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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Famous Five Plus

Today we are having a party to celebrate our new group The Famous Five Plus. It is a Blog designed for Indie Authors to join or follow and visit from time to time. The Famous Five Plus Blog will not only be about showcasing Indie Authors and their books, but talking about the journey that started from a concept to a published novel. Over the coming months, each member in the group will post a variety of articles about their experiences, the highs and the lows of being an Indie author, the love of the genre they write about, what you must avoid and what you must never forget, but most importantly each author will be talking about their passion of writing.

As part of our lively and chatty posts, we will also be welcoming readers and reviewers as guests to talk about their thoughts on reading Indie books, what makes them cry 5 stars and what makes them not!

So please put your hands together to welcome the first members to join The Famous Five Plus…… party poppers pulled and streamers everywhere, the ribbon cut, so here we go…..

Magnolia House
Sometimes It Happens….
Satchfield Hall

December Moon

The Traz
Shrödinger’s Cat


Discovery at Rosehill

No Gypsies Served
Gypsies Stop tHere

Thank you all for coming along and joining our opening party, I think there is some bubbly left, but only a drop! But please come back and learn more about each one of our Famous Five Plus authors and if you would like to join our group, please contact us at

The next post will be Suzy Turner talking about how she created Raven

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