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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Talking About Her Lottery Win, Doreen Wilkinson from Sometimes It Happens..

Doreen Wilkinson from Sometimes It Happens... is today's guest talking about her lottery win and her unforgetable holiday.... take it away Doreen, it's all yours!

"Hello everyone, me name's Doreen Wilkinson and I won the lottery, eleven bleeding million, can you believe it? I still can't! I even hit the headlines in the newspapers! So with all that dosh, me and me girl treated ourselves to a holiday. The place we ended up at you can only find in dreams, Villas Bonitas, but from the minute we stepped into the place, I freaked!

"You might giggle, but what happened during that week you couldn't makeup, not even with the best of imagination. I can tell you for nothing it took more than the wind out of me sails. Shocks, surprises and something very special happened during that week and if I had my way, I'd light up a fag, pour us all a big glass of bubbly and I'd tell you all about it right now, but Pauline, nice enough girl, a tad bossy for my liking, has said I've to keep me trap shut. So if you really want to find out about me week at Villas Bonitas, take a look at me book, Sometimes It Happens.... sit back enjoy the luxury, the poshness and the surprises! You can find it at Amazon.

"Anyway, thanks for stopping by I hope you'll have a giggle, believe you me I did. Cor blimey, I certainly did!"

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  1. Hi Doreen, nice to meet you and I hope you're living it up on that lottery win. It's a shame that Pauline has gagged you, as I'm sure you'd have loads more to tell us. I'm off now to fill in my lottery coupon. Maybe I'll be able to join you.

  2. Hello Doreen! Well, Pauline may have gagged you, but that can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned, because now it means I've got to read Sometimes It Happens... to find out just went on there at Villas Bonitas! And I can't wait to read all about it! :-)

  3. Nice to be able to bring Doreen to life - what a hoot that woman is!!!

  4. Nice meeting you, Doreen. Gagged eh. Now is that any way to treat a character. Shocking... Can't wait to read STIH! ;)


  5. Thank you Chris, Michelle, CJ & Francine on behalf of Doreen for taking time to come along and say hi. She asked me to add, "You are so right Francine, it aint half shocking these writers taking liberties!"