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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Posters from Lizzie Lamb

Lizzie Lamb shares the posters she uses to promote her top selling books.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Eileen Schuh is in the Spotlight

Meet Canadian Author, Eileen Schuh

Eileen Schuh has published three novels in her young adult BackTracker series, THE TRAZ, FATAL ERROR and FIREWALLS. THE TRAZ is also available in a School Edition. As well, she has as an adult Science Fiction novella to her credit (SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT) and is planning the summer 2014 release of her second SciFi, DISPASSIONATE LIES.

In THE TRAZ, grieving and alone, thirteen-year-old Katrina Buckhold, experiences depression, illicit drugs, gangs and betrayal as she struggles to find somewhere to belong. In FATAL ERROR, she faces the social, legal and emotional consequences of her year in The Traz biker gang.

Katrina enters adulthood in FIREWALLS,  scarred but determined. Despite her deepest desires, her intelligence and her spunk, she eventually realizes that in order to seize her future, she must deal with her Post Traumatic Stress. However, that turns out to be a very difficult task.

Having written the BackTracker novels to inspire teens and the adults in their lives, Schuh is pleased to have been invited to present her books to children in venues such as the North Slave Young Offenders Facility, the St. Paul Alternate Education Centre, and schools and libraries throughout North Eastern Alberta.

Although Schuh’s SciFis are written for adults, they also integrate the psychological drama that pervades her YA novels. SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT, with its tangled relationships, weaves intense emotion into the science of multi-universes. Two worlds, two lives—too much for one woman.

Her soon-to-be-released near-future tale DISPASSIONATE LIES explores female sexual against a backdrop of high-tech science, governmental and pharmaceutical conspiracies, espionage, and perhaps even murder.

Schuh, born Eileen Fairbrother in Tofield, Alberta lives in Canada’s northern boreal forests and draws her inspiration from the wilderness, her grandchildren, family, and friends, and her adopted community of St. Paul, Alberta.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jim Magwood Reviewes,The Death Game by Chris Longmuir

Kirsty Campbell leaves Scotland and joins the Women’s Police Volunteers in London, then receives a transfer back to Scotland as the second woman to enter the Dundee City Police Force. She has run from her past and is now almost forced to step back into it.

Can a woman take a place in basically an all-male police force in 1919 Scotland? Can Kirsty live beyond her past and take the place she has been led into? Can she reunite with family and friends as well as make her way as a real policewoman?

When she receives a note to come to a private meeting with her estranged father, things begin to take her in a different direction, one she doesn’t know if she can understand or handle.

How does Kirsty Campbell get from being a policewoman on the Dundee Force to a game in a dark prison of lost girls, and how can she regain her life?

Chris Longmuir lives in Scotland and has written another in her series of Dundee Crime novels based in Dundee, Scotland.

The Death Game is a historical crime novel and is the first in the Kirsty Campbell Novel series. This book will keep you turning pages. Longmuir writes a smooth, flowing novel that will keep you guessing toward an ending that will have you reaching for the next in the series. It’s the story of a young woman with a painful, even debilitating past, who has to keep moving forward in a job that is, in itself, one that might be more than she can handle and a secret she stumbles into that tries to pull her back into her past.

You will want more.
* * * * *

Reviewed by Jim Magwood
Author of Sanction & other mystery/ suspense novels

Visit Jim at his site:

Monday, 14 April 2014

Julie Ryan reviews, Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb

When I started this book I was just in the mood for a light- hearted contemporary romance with a bit of something special to make it stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what ‘Boot Camp Bride’ delivers.

I loved the first meeting between Charlee and Rafa and the way she digs herself into a hole. It’s nervousness mixed with showing off which makes her very human and approachable to the reader who can imagine being in the same position perhaps.

Although the theme of the book is fairly standard with the reader hoping for a happy ever after, the plot most certainly isn’t. This is one fast –paced, page-turning story if ever there was one with the reader being swept along for the ride.

When Charlee goes undercover at the Boot Camp, the story takes on a whole new dimension and Anastasia is another interesting character.

A thoroughly enjoyable well-crafted book that gets my vote!

You can find out more about Julie's reviews by visiting her Blog

Saturday, 12 April 2014

HUG A BOOK with Applause by Madalyn Morgan

Hug A Book is sponsored by

It’s HUG A BOOK and this weekend it’s with Madalyn Morgan



Meet Madalyn

Thank you Pauline, and thank you Volkan Watches, for giving me the opportunity to tell you about my second Novel, Applause, during Hug A Book Weekend. 

I have been an actress for more than thirty years working in repertory theatre, the West End, film and television.  I’m also a radio DJ and journalist, and I write articles for newspapers and magazines.  Until the Millennium I read more plays than novels – now I don’t go anywhere without a book, or my Kindle.
I was brought up in a busy working class pub in the market town of Lutterworth in Leicestershire.  The pub was a great place for an aspiring actress to live.  There were so many wonderful characters to study and accents learn. 

At twenty-four I gave up a successful hairdressing salon and wig-hire business for a place at E15 Drama College, and a career as an actress.

In 2000, with fewer parts available for older actresses, I taught myself to touch- type, completed a two-year correspondence course with The Writer’s Bureau, and began writing.  After living in London for thirty-six years, I returned to my home town of Lutterworth, swapping two window boxes and a mortgage, for a garden and the freedom to write my first novel, Foxden Acres.

I am currently writing my third novel, China Blue, the third of four books about the lives of four very different sisters in the Second World War.  Each story is time-lined with events in WW2, as well as with the other Dudley sisters.  However, it is important to say that each novel stands on its own merits and can be read in any order.

Details of Applause

In the early years of World War 2, Margot (Margaret) Dudley works her way up from usherette to leading lady in a West End show.  Driven by blind ambition Margot becomes immersed in the heady world of nightclubs, drink, drugs and fascist thugs – all set against a background of the London Blitz. To achieve her dream, Margot rises to the heights and plummets to the depths – and risks losing everything she holds dear.

Applause is the second book in the Dudley Sisters Quartet – The first, published in 2013 is Foxden Acres.  Both are available for Kindle and paperback.


‘Look out!  Stop!’
     Margaret didn’t look. She didn’t stop until she was pushed into a doorway. ‘What--?’ was all she had time to say before her body slammed into the door.  With the wind knocked out of her, Margaret gasped for breath.  She struggled beneath the body of a man twice her size until she found a pocket of air, and inhaled deeply.  A combination of sweat and brick dust filled her nostrils.  Her mouth snatched for air and she began to choke.  Her captor didn’t relax his grip.  He held her tightly as tiles from the roof of the once quaint Jardin Café on Maiden Lane, in London’s Covent Garden, crashed onto the pavement where Margaret had been standing seconds before.
     The cracking, splintering sound of snapping slates gave way to a heavier, duller sound like rolling thunder.  With a vice-like grip, the man shielding Margaret took hold of her wrist and threw himself at the door they were leaning on.  The door groaned, and the wood splintered at the side of the antiquated brass keyhole, but it didn’t give way.  Still holding her, the man lunged again.  This time there was a loud crack and the lock buckled beneath his powerful body.  The door burst open, propelling Margaret through its gaping entrance as the chimney from the café’s roof crashed to the ground, missing them by inches. 
     Frightened for her life, Margaret stumbled into the darkness, lost her footing, and slid bottom-first down a flight of stone steps.  The strap on her handbag snapped and the bag flew through the air, scattering its contents over the ancient flagstones.  With the cardboard box of her gas mask digging into her ribs, Margaret came to a halt beneath a huge wooden cross.
     ‘Have you had enough of life, young woman?’ the burly workman bellowed from inside the door at the top of the steps.
     ‘What do you mean?’ Margaret said, coughing and spluttering.
     ‘That was a bloody stupid thing to do.’
     ‘You’re the stupid one, for pushing me down these stairs.  I could have broken my neck.’ She put her hand up to shield her eyes and peered at him through swirling brick dust.  Because the light was behind the man she wasn’t able to see his face, but she could see he was wearing workman’s clothes.    
     ‘Didn’t you see that bloody great big sign sayin’ No Entry?’
     ‘I didn’t have time to look.’  Margaret put on her best voice, emphasising the aitch in have.  ‘I was on my way to an important job interview and didn’t want to be late,’ she said, in an attempt to justify her stupidity, while biting back her tears.
     ‘You could’ve been killed, never mind late!’ the man hollered, and he stormed off.
     ‘I’m sorry!’ Margaret shouted after him, but he had gone.  She could have been killed, and so could he.  The workman had put his life at risk to save her and she hadn’t even thanked him.  As the reality of the danger she’d put them both in hit her, tears welled up in her eyes. 


Applause!  In Paperback!  On Amazon today!

If you would like to review a Kindle copy of Applause, please leave a comment in the box below so that we can contact you.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Posters to Grab You!

Pauline Barclay shares some of the amazing posters used to promote her books.

"I am always looking for different ideas for catching reader's eye with my four books. This week I had fun designing different and eye catching posters.

Below four are from me and three from the talented Gary Walker at Look 4 Books

I hope you think they are fun too!"

By Pauline Barclay

By Gary Walker

By Pauline Barclay

By Gary Walker

By Pauline Barclay

By Gary Walker

By Pauline Barclay

Find out more about Pauline and her books from her web site

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Chris Longmuir in the Spotlight

Meet award winning Author, Chris Longmuir

Chris Longmuir - was born in Wiltshire and now lives in Angus. Her family moved to Scotland when she was two. After leaving school at fifteen, Chris worked in shops, offices, mills and factories, and was a bus conductor for a spell, before working as a social worker for Angus Council (latterly serving as Assistant Principal Officer for Adoption and Fostering).

Chris is an award winning novelist and has published three novels in her Dundee Crime Series. Night Watcher, the first book in the series, won the Scottish Association of Writers’ Pitlochry Award, and the sequel, Dead Wood, won the Dundee International Book Prize, as well as the Pitlochry Award. Missing Believed Dead is the third book in the series.

Chris has recently published the first book in a new series set just after the First World War. This series features Kirsty Campbell, Dundee’s first policewoman.

Her crime novels are set in Dundee, Scotland, and have been described as scary, atmospheric, page turners. Chris also writes historical sagas, short stories and historical articles which have been published in America and Britain. Writing is like an addiction to me, Chris says, I go into withdrawals without it. She is currently working on a new Kirsty Campbell novel and a non-fiction book entitled Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution.

Chris is a member of the Society of Authors, the Crime Writers Association and the Scottish Association of Writers. She designed her own website and confesses to being a techno-geek who builds computers in her spare time.

Chris's books