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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Michelle Betham on Writing That Sequel!

An enlightening and entertaining post today from Author of three published novels, Michelle Betham talking about writing her sequel to No Matter What.

I'm currently in the process of writing a follow up to my debut novel No Matter What, but it was no easy process getting started.  All the time I was writing No Matter What I was writing it knowing that a sequel could easily happen and, even though I waited almost 2 years and wrote two more books in the meantime before even attempting this follow up, I really thought it would be incredibly easy to get back to writing about those characters that I'd loved at the time and missed horribly once I'd completed No Matter What.

But it wasn't that easy at all.  Infact, it took me a good few days of staring at a blank computer screen (playing around on Facebook, looking up Bradley Cooper movie trailers on YouTube, you know how it is) before I finally managed to get started on this new book - working title 'Illusions of Love'.  Despite the fact I knew these characters inside out, and I loved them all - they became like friends to me while I was writing  No Matter What - and even though I'd already had a basic plotline sorted, I knew what the story was going to be, I knew all of that, it was still the hardest thing, writing the first few words of that book.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it was because I was uncertain as to whether people really wanted a follow up, because No Matter What has only been available to buy for just a few months and reviews are still fairly thin on the ground, or maybe I was just scared of bringing those characters back to life, in case I didn't do them justice second time around.

However, once I'd stopped over-thinking things and got that first chapter written, it was like coming home!  I was back with characters I adored (and, thankfully, a few more people do actually adore them too!) in a world I loved - pure, unadulterated glamour and escapism!  Once those first few pages were out of the way the story just flowed, and now I'm about three-quarters of the way through that first draft and I can almost see the finish line! 

It's certainly good to be back on familiar ground, with familiar characters (although there are one or two new ones in there too!), and I'm enjoying writing this book, I really am.  I'm excited about getting it finished, I'm already thinking of cover ideas, and I'm looking forward to finally getting it out there and seeing what people think - do they really want to know what happened to those characters once the last page of No Matter What was turned?  Well, I'd better knuckle down and carry on working to get this follow up finished or we'll never know! 

But if anyone would like a sneaky taster of this still-in-progress sequel, you can read a little snippet of it here

Now, I'd better get back to work, so, if anybody wants me I shall be somewhere in Las Vegas with a rather handsome movie star... I love being a writer...

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Sue Fortin and the Ugly Baby!

Author, Sue Fortin talks about the moment any writer dreads when their manuscript has not made it to an agent or publisher, but the critique that comes back with their baby is painful.

Offering endless congratulations and patting myself on the back for nurturing throughout the gestational period and finally bringing not only new, but fantastic life, to literary world, I duly sent  my baby French Kissing in The UK to the Romantic Novelist Association for a critique under their New Writers Scheme.  I then sat back waiting for my report, waiting to find out if my m/s had received a second read and of course waiting for that two book deal from an established publishing house.  I mean, my baby was fab – my mum said so!
Some four weeks later I was back in the real world.  My novel hadn’t received a second read and I didn’t have agents and publishers banging down by cyber e-mail door.  Why? Well, it appeared that there were just as many bad points as there were good.  My critique had a big motivational problem with my bad guy and a particular personality trait of my heroine.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, but it’s hard to see the encouragement and praise when you’re blinded by things that haven’t worked.
Well, of course, I sulked for a couple of weeks - someone was saying my new born baby was pig-ulgy!   With the words ‘Step away from the novel’ ringing in my ears I did nothing and put it to one side.  Over the next few weeks as the pain dulled, I began to understand what was being said.  It wasn’t exactly a light bulb moment; instant realisation at 100 watts, but more like the slow warming up of an energy saving bulb.   Maybe there was some truth in what the report had said.  Maybe, just maybe, I should consider some of the suggestions. 
So with renewed enthusiasm I began my re-write and it was a substantial one at that.  The first half of the novel has changed almost beyond recognition and the final half, tweaked and tweaked and tweaked to take into account these changes.
So whether my baby is still ugly or whether dressing it in some new clothes makes it more appealing remains to be seen, but I will keep you updated on events!
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Monday, 28 November 2011

Review: Discovery at Rosehill

Louise Graham reviews, Discovery at Rosehill by Kathryn Brown.

Discovery at Rosehill is about a Medium, Camilla who is drawn to Rosehill Country Estate by her deceased Grandma. The house is in desperate need of saving not only from tumbling down before her very eyes but also it would seem from the visitors inside.
Camilla has a big task ahead of her with not only the renovation of the estate but also fitting into the Country life. A Medium is not a welcome addition to the small village especially when she strikes up a friendship with the local Vicar, Marcus.

Will Marcus accept what she believes in or will the pressure of the village and old friends ruin what could be a lovely friendship with these dark secrets?

I have never read a book about paranormal activity before but I thought this book had so much more to it than I expected. Full of love, heartache and hope all at the same time. Kathryn really has written a wonderful suspense thriller whilst wrapping it all up with a tangled love story with the help from the Spirit world. Beautifully written and a real page turner.

Thank you Kathryn for a fab read

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Two More Join the Famous Five Plus

This week we welcomed two new members to the Famous Five Plus, Author of Nowhere Left to Hide, Elle Amberley and Book Reviewer, Ananda.

Ananda - I simply love reading! I loved reading ever since I remember. It’s my way of escaping reality and entering a world where everything is possible. When I am not dreaming and reading, I am working as a Teaching Assistant at the University in Macedonia (It’s a small country on Balkan Peninsula, South East Europe and I love calling it A Kingdom Far Far Away). Currently I am working on my PhD in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials chasing my dream in becoming a University Professor. But my dreams would never fulfill if it wasn’t for my biggest blessings and supporters in my life, my adorable six year old son and my lovely husband. Besides being a mom, a wife and an employee I also love hanging around on my book blog  and reviewing books I’ve read. I also love hanging around on Goodreads and Twitter, chatting about books I’ve read and getting great recommendations from my friends. I am thrilled to be part of The Famous Five Plus and I’m really looking forward to meeting our amazing authors and supporting them on their journey to publishing. Glad to be on board!

Elle Amberley - Although I am a British author, I like to dabble in French too and hope to resume work on my French novel when my busy schedule allows. I also enjoy writing articles on women's issues and whatever I feel passionate about, as well as poetry and short stories. Lost in Your Time, is a follow-up to Nowhere Left to Hide and is scheduled for publication in Spring 2012.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Gilli Allan - Why I Chose to Publish Independently

Author of Torn, Gilli Allan talks about the shifting sands in publishing and why, in the end, she chose to publish her latest novel independently.

Influenced by my older sister I started writing at around the age of 10.  I was already an avid reader and at the time, it seemed to me a brilliant idea to write the book I wanted to read. It’s what I still do. But I stopped writing when I went to art school and didn’t start again till I was married and at home with my young son.  Just Before Dawn, the first novel I ever finished, was an unconventional love story. It was published in 1986.  In my second book, Desires and Dreams, I completely subverted the ‘romance’ stereo-types. It was published in 1987.  
It was the end of an era when publishing was a gentlemanly profession, with premises in the old parts of London - dark, dusty offices, up many flights of stairs, and those clanky old lifts with concertina metal doors.  I was published during the years of the blockbuster novel.  Authors like Judith Krantz, Daniele Steel,  Barbara Taylor Bradford were writing brick-sized novels which sold in shed-loads. Suddenly publishing was ‘hot’.  It became big business.  The publishing men and women of the past, who’d been in the profession for love, were either eased out or sidelined. The real power moved to the money-men. What became important was not the writer, but the product - and, by extension, the bottom line.  My own, small, independent publisher, Love Stories, ceased trading after a few years of battering its head against brick walls.  It could not achieve the marketing, promotion or distribution necessary to win success for itself, or for its authors. Other than the book shop in my own home town, where I’d badgered the owner, I never saw either of my books in a book store.
So started the next phase of my life.  I’d gone from thinking, rather complacently, that I was ‘a writer’, to feeling like a wannabe  again.  And, as the years passed and the rejections from literary agents piled up - because ‘they didn’t know how to market me’ - I yo yo ‘d from elation to despair.   The world of publishing didn’t stay static either.  If anything, as the economics of publishing shifted and profits were harder to come by, publishers became even more focused on the bottom line, even more determined to find the next Joanna Trollope or the next Katie Fforde or the next Sophie Kinsella.  I felt that I was ploughing a lonely furrow.  I didn’t want to be the next anyone.  I wanted to be the first Gilli Allan.
So, at the beginning of this year, having received yet another rejection for Torn, a book I really believed in, I decided I had reached the end of the road.  I either needed to shelve the book once and for all, and in the process break my heart, or self-publish.  God bless Amazon - Kindle.
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Celebrating Satchfield Hall Re-Published

Today we are in a celebrating mood, Author Pauline Barclay officially re-publishes her novel, Satchfield Hall.

During the last few months I have been honoured and privileged to have been working with the amazing Jo Field, a well respected author and editor in the publishing industry. In September, Jo edited Magnolia House and with its beautiful new cover, designed by Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics, it was re-published in October, in Kindle and paperback. Today, it is the turn of Satchfield Hall to be officially re-published and like Magnolia House, Satchfield Hall has been fully edited by Jo and is re-published with a brand new cover, again designed, by Cathy Helms.

Satchfield Hall is a sweeping saga set in 1942 through to 1986. It is not about gentleness, tranquility and privilege, it is about power, love, lies and in the end revenge. Lives will be lost and destroyed and it will take until the death of the one man who had callously started it all, the Squire of Satchfield Hall, Henry Bryant Smythe, until it is all over.

Satchfield Hall is available today in Kindle and in around 10 days will be available in paperback. You can read the Prologue here in the Book in the Spotlight Page.

If you enjoyed Downton Abbey, then I think you will love Satchfield Hall.

I will be returning to the Famous Five Plus to talk about why I decided to have my two novels re-edited and re-published.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The writing of Schrodinger’s Cat

Eileen Schuh takes us on a journey, at times painful, but one that eventually arrives at where she wants to be: sitting at her desk and being a writer. Although Eileen's Schrodinger’s Cat was taken by a publisher, it was Eileen's determination to write, that created her first book The Traz, which she has independently published.

Part I
I knew I wanted to be a novelist from the time I learned to read, which was somewhere between 3- and 4-years old.  However, when the time came for me to leave home and pursue a profession I had learned that one needed a ‘paying job’ in order to pursue a ‘dream job.’  I chose Journalism.
That, in itself, required much planning and years of sacrifice as there was no money for me to go to Journalism school. I discovered through my older sister that the government was, at the time, paying young girls to become psychiatric nurses.  That was a bonus—a paid education!  I decided to take my nurses’ training and once I graduated, I would work my way through college.
Five years later I had both my nursing and journalism diplomas.  Then I got married and had three kids in three years and there was little or no writing for me for decades. 
There was the struggle to deal with three babies, three toddlers, three kids in soccer and swimming.  Twenty-years later,  there was the financial struggle of having three kids pursuing post-secondary education.
Throughout it all, there was always the hunt for dollars. 
My husband’s dream was to own his own business.  As housing construction was much more lucrative than writing, I pitched in my time and resources to make that happen. 
However, my muses were restless.  Often time I was incredibly unhappy because I was unable to follow my calling.  I wrote when I could and when the kids got older I was able to fit a few years of journalism and editorship into my life.
It seemed that just when I finally felt life was secure enough for me to turn to my writing, we moved, the business expanded, a major purchase occurred. 
Only when I fell deep, deep, deep into darkness did I force a change to happen. The kids were grown and gone. The business could do without me—it was going to have to, because I was abandoning it.  I was going to write.
It sometimes feels like I sacrificed too much for my family; that I ought to have insisted on more for myself.  However, my family is my greatest supporter, the life I’ve led fills me with inspiration, and it is the income from my husband’s business that now allows me to stay at home and write.
Four years after finally answering my calling, I received my first publishing contract—from WolfSinger Publications for my adult sci-fi novella Schrödinger’s Cat. 
Finally, in 2011—at an age that is closer to 60 than 50,  I held a book with my name on it.  In fact, I had two books in my hand—Schrodinger’s Cat and THE TRAZ—my  debut adventure/crime novel for adolescents and the adults in their lives.

I decided to self-pubish The Traz after I'd signed the contract with WolfSinger for Schrödinger's Cat.  I released it before The Cat was scheduled to come out in order to start cultivating my readership. i.e. The Traz is like a band that 'opens' for (performs on stage before the performance of) a famous band.  I believed that if someone read THE TRAZ and liked it, they would buy The Cat when it came out--thus increasing my sales.  I was confident that investing the time and money in self-publishing THE TRAZ was a good decision--after all, since WolfSinger thought they could make money from my writing, there was no reason I shouldn't. Thus, THE TRAZ, became my debut novel, I became an Indie Author, and the world became my stage.  Now with my books in my hands, I don’t regret the lengthy detours I took.  I’ve been enriched by every single life experience I had—and so are my stories.
Part 2 of my journey will be posted here very soon.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Paperback follows Kindle Release for Diary of a Mummy Misfit

Diary of a Mummy Misfit by Amanda Egan, is now available in paperback. Amanda explains why she needed to publish in both Kindle and paperback.

Diary of a Mummy Misfit was released with Amazon for Kindle back in June.  I received a great response to this - I found that even those who didn't own Kindles were happy to download the free Kindle app and read on their PC or Smartphones.

But I was still missing a huge chunk of the market who didn't want to read on a screen and I received endless requests for the book in paperback.

I looked at several options and eventually decided to go with Lulu (print on demand)  This meant that there would be no outlay and I would receive a cut of the book each time it was printed (a very small cut!)

Lulu is not for the faint-hearted or technophobes!  Without the help of my hubbie I would never have negotiated the steps to uploading the book or been able to tackle the formatting.  But, the finished result is excellent - very professional and very quick.  We had to re-jig the cover once, but the second copy to arrive was perfect.  I could finally hold a copy of "my baby" in my hands - what a great feeling!

When I release the sequel  The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit I will publish in both formats simultaneously.

Diary of a Mummy Misfit can be found in paperback at Lulu  and on Kindle at Amazon.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Louise Graham - It's About The Quality of the Novel That Counts.

Book Reviewer, Louise Graham who recently joined the Famous Five Plus talks about her passion for books and how her love of reading opened her eyes!

"I set up my blog site to review books at the start of June this year.  as I thought it would be fun to share my views on books etc! As a child I hated to read and it is only something that I have come to enjoy as I have got older. Setting up my blog has honestly been one of the best things I have ever done (outside of having my gorgeous daughter of course!!). I really have had my eyes opened to the land of writers, publishers and something that I never even knew existed - Indie Writers.

I've been very lucky since I started my blog and I think that has a lot to do with my other new addiction, twitter @lougrahamii , I have connected with a few Publishing Houses that send me pre release books to review before Publication date. Also, I've made "friends" with a number of Authors that regularly have books available in the high streets etc and allow me to review their books.

What I have enjoyed most of all is finding out all about the world of Self Publishing. I never even thought about books that were not connected to the large publishing house. I have been very fortunate to read a large number of books from Indie Authors and I can honestly say the quality of many of them has been outstanding ... they range from Chick Lit, Paranormal to Family Saga's and period/Historical books (the latter are my particular favourite!)
On a number of occasions I have tweeted how strongly I feel about people not dismissing Indie books... in many cases they are so much better than what you find on your supermarket shelves. I am a huge fan! If you haven't tried one yet ... do so, you will definitely not be disappointed, that I promise!"
Louise will be reviewing the books from the Famous Five Plus Indie Authors and as well as posting her reviews on her own blog site, Louise will be sharing her views here too.

For more about Louise visit our Reviewer Page.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Two New Authors Join the Famous Five plus

This week we welcomed two new members to the Famous Five Plus, both authors have five star review publications.

Michelle Betham - I write contemporary, edgy romance, and the occasional chick lit novel, and I’m an Indie Author of 3 self-published ebooks – No Matter What, Too Much Trouble in Paradise and See You At The Show. A proud Geordie, I left the North East of England only briefly a few years ago, after working for many years as a Media Technician at The University of Sunderland, to have a short but extremely enjoyable adventure living on the Canarian island of Tenerife – which was great inspiration for my comedy romance, Too Much Trouble in Paradise.  Now back in the U.K., I live in a small, quiet market town in County Durham with my incredibly tolerant husband, and my gorgeous little West Highland Terrier, Archie, and I spend my days drinking tea and making up stories.  And I love it!A bit of a closet rock chick, I adore rock/blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, never say no to a bit of AC/DC, and try to keep my love of Take That a secret... it's a habit I can't seem to break!  I also love a nice glass of wine, a decent movie - preferably one with Bradley Cooper in it - and darts!

Amanda Egan  I originally trained as an actress but have always dabbled with writing.  When my son developed school phobia, at the age of eleven, I had to physically remain in the background to see him through it.  This resulted in three years either outside of the classroom or in the car park.  Endless books were my only company!  That's when I decided to have a go at writing myself - I had time on my hands and no distractions.
Diary of a Mummy Misfit is loosely based on my experiences at a London prep-school.  It focuses on the 'Haves and the Have-Nots' mixed with bitching, Botox and designer handbags.  I published in my maiden name, for obvious reasons - hence the semi-obscured photo!
I came very close to being published via the traditional route but, when the recession hit and publishers became cautious about taking on new writers, I decided to go Indie with Amazon for Kindle and then with Lulu in paperback.  The sequel, The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit should also be out in both formats by Christmas.

To read more about Michelle and Amanda's books please visit our Books Page.

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Marketing - Technology & The Imagination!

Today, Author of three published novels, Pauline Barclay talks about one aspect of her marketing.

One of the challenges Indie Authors face once their book is published is to maintain a high profile and interest in both themselves and their novels so that sales continue to increase. Reviews, Social Media, Blogs, guest interviews all play a part in creating and raising an author's profile. Finding quirky thinks to say and offer to potential readers can also help to attract attention to an author's book.

This year I published my third novel, Sometimes It Happens... It's a bubbly lively story, filled with secrets, deceits, lies, love and laughter. The story is set in a five star luxury holiday resort, with a host of characters, but it is a holiday no will ever forget and not just because of the fabulous weather. The very thought of sunshine and blue skies makes most of us smile and I wanted this book cover to reflect the sunny idyllic setting of Villas Bonitas.  Avalon Graphics came highly recommended and so I asked them to design a cover that would grab the reader enough to want to read Sometimes It Happens... Now as the summer months have passed and winter has arrived, cold, damp and wet in many parts of the world, I use my bright, sunny book cover to market my book. One caption I use is:
That luxury sunny holiday is only a page turn away, because via your Kindle you can be instantly transported to a five star villa, champagne chilling and a sparkling swimming pool beckoning. So forget about the winter blues, slip on those shades and settle down because sometimes it happens...

To add further to my sunny theme Avalon Graphics created two stunning screen savers which I offer for free to anyone who wants to dream!

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Four Star Review for December Moon

December Moon by Suzy Turner has received a fabulous four star review at Shazjera

Witchcraft Vampires & Adventure - available in Kindle & paperback

On her 15th birthday, December Moon discovers she is the descendant of a family of witches, kept in the dark her entire life in an effort to protect her. But when Lilly, her best friend, finds herself in danger from one of the world's most evil vampires, December will do everything in her power to stop him. December Moon is a fantasy novel for children and young adults set in BC, Canada.

For more information about December Moon and Suzy Turner, please visit the Author & Books pages

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Miriam Wakerly Talks About Her Publishing Company

Miriam Wakerly today talks about her decision to set up her own publishing company for her novels.

Why did I set up Strongman Publishing?

In 2008, retired, I had time to realise my dream – write novels! My idea of fun is not agonising over query letters and synopses, mailing out manuscripts ... I had been there and knew this was no way to live. Lazy and pathetic perhaps, but I really just wanted to get on with it.

I don’t want to accentuate the negative, but some statistics hurt:  typically, 100s of submissions are received weekly by an agent who might take on 1 or 2 new writers a year! A few writers were self-publishing - using digital print, which cuts your profit or raises your RRP. I could have gone the ‘vanity’ route, paying someone to produce my book, but dismissed this as too costly. I never imagined being rich from writing, but did not want to be out of pocket.

At the time, publishers would not happily embrace my controversial subject. With its arguably niche, specialist theme, my novel required editors with knowledge of Gypsy and Traveller culture. I knew the right people for this, and am indebted to them. Also, I had experience of producing brochures for traditional print. Then I found out what I needed to do to publish books and did it.

Printed copies of Gypsies Stop tHere have run out (confession, I have kept six for emergencies).  Waterstone’s still have some and it is also a Kindle eBook.  I hope to reprint when I bring out two more books early next year. No Gypsies Served is still available from Amazon or Waterstone’s and the books can standalone.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

A Pat on the Back for Author Kathryn Brown

Author of Discovery at Rosehill, Kathryn Brown shares her moment of relief and joy as she finishes the first draft on her new novel, Hideaway.

"I have decided to call my new novel Hideaway. After finishing the first draft last week, two weeks ahead of schedule, I gave myself a pat on the back and decided to close the document and not open it again until January. There will be a lot of editing to do on it and I have already found myself an editor, but I won’t be submitting it to her until I’ve edited it myself a few times first. Currently standing at just under 90,000 words, it is the story of Lydia Mansfield, the wife of a wealthy business man, who believes she has a strong and very happy marriage. When Lydia discovers her husband Michael, of only five years has been having an affair, she is unable to live with his betrayal and takes little time to start divorce proceedings. She is naturally devastated when he sets up home in her beloved holiday cottage with his lover, Bernadette Jenson. But Lydia’s life gets more complicated when twelve months after their split and not long after the decree absolute, Michael is found dead at the cottage. The autopsy reveals he consumed a large amount of deadly poison.

A massive search ensues when Bernadette goes missing and she becomes the prime suspect. The police officer in charge of the investigation takes pity on Lydia and makes arrangements for her to be under police protection, but Lydia insists he be the one to protect her. His position as detective inspector becomes that of Lydia’s bodyguard as concern grows that Bernadette may pursue Lydia and possibly harm her.

Enjoying Inspector Tom McFarrow’s company, he and Lydia strike up a relationship whilst other officers working on the case gather enough evidence to convict Bernadette of Michael’s murder. Will Bernadette be found before she causes harm to Lydia?

This first draft has taken me just two months to complete which is record time for me. I’m not sure whether I shall self-publish again, but I do intend submitting the finished manuscript to several agents and publishers as traditional publishing does appeal to me also."

At Famous Five Plus HQ we will be following Kathryn's progress with her new novel, inviting you to share her journey from this first draft to publication.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nikki Bywater Joins the Famous Five Plus

Welcome to Nikki Bywater who has today joined the Famous Five Plus as a reviewer.

"I have always loved reading and now I get the chance to write about books too by writing reviews. Although I have a strong interest in the paranormal with my father being a medium, I like to read many different genres of books. I have my own blog called books4U that I put my reviews on as well as posting them on Goodreads, Amazon and sometimes Smashwords. I also share links about the authors and their books on my Facebook and twitter pages.  I am looking forward to joining the Famous Five Plus team and giving my full support to the all the authors and getting to know them and their books better and becoming an active member of the team."

For more information about Nikki

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Famous Five Plus Welcomes Its First Reviewer

Today we welcome our very own reviewer, the wonderful Louise Graham.

Louise has joined the group as an official reviewer for the Famous Five Plus. Lou will be offering to review  books by Famous Five Plus authors and of course we will be including Lou's reviews here, but they will also appear on Lou's Blog too. Great exposure for each Indie author in the group.

A great start to our new group to have our very own reviewer. thank you Lou for joining our wonderful new Indie group.

Find out more about Lou's reviews at: Lou's Reviews
Follow Lou on twitter at: @lougrahamii

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sue Fortin Joins the Famous Five Plus

A warm welcome from everyone at the Famous Five Plus HQ to writer Sue Fortin who has joined our exciting Indie group. Sue who is very close to publishing her debut novel will be keeping everyone updated on her progress.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be involved in your amazing group, I hope I can do you all justice as I'm the new kid on the block and not so experienced at all this. My debut novel is written and I am going through the editing process before I publish, French Kissing in the UK.

French Kissing in the UK, is my first book and I would describe the genre as contemporary romance. It is not pure chick lit and not quite hen lit, at least I don't think it is!

Being a member of the group gives me the opportunity to talk about my amazing journey as an Indie publisher and at the same time I look forward to learning from other group members about their experiences."

You can also find Sue at

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Traz - How it was Written!

Famous Five Plus author, Eileen Schuh talks about her novel, The Traz and how her imagination, her characters and her months of research turned a one time idea into a five star novel. The Traz is a gripping tale of bikers, drugs and violence.

"I have no affiliation with bikers, drugs, murder, or at-risk teens and never have.  My best guess about the story’s origin is—it was told to me by the muses.  Writing The Traz (in fact, writing the entire BackTracker series) was to me as much an adventure as the books now are to my readers.
The characters appeared in my mind, full-blown—complete with personalities, histories, bodies, minds, and souls.  They spent months—nay, years—dictating their stories to me. I simply typed.  Many times I did not know why things were happening or what would happen next.   Word by word, chapter by chapter, book by book, the characters’ complicated lives and intertwined relationships were revealed.
It was not until the entire series was written and I had decided to publish these stories, that I researched biker gangs, the drug trade, and law enforcement.  I also researched wills, and life insurance, and juvenile bank accounts.  I double-checked terminology, computers, the history of the Internet, and the Canadian judicial system. Eerily, all the facts I uncovered perfectly matched the stories I’d been told. 
Although through the many edits there was much that had to be deleted and tightened to make the series readable and marketable, there was little I had to change to preserve story integrity and credibility.  So—you tell me, from whence came the inspiration to pen The Traz?
Perhaps it is simply a story that the universe decided must be told."
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Monday, 7 November 2011

TORN Gets A Five Star Review

Indie Author Gill Allan's weekend just got better after she received a five star review for her novel TORN.
"As an Indie author, I am very pleased to be able to share this fabulous review I have just received for my e-book, TORN.  In fact, I am more than pleased!  When someone really ‘gets’ your book, it makes all the lonely hours worthwhile.
To see what Kim ‘The Bookworm’ Nash says about TORN, go to:
I’ll be back soon to tell you about my writing ‘journey’ which culminated in my deciding to go it alone, and self-publish TORN as an e-book.

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