
They will often provide ‘donations’ to get that coveted front window space.
Minor authors don’t necessarily get the support or publicity they had hoped for and after the initial excitement of launching the work, before long that author will discover their beautifully crafted book will be relegated to the back shelves, or worse still will be found half price in of all places ‘The Works’. Now I might be speaking out of turn here and if any publishing houses are reading this then please feel free to correct me. I am however, only the messenger.
A favourite author of mine, Talli Roland left her publishing house because she felt she could do better on her own. I admire her hugely because if ever anyone has succeeded in cultivating a huge on-line presence, it is Talli who still has lots of time for her on-line friends. She promotes tirelessly and yet manages to offer words of writing wisdom to those of us still trying to grasp what we should do.
So having learned that it is not all bad being an Indie author I have drafted a whole new bath of emails and later today I’ll be sending them to every magazine on my list, after all, ‘if at first...’.

Carol E Wyer is a humorous blogger and author of  award winning MINI SKIRTS AND LAUGHTER LINES. For more information, please visit  her website:

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Welcome Valissa Enever from Australia

Today we welcome another amazing Indie Author to Famous Five Plus, Valissa Enever who lives in Australia and has two books published.

Valissa has been reading and writing for as long she can remember, she remembers her mother had an old clunky typewriter that she typed away at stories, drew pictures on the pages and stapled them together before putting them on her shelf amongst her other books.
In Grade five or six she made three books where the teacher typed them and covered them like a 'real book', Valissa was so proud, and yes she still has those books, to never see the light of day.  About the same time she wrote a script and had her fellow 'brownie girls' perform the play, however directing was not her strong point.
Valissa didn't think about writing again until after she had children and the urge to write became overwhelming, she wrote stories for her children but didn't think to have them published.
A story rolled around in her head and she kept pestering her husband saying that someone should write a story about it, when he said that she should write it, a seed was sown.
Writing the story she became engrossed, falling in love with the characters. The story resulting in her debut novel Hart 2 Heart which was published in December 2007.
Still working a full time job she continued to write at night but it wasn't until 2011 she decided to make it a real go of becoming a full time author.
In 2012 she published another book Becky as an e-book with the paperback to be out shortly.
A line up of books are on the production table with another (Chance at Love) at the editors and the follow up to the Crystal Hart series almost ready for the editors, and another 'Advertisement for love' in the writing stages.
As a writer/author she is loving every minute of it.

You can learn more about Valissa's publications by visiting our Author & Books Page

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fun! Fun! Fun! Nikki Bywater's Review of Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines

Described as... Fun! Fun! Fun! Nikki Bywater reviews Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines by Carol E Wyer

Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines by Carol E. Wyer

Amanda Wilson is about to hit the big 5 0 in age. She decides to create a blog, and to write on her blog all about her life as she reaches this milestone birthday. Living with a husband who is more interested in watching ‘Russia Today’ than in Amanda and she knows this because she had tried to get his attention by strutting in front of the television in only thigh boots and a thong! Also living with her son who having dropped out of university and is living back in the family home, amongst his accumulating washing and dirty dishes in his bedroom.

When Amanda’s ex boyfriend sends her a friends request on facebook, could he be the one to put the excitement back in her dull life?

Fun! Fun! Fun! Is how I would sum this cheerful and feel good read. The book is written with a fantastic sense of humour that with its superb comedy timing makes this book a hilarious read that will have you laughing out loud.  The book is set out like blog entries so it makes the book a light read that although the book is over four hundred pages long it is such a good read that you just can’t put the book down, and I managed to read it in just a few hours. I am pleased to hear that there is going to be a sequel to this brilliant book and I can’t wait to read it.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Journey of Learning

Romanic comedy author,Michelle Betham, whose years has been a hectic one with four novels published, talks about her first year as a Indie Author.

At the end of this month it will be one whole year since I started out on this journey as an independent author.  Oh, it’s not an anniversary of my writing journey as such, because that started a long, long time ago.  I think most people know that my first three books were written a good couple of years before I took the decision to self-publish them, after the usual round of rejections from agents and publishers.
It’s the anniversary of me finally finding the courage to put my books out there and let the world see them, and what a journey this past year has been!  So, what have I learnt, exactly?  Well, where do I start? 

First and foremost, I’ve learnt that this whole journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Things happen slowly, in fact, it takes a long time for anything significant to happen at all.  For me, it took about seven/eight months before I saw anything in the way of decent sales starting to happen, and that brings me onto something else I’ve learnt – not to obsess about sales figures/rankings/reviews… That can seriously take over your life, if you let it.  And I’ve let it on more than one occasion, but now I’ve finally realised that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, not everyone is going to like your books, negative reviews WILL happen, and if you can’t develop a thick skin then this isn’t something you should be doing.  I know that now.

I’ve learnt that, without my husband, I wouldn’t have anything published at all because the technical side of publishing ebooks is way more complicated than I ever imagined.  But having somebody to take over that side of things has been a Godsend!  Even if we’ve both been on a steep learning curve in that respect – only now, almost a year on, have we finally managed to crack the art of formatting for Kindle!

But, probably, the most important thing I’ve learnt is that you need to network.  You need to be able to gather support and friendship, not only from the people who buy and read your books, but also from fellow authors.  And I have met some amazing authors along the way, and discovered some truly great books by these authors that I probably wouldn’t have discovered had I not embarked on this writing journey of mine.

Which is why places like Famous Five Plus are so important, I think.  Finding somewhere that enables me to not only network, make new friends and meet new people, but also to have that support around me is something I am extremely grateful for.  Groups like Famous Five Plus provide an important purpose as far as shared support and encouragement are concerned, because, I’m sure that you CAN do this on your own, but it’s a whole lot easier with a few fabulous, like-minded people around you.

Oh, and finally, one last thing I’ve learnt - apart from the fact that being an indie author involves a LOT of hard work! - is that hearing just one person say how much they loved your book can make everything feel worthwhile.  And, even though this past year has been a rollercoaster of a ride, with more ups and downs than I care to mention, I can’t wait to find out what the next 12 months will bring.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Welcome to Cathy Speight

Today we welcome Book Reviewer, Cathy Speight to Famous Five Plus, Cathy is a well known figure to many Indie Authors.

Hi!  I’m Cathy.  I’m a wife, a mum to twin daughters, and a grandmum.  I was born in 1954 (I’ll let you work it out!) to an Italian mother and English father. I live in Bristol, UK, with my husband and Bichon Frisé. I worked for an international mining company until its Bristol branch relocated to London three and a half years ago, and the time seemed perfect to become a ‘lady who lunches.’
At the beginning of 2011, I became one of the 10 million-plus Kindle owners and reading is now one of my passions which also include cycling, skiing, arts and crafts, and of course, my family. A fortuitous stumble upon a Facebook group introduced me to a talented group of independent authors, and I now do my best to encourage and assist them in whichever way I can. Eager to share my views on the books I’ve read – in particular those by indie authors, whose books form the large majority of my collection – I recently created my own book reviewing blog.
You can find my website at http://cnkbookreviews.blogspot/

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Professional Trailer for FFP thanks to Avalon Graphics

It's an exciting day for Famous Five Plus thanks to Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics,  as from today we can showcase all our authors and their publications on our professionally produced trailer.

The FFP trailer has been designed and produced by Cathy and even the music has been composed specially for FFP by the talented Bronwen Harrison.

You can watch our amazing trailer by clicking on the Trailer Player to the right of this page.... I hope it will inspire you to check out our five star reads.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

An Amazing journey by an Amazing Author, Delhi to Katmando!

Author, Harvey Black takes us on an amazing journey......

to katmandu, Part 3.

n 2011, I went on an amazing trip, from Delhi to Katmandu. I just want to use this Post to share with you some of the photographs I took on the way. Both were amazing countries and India was particularly vibrant and exciting. Some of the photos were taken through vehicle windows, so i apologise for the poor quality.
I don't propose to write very much, I am supposed to be editing my third novel,  Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, and starting on my new 'Cold War' series. So please just enjoy the pictures.
Delhi to Katmandu, Part 3.
The journey continues…
We started off from Agra's railway station. Just watching and being around the local population was fascinating and you were never bored. Even if you had a long wait, there was always something to catch your eye.

Local shop, on my way to Agra railway station – Agra, October 2010
Some photos were taken through a coach or train (or aeroplane) window, so I apologise for the quality in advance.

Lots of cows. Agra october 2010

Oh, another one. The toilet is behind the cow and to the right. Agra October 2010

One thing we saw consistently was poverty. 

The platform, both directions. Agra Railway Station - October 2010.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, he is sweeping up the railway lines. - October 2010

And he was still smiling.

Our Nepalese guide having a shoe shine.

You met some amazing characters

Hmmmm, where is that damn train?

Time for lunch

The next few shots are from the train as it was moving.

Farmers out in the fields, also where they live.  October 2010

The next shots speak for themselves so I won't comment. Yes, there are some cows. 

My neck is aching just watching them. October  2010

The women definitely appeared to be the most industrious - October 2010

Jhansi station. October 2010

From here a short trip to the hotel.

The Shop

The Accomodation.

Marks & Spencer - October 2010

Not too much off the back please. Jhansi October 2010

We arrive at the hotel. I put in a few photos because it was such a beautiful place to stay. Had a very colonial feel about it.

Curry and Japatis for dinner.

Our Porters await us while we have a G&T - 2010

Views from our hotel bedroom.

The room was also excellent

Views from the roof of the hotel

Tomorrow is walkabout.

The end
I hope you managed to stay awake, if so there will be a Part 4 next week. I go walkabout, so there will be lots of pictures of the local town of Jhansi.
 Photographs copyrighted to Harvey Black.

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