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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Traz - How it was Written!

Famous Five Plus author, Eileen Schuh talks about her novel, The Traz and how her imagination, her characters and her months of research turned a one time idea into a five star novel. The Traz is a gripping tale of bikers, drugs and violence.

"I have no affiliation with bikers, drugs, murder, or at-risk teens and never have.  My best guess about the story’s origin is—it was told to me by the muses.  Writing The Traz (in fact, writing the entire BackTracker series) was to me as much an adventure as the books now are to my readers.
The characters appeared in my mind, full-blown—complete with personalities, histories, bodies, minds, and souls.  They spent months—nay, years—dictating their stories to me. I simply typed.  Many times I did not know why things were happening or what would happen next.   Word by word, chapter by chapter, book by book, the characters’ complicated lives and intertwined relationships were revealed.
It was not until the entire series was written and I had decided to publish these stories, that I researched biker gangs, the drug trade, and law enforcement.  I also researched wills, and life insurance, and juvenile bank accounts.  I double-checked terminology, computers, the history of the Internet, and the Canadian judicial system. Eerily, all the facts I uncovered perfectly matched the stories I’d been told. 
Although through the many edits there was much that had to be deleted and tightened to make the series readable and marketable, there was little I had to change to preserve story integrity and credibility.  So—you tell me, from whence came the inspiration to pen The Traz?
Perhaps it is simply a story that the universe decided must be told."
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  1. Interesting post particually as I have read the book. Thank you Eileen.

  2. That's really interesting Eileen. I think many of us write our books and often wonder where the plot comes from that seems so vivid in our imagination. I truly believe many authors were meant to write the books they publish, as I do believe that with my debut novel, Discovery at Rosehill.

    K xx